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Meeting September 20, 2011. reported by Heather Aked Photos by Will Carter & Neil Rawnsley

Terri SmithTerri Smith (above) demonstrated the Document Camera which connects to a projector and magnifies on a screen whatever is underneath it – it could be a story or a map. The example Terri used was a picture book: 'Looking for Miza' – a story about gorillas in the Congo. What's unique about the document camera is that by also connecting to an IPAD (30 IPAD's are on loan from Apple), Terri was able to engage the children by showing them exactly where the Congo is and by providing live footage (on YOUTUBE sites) of the Silverbacks. Very impressive. What both Terri and Leslie stressed was the importance of grabbing the attention of a diverse group of children, even those with very little English. These tools really do work! It also gives the children exposure to things that we take for granted.

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We had a change of venue and format this week. They say that change is as good as a rest! Our meeting took place at George Jay Elementary School where we were hosted by Principal Leslie Lee and Vice Principal Terri Smith. Our mission – to see for ourselves how the Smart Board – a wonderful piece of technology that we have purchased for George Jay (in fact we've now purchased 3 Smart Boards) works. In addition to a Smart Board demonstration, Terri showed us another piece of 'smart' technology in the form of a Document Camera.

Moving on to a Grade 1 classroom took many of us back in time – the chairs are very small - where Marcy St. John (below) took us on an adventure using Smart Board technology.


What we learned was that if you're unsure of how the technology works just ask a child! The Smart Board is an interactive white board where both the teacher and the students are able to interact during the course of a lesson by touching the screen to carry out an activity. Take attendance for example – when the children come into the classroom in the morning all their names are written on an apple on the Smart Board – the child finds his/her apple touches it and drags it into the hole on an apple tree (also on the Smart Board). Marcy showed us how she uses the calendar, a math lesson and also how she can connect to the internet to access the broader universe to teach the children. In some respects the Smart Board is like a giant IPAD (for those that have used one on these you'll understand). The Smart Board comes with a tool kit but one is also able to build one's own programs and there are now internet sites where 'smart exchange' can take place. We rounded off the demonstration with a rousing chorus of Row Row Row Your Boat – yes using the Smart Board and most importantly with President Joan presenting a cheque to Leslie Lee for $4,500 for the school to purchase another Smart Board.

Emma Dixon-Will
Donna Blackstone

Leslie LeeWhile munching on pizza in the Library (a wonderful room with big windows, providing lots of light) Principal Leslie Lee (above) outlined the benefits of Smart Board technology for both the students and the teachers (those, that is, who decided to gain certification in operating and teaching with the SmartBoard). The interaction that the Smart Board brings to the classroom in a school where 98% of the children live at risk, where many live below the poverty line, where 35% are aboriginal, where 35% have English as a second language, and where many are transients and have refugee status, is extraordinary.



Jim Force has ROTARACT student tickets for $10 a piece for the Rwandan fundraiser taking place on Friday October 14th – thanks Rod for buying 5 – well done. In total, 13 student tickets were purhased by club members. Hurry up and get yours before they sell out. Here's a link to the Rwanda Event Info. Please copy the poster and email it (or the link) to your friends so that they have full information about the event.




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