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  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor:
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Hike up Mt. Finlayson
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Pub & Tug
It was a rum-runner of a day - and most of us stayed dry
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Stephen Lewis Dinner
November 18
John Edgell has tickets ($75.00)

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Program for September 20, 2005 at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
Reported by Clark Kent

David Friend, Mr. Organic!

Marnie Ainsley, our outbound student, has arrived in Marita, Japan. She has easily adapted to the local dress code. Here she is wearing a traditional summer kimono, called a Yukota, for an outing at the local Yukuhashi festival.

As best I can tell from her E-mail, the only downside is the close proximity to her school, only three minutes from her host home! Make sure you read her letter as it is full of information and pictures of her adventures to date.

By coincidence, the outbound student from her host club, Yukuhashi Rotary Club, is in Victoria. How about a move by our S@A to locate and invite him to speak to our Club.

Climb Every Mountain


Here we see the redoubtable Cedric Marsh leading a small group of Rotarians up Mount Finlayson . Our thanks to Bedriya for arranging this strenuous picnic  on September 18. She and Cedric earned ‘Rotarian Of The Week' stars for their effort. Link

Acting President Lorna Curtis opened the meeting (#1559) by reading a letter from RI President Carl-Wilhelm to Rotarians affected by Hurricane Katrina. Information on assistance to the affected communities is available on the World Community Service Disaster Relief section of the RI Web site. Link

New Member Proposals

John Picken proposed Angele Munro, who is presently a real estate agent with Remax Camosun. She has a BA degree in English and taught school in Victoria and Fort St. John, followed by a term as manager of British Coin Group boutiques. Her volunteer service includes United Way, Heart & Stroke and the Red Cross.

George Pritchard proposed Lori McLeod, who is presently Executive Director of the Eldercare Foundation. Previously she was Director of Community Relations at CH-TV. Her volunteer service includes Victoria Hospice and Cops For Cancer.

Objections, if any, should be directed to the Board of Directors within seven days.

American Patrol (Jack Petrie)

Our S-at-A was in fine fettle after a short vacation and stint on the Good Morning America TV show in New York City. With the aid of a gadget from that show that droned out ‘That Was Easy' at short intervals, he clipped Giles for an inopportune cell phone call, Tom Lidkea for not having a piano with him for the anthem, Bedriya for multitasking on Club events, and poor David P for continual tardiness.

H/S dollars included John Snively for participation in the Salt Lake City 25 K Walk for Life, Lorna to proudly announce her son's $125,000 scholarship coup and finally the S-at-A himself to share his experience at a Harlem gospel service.

The Organic Gourmet

In introducing our speaker, Ted Harrison noted that David Friend was from Durham a county just below his native Yorkshire . On the plus side David was a semi-pro soccer player and coach! In 1994, after a business management career in the UK , he discovered the world of organics. After four years of research and travel, he moved to Vancouver Island to become a certified organic commercial grower.

In a breezy self-deprecating presentation Dave introduced us to the world of organic farming and distribution. Herbicides are a relatively recent phenomena - we children of the ‘30s and ‘40s were raised on organic foods. It is our children and grandchildren who now have to cope with food borne diseases and herbicide retention. Organic farming is growing (pun intended); there are now some 400 organic farms in B.C. with 100 on Vancouver Island, including 60 plus on the lower island.

Dave and wife Erin presently operate Organic Gourmet Journeys. These daily tours focus on organic education and visits to local farms and gardens for information from local growers and to enjoy some fine food and wine.

A delightful talk - who can resist a guy who calls himself Mister Organic and wears a T-shirt that reads ‘Bite me, I'm Organic'! Martin Holden commented, while thanking Dave, that he is now a converted Thrifty's shopper who searches out organic produce especially since the costs are coming closer to parity with other foods.

A Rotary Moment

Be proud of the fact that you belong to the world's greatest service organization. When you wear your pin you tell the world that you are special, you abide by a code of ethics, the Four Way Test. Wearing your pin can give you the opportunity to meet the most fascinating people in an elevator or at the airport. (Brian Lamb Membership Director.)

Visitors (introduced by Martin Holden):

Rotarians - Gary Nazar and Jim Porter, Calgary South; and Don Parker, Lacombe.

Guest - Lori McLeod, guest of George Pritchard.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


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