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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)
Program for September 21, 2010. Reported by Joan Peggs

Approximately 40 Rotarians and guests filed through the food line. Going back to the old tradition of banner displays, the tables were 'decorated' with banners from many Rotary Clubs. Being the Jewish New Year, Wolf gave the invocation in Hebrew, followed by an English translation. President John outlined new rules for Interact: the age of students has been lowered to 12.

Banner Exchange
Sheridan Banner Exchange
Fred Sturdevant of Sheridan, Indiana exchanged banners. His club in Sheridan was chartered in 1926; today it is a small Club of only 20 members; Fred is looking for recruitment ideas while visiting clubs on his holiday.

Health of the Club
Barbara B is celebrating her birthday on Friday; Graeme (her son) hoped she would come to the meeting today but she is not feeling well.

Happy/Sad $$$ (cont.)
Past DG Joan is going to WA and will be the only Canadian attending; will be taking The Club Canadian flag.
Happy $2: President John as his next sleep is in Prague (a long way to go so you can sleep John!). He will be back on October 12th.
Mary had Happy $$$$$$ - 40 to be precise as she will be away for her birthday!! She leaves on Thursday for Istanbul. John S. is going with her. She will bring the rest of the $$s after she returns so we can work out her age.
Happy $3 from Past President Jack for three couples who had a great bicycling trip in Europe.
Several Happy $$$$ from Tom Croft, former member and presidenty for a successful cleanup at Willows Beach. He was glad to see Jim  and Lynne there; he brought back some Club banners he found while cleaning house; he celebrated the arrival of a new grandchild while he was away cycling.
Perry had a Happy $3 for 3 Rotarians (from his Kingston Club) who called to see how he fared after his knee surgery. He was sorry to say no one from Oak Bay enquired as to his mobility. (Reporters note: Someone slipped up!)
50/50 Draw
Lucky ticket was held by Past president Jack – a welcome treat! Double luck was not in the cards though as he drew a black marble.

New Member Proposal
Jim Force announced that the Board approved 2 prospective members at the meeting on Monday September 20th, Renata Gibbs (who is sponsored by Don O'Coffey) and Alyson Hawksworth (sponsored by Joan Peggs). Their names will be posted for 7 days. If there are no objections from Club members they will be inducted into the Club in the coming weeks.

Guest Speaker: Paul Jonson


Past President Paul Jonson, seen above with President John Edgell, was introduced by Past President Jack Petrie. Paul arrived in Canada in 1974. He spent 28 years in various communities in BC and was a member of 7 Rotary Clubs. While in Canada (and now in NZ), Paul has been involved in Tourism Promotion. He is visiting with Kiwi, Ann Weatherall, and Holly Jonson, his daughter who lives in Victoria. Paul now lives 30 km outside Auckland, NZ.

New Zealand – With Pizzazz
The following are clips from Paul's presentation:
New Zealand is a land of 4 million people, 39 million sheep and has 150 cultures. Wellington is the capital, but Auckland is the largest city. Caucasians and Maoris are the main inhabitants. New Zealand is referred to as Aotearoa, the Land of The Long White Cloud. It has been honoured as being the safest country in the world. (Aussie editor's note: Not sure if that was before or after the Christchurch earthquake.) A traditional Maori greeting is to touch noses and hum. NZ has great ski training facilities. In many locations,  it is quite narrow; in fact you can drive from one coast to the other in a day. The Haida and Maori have common roots: they both came from Hawaiki thousands of years ago. Seven canoes left Hawaii for NZ, while others went northeast and settled in Canada. There are many similarities in the language.

Kiwi fruit was originally from China (aka Chinese gooseberry); Norwegian settlers named the Kiwi bird and this nickname has transferred to the people of NZ. Shaina Twain owns more property in NZ than she does in Canada. (Reporter's query: wonder if it is less expensive there?).

Due to the geographical location of NZ and the proximity  to the date line, New Zealanders see each day first! There are more cars per capita than in any other country in the world; cars can be 7 – 16 years old. NZ was the first country to give women the vote. Paul had quite a few Aussie put-down jokes - fortunately most members couldn't understand them.

Our Aussie editor gets even. Question: What are the hardest 3 years of a Kiwi's life?
Answer: Second grade.

More Aussie/Kiwi jokes found here, if you dare.

Paul screened various archival photographs of President John, looking like a teen. He then gave a demonstration on how to blow the teeny NZ whistle. The trick was explained in typical Kiwi fashion: you place your tongue somewhere, and blow somehow.


John Snively thanked the guest speaker. They had met, coincidently, 7 years ago at a spa in Mexico. John presented Paul with a Rotary mug; years ago Paul had presented a mug to John.

President John presented Paul with a District 5020 pin with the Canadian and USA flags on it. In true NZ tradition, Paul then presented President John with a 'Tonga', a necklace with a bone carving ornament that had been specially blessed.

Canada USA pin

A Rotary Moment
Joan P mentioned meeting 5 students at The Harbourside 30th Anniversary meeting; they were elementary students at George Jay. Once a week a Club member had visited the school and played chess with the students. Of the 5 students, 3 were attending UVic; one was at Camosun College; one had graduated from Camosun College, and was now working at Open Door. As Rotarians we can have a tremendous impact on the betterment of youth. 2 Two of the UVic students are involved in Rotaract.

The meeting closed with the singing of O Canada.

Visiting Rotarians And GuestsIntroduced by David Sills:
Jacqueline Mealing; Nelson BC., Lodge owner;
Fred Sturdevant, Sheridan Indiana, Postal Inspector;
Bill Burns, Royal Oak, BC, Education Administration
Guests were Speakers and family: Paul Jonson, Ann Weatherall and Holly Jonson as well as visiting Past President, Tom Croft.


Past President Heather fined all Past Presidents and the current President $1; Heather has been a member of the Club for 14 years and never been asked to be SAA; she thought Fines Master was a better title. President John was fined another $1 for coining the term Celebrations' Master. Early leaver Lorna left $2. Rod Sim, last arrival last week, was again last, so was fined $2. All members were fined $1 for a poor rendition of O Canada. David Maxwell was fined for his absenses - $1.

Those who didn't have a Thrifty Foods Smile Card had to put in a $1.
Smile Card
(In case you don't know what they are, click the pic.)

Past DG Joan was given a special meal, so had to cough up $1 (reporters note - an inexpensive fine!). Paul Jonson, former member, was fined $1, along with a "good to see you." Wow – the kitty certainly grew this week (reporters note).

Gary N.; Barbara B. (neither present).

Ron Beyer - 27th!

Happy/Sad $$$
Joan P had a happy $5 to 1/ give thanks to those who contributed to the 2011 RI Convention banner a few weeks ago, and is happy to report that after today's basket being passed around there is an extra $58.10 in the kitty. convention2/ she noticed that a founding member of Harbourside Rotary Club was a friend she knew at school in HK.

3/ She learned that DG Martin and his wife of Gig Harbor were B and B guests at her Inn on St. Andrews many years ago.

4/ That DG Bob mentioned that Gig Harbor was 'twinned' with Oak Bay and he thought we should consider this again. (This had been discussed at the Club Visioning exercise a few years ago.)

And 5/ that John Juricic spoke on Social Media last year. She thanked Jim and Tricia for setting up the Greater Victoria Rotary Clubs Blog.


28-Sep Jordan Taylor Timmermans Toal Wakely Lamb Jordan
Cash Desk: Cooley; 50-50: Nazar
05-Oct Aked Bamji Force Beyer Bixler Lamb Bannerman
12-Oct Burger Rogers-W Carter Chapple Cooley Aked Bannerman
19-Oct Curtis  Diemecke Bannerman Johannknecht Jordan Aked Bannerman
26-Oct Lamb Lawrie Lidkea MacPherson Madsen Aked Bannerman
Sept 28 Committee Brainstorming

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