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Program for September 25, reported by Mark Bedford [click here for PRINT VERSION]
President Jack presented a brief history lesson, including the role of 45 Rotarians who were significantly involved in the founding of UNESCO, preceding the founding of the UN.
Tom Lidke played for O Canada and Barbara Bristol-Price said grace.
garage sale DON'T FORGET THIS SATURDAY!! September 29 at 2829 Foul Bay Road 9 - 12. Donate your time. Donate your goods. Email Tom Lidkea and sign up for Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. We are really short of helpers especially the 10-1.30 Saturday slot.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests: ( introduced by Les Canty)
Katherine Duncan


Mike Creery, Harbourside Club, Sports Marketing.
Sarah Brenner was the guest of President Jack;
Sarala Godine (speaker) was a guest of the Club;
Tony Parker was a guest of Les Canty;
Katherine Duncan, ex Oak Bay member and pictured at left,
was a guest of Steve Harthill.


Tom Lidkea reminded the membership of the GARAGE SALE, Saturday, 29th. September. Eleven members have volunteered for Friday afternoon, but more are needed for both shifts on Saturday. A few more members did volunteer. If you are able to help on Saturday, please phone Tom at: 595-8084 or e-mail: Please feel free to invite a friend to join you; it’s a good way to introduce a person to Rotary.
Tav Macpherson invited members to attend the ROTARY FOUNDATION SEMINAR
in Duncan on October 20th.
Heather Aked circulated a survey form regarding member preferences for the club CHRISTMAS PARTY; the date of December 18th is the suggested date.

Brian started the fines with someone whose cell phone rang at a very inopportune time, - but it was difficult to distinguish the guilty party midst all the claims of innocence. Other fines followed: - Heather for her financial ‘advice’; Jack for his lack of promotion of “Smile Cards”; Lorna for sleeping during the meeting on the 18th; and a whole table group was fined for not knowing that croquet is the featured sport of the year; all who had a first class cabin at the Titanic exhibit; and Katherine Duncan for missing so many meetings! Some of the temporary “Sergeants For A Day” levied fines, but most of them confessed that they had no ’snitch’ to report - so took the opportunity to cough up a 'sin buck’ themselves. (Your Editor noted, however, that the day’s reporter, a former S@A, outdid himself with reporting the sins of others. Professional training!)
There were a number of happy/sad dollars - to mention two of more significance: Tricia had a happy dollar for the miracle of healing that a friend was experiencing after a car accident and Theresa was sad to say that this is her last week with The Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Therese would be happy to hear from anyone who may have leads in her job hunt. Check out her resume here. [Click on the Professionally Speaking link.]
The Draw: Jerry McLean had the lucky ticket, but selected a black marble.

Our speaker, SARALA GODINE, an alternative health Consultant, was introduced by Mary Canty.

Sarala’s theme could be summed up as: Options for Health Care.

Sarala Godine

She provides guidance and information for people who are confused about alternative health care options and practitioners. There are 140 registered alternative health care practitioners in Victoria. Sarala has information about each of them - where they are located, their type of alternative care (e.g. homeopathic, acupuncture, etc.), whether open to new clients, and the general background and training of each one. She then gives a few alternative suggestions to her clients so that the client can make an informed choice as to whom they will call. Sarala confessed her bias - namely, that alternative medicine and health care should be on a level playing field alongside conventional medicine and health care. She stressed the approach of the hippy generation: “Question Authority”, and suggested that most people become complacent and just accept the status quo of conventional practice. Health is too important to be left only in traditional patterns and to fail to look at other alternatives. Just as we spend time and money on education, training, family, home, we would be wise to look at every possibility of maintaining good health. “You are only as healthy as you have been!”

Sarala summed up her presentation with the following five guidelines:

  • Be prepared to invest some time and money in pursuit of maintaining or recovering good health.
  • Invoke your inner hippy - question authority and find (with guidance) your own pathway.
  • Don’t put all of your trust in just one pathway without checking out alternatives.
  • Fight for your health! It sometimes takes a lot of time, energy and persistence to find your pathway.
  • Once you feel that you know the pathway, find the right practitioner.

Perry Sarala
Perry and Sarala discuss options for health care after her presentation

Will Carter ably thanked the speaker. President Jack presented Sarala with a coffee mug. (A coffee mug for a health practitioner!)

October is Vocational Service month during which we focus on ways that business and professional people can and do serve the community and the world


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills

Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


October 2 Exchange Student - all about Ola
October 9 Julie Salisbury - Do You Have a Book Inside You?
October 16 Exchange Student - update from Julian
October 23 NEEDS Crisis Line - Mary Rumsby
October 30 Member Vocationals - Cindy, Kathleen, Wendie. Halloween!!
November 6 Foundation
November 13 Foundation Tax Auction
November 20

Art Gallery of Victoria - Shirley Madill

ROSTER: September/October

2-Oct Chambers Chapple Cooley Croft Curtis
9-Oct Davie Edgell Eley Firkins Force
16-Oct Gaudet Granewall Hayworth Harrison Froese
23-Oct Harthill Hogarth Lawrie Jackson Lidkea
30-Oct Macpherson Marsh Maxwell McDougall McLean

October Cashier: PITT; 50-50 FROESE

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