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Meeting September 27, 2011. reported by Renate Gibbs

Joan sporting her New Generations CapPresident, Joan Peggs (above sporting her New Generations hat) opened the meeting with comments that this is the last Tuesday of "New Generations Month". She mentioned work done by Interact students in locations such as the Dominican Republic and Kathmandu. Neil Rawnsley led us in "O Canada" as Tom L. wasn't there to tickle the ivories. Perry's opening invocation inspired us to do greater good as he led in grace.

In reporting on the health of the club, Mary Canty used the opportunity to share the good news and a picture of the 3-week-old son of Fie; newer club members will not know that Fie is a past Danish exchange student who has remained in contact with the club. Fie emailed to say that his name is Carl, and he was born on September 12, and that we should "save a seat for a new exchange student in 16/17 years."

Mary also updated us on Joe Prentice and Foster Isherwood's health. Eugen Bannerman took a little time to fill in the post-hospital news about David Philips who is recovering from surgery.

Fines Master Jim Force took us through the final week of September with a flourish as he held a pair of reading glasses for ransom – John Jordan paid up graciously. With New Generations Month he acknowledged that those who sat at Ryan's table would be exempt for a fine, but levelled various other fines too numerous to count. Happy $ came from Lorna C, announcing her replacement R Herman, and Jim F sharing the fact that soon it's his daughter's 41st birthday. Ron Beyer's 28th anniversary was announced.
50/50 draw found Mary Canty the winner – alas only a black ball was drawn.




John Jordan introduced today's speaker, Ed Bain, who shared a little of his journey through broadcasting. Ed assured us he didn't need notes to reflect back to his beginning days from 'Car Jockey to Disc Jockey'. His memories had twists of humour and a sincere appreciation for his career, which started in radio and now combines both Radio (FM 100.3 The Q) and Television (Weatherman on CHEK).

Ed Bain Jim LaingHe took us back to 1974, where in Weyburn Saskatchewan at the ripe old age of18 he was hired by now club member and then station owner, Jim Laing (seen above with Ed sharing a joke - maybe from the good old days?). For those who haven't been to Weyburn, according to Ed it is a town where soap on a rope is considered jewellery. He subsequently found himself in Regina with CKRN as the morning show host. A few challenging years later he ended up in Langley BC, where he recounted the loyalty of his wife during phone-in programs usually being "caller Number 1".

It wasn't until 1987 that a station in Victoria opened and 100.3 the Q soon had Ed Bain as a household name. Ed and his team crafted the art of self deprecation over the years. We learned that listeners to 100.3 The Q responded well in making the morning show a "habit" after seeing Ed dressed in a nun's outfit plastered on the back of city buses. Other promotional events such as Brides of Burden and Little House on the Prairie were memorable, but occasionally left some contestants pretty sore.

Ed moved on to become the Weatherman on CHEK TV News in 1999. He remained committed to assist with the re-emergence of CHEK when employees found a way to purchase the much downsized station 2 years ago, at the Eleventh Hour when it was almost pulled from the air. He commended Gary Lunn's involvement in approaching the station owners, as it was key to the successful transition. A bit of a technical hiccup (well a big one) prevented us from viewing a short video he had brought along, which he assured us was hilarious.

Below, Ron Cooley thanked Ed, with sincerity (blanketed in levity) and a coveted mug.
Ron Cooley Ed Bain

Joan finished with a Rotary Minute telling us how to access the RI newsletters and perhaps sign up for one electronic newsletter. Access to the newsfeed is more easily available via the home page of this website - just scroll down towards the bottom. In perfect pitch, Neil Rawnsley started "God Save the Queen" and we were dismissed.bad shot
It was a meeting filled with technical hiccups - even the photographer was having a few problems :) No... she wasn't drinking.

Introduced by Ron Beyer
Ed Bain, Speaker and guest of Jim Laing;
Kathy St. John, guest of Joan Peggs;
Ryan May, Guest of Joan Peggs.



Lynne Murray announced that Paprika, a restaurant in Estevan Village, has invited Oak Bay Rotarians to its open house this Thursday from 5:30 to 8PM.
Jim Force reminded us of the Club in a Pub this Thursday, 5 - 6PM; he followed with news about this Wednesday being Raise a Reader Day. Various Rotary members are involved in helping to sell Times Colonist newspapers on just this one day. All donations made when buying a paper will go to literacy projects as part of the Literacy Round Table. Jim also informed us on the fine quality of speakers arranged for the Rwanda event on October 14. They include Major (Ret.) Philip Lancaster, Rwandan John Nsabimana, and club member John Jordan, who is running the project in Rwanda that our club supports. Perry Bamji then challenged the members of the International Committee to sell at least 5 tickets for this fundraiser. Rwanda Event Info. Click on this link to download the poster which you can email to your online friends.

Joan Peggs followed with reminders about the Ghost Bus Tours (Oct 21/22) and news that "End Polio Now Week" will take place October 24 to 27 with Oak Bay being one of the prime locations. During this week the Scotia Bank on Oak Bay Avenue at Hampshire will have their east wall graced by the well-known logo in lights on Monday and Wednesday evening. More info will be coming as volunteers will be needed to help. The Club Assembly has been moved to Oct 1st.
An announcement from Mary Canty and Jacqueline highlighted a Guatemalan Scarf sale on Oct 30 to support further fundraising for the Lake Atitlan project.





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Sept 27 Ed Bain – TBA (Broadcasting)
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