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2007-2008 Rotary International Theme: Rotary Shares
District 5020 Governor 07-08: Norm Watts
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre (CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS)

Program for September 18, reported by Donna Carrigan [click here for PRINT VERSION]
President Jack began by reminding us of the far-flung spread of Rotary clubs around the world, from the Antarctic to the Arctic. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Tricia Timmermans said Grace.

Board of Directors Oak Bay Rotary 07-08
Officers and Directors 2007-08 - Assembly Reports
Jack Petrie, Heather Aked, Tom Lidkea, Tricia Timmermans, Tav Macpherson, David Sills
(Missing, Joan Peggs, Joe Prentice) Photo by Tom Croft.

garage sale DON'T FORGET!! September 29 at 2829 Foul Bay Road 9 - 12. Donate your time. Donate your goods. Email Tom Lidkea and sign up for Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. We are really short of helpers especially the 10-1.30 Saturday slot.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests: ( introduced by Heather Aked)
Mortons from Wales

Trev Grey-Dreaper, Penticton, Senior Active;



Rob & Penny Morton, Mawdback, Wales, UK, Retired.
Pictured here. (Tom Croft photo)


Welcome back to Joan Firkins. Jan Stirling is off on an adventure in the Amazon and Pablo is returning from his musical tour soon.
Martin Holden has decided to resign as a member of our club; however Jack has been in contact with him to ensure he knows he is welcome back to our club anytime.
Jack is happy to see that Les is doing well after surgery!

sergeant at armshappy birthday
Brian Lamb levied fines as follows: For those not wearing a rotary pin a fine of a dollar was levied. The same for members who had not contributed to the Cops for Cancer fundraiser. A “Big Bucks” fine was handed out to Joan Firkins for hearing her say something that he was surprised to hear from a past district governor. David Sills was fined for an inaccuracy in the accounting sheet passed to members and Tom Lidkea didn’t escape the fines for refusing to take the stage when the President invited him to do so. The Sergeant at Arms put out a request for all members with last names starting in A and B to have a snitch ready for next week.
Anniversaries were celebrated by Steve & Angie Harthill and Tom & Jill Croft and Birthdays by Mark Bedford, Gary Nazar and Barbara Bristol-Price
The draw was won by Penny Morton from Wales who also drew the white marble for $161. Congratulations! (photo above)

Club Assembly - Reports from Officers & Directors - See Web Site for full reports.
david sillsDavid Sills, Treasurer, distributed and presented the actual budget for 1006/07 and the proposed budget for 2007/08. Notable items include the $12,841 raised by the Home & Garden Tour, which will not be repeated this year but planning is underway for the folowing year. Last year was a banner year which resulted in a surplus of $4,894 which will be applied to the projected deficit of $5,000 for this year, resulting in expenditures exactly equalling revenues of $75,400 (your editor is well aware of the slight discrepancy, so put it down to creative book-keeping). Please consult the distributed budget or the web site for details. After almost being evicted for smart-aleck remarks, Rod Sim moved for adoption.
steve harthillSteve Harthill - Club Administration

Steve noted that the Adminstration pretty much runs itself but did bring up these points:
1. Proposal that every fifth Tuesday in a month be a Fun Day with Vocational Talks by new members so we can get to know them.
2. With so many new members, there will be two Fireside Chats in the year, possibly one at 5:00 or 5:30 PM and one in the evening at 7:00 PM.
3. Response from members for speaker ideas has been tremendous and details will be sent to Lorna for forwarding to other local Rotary clubs.
4. Produced a Job Spec. for Committee & an instruction sheet for guest speakers.
heather akedHeather Aked - International Service Committee
Club Goals: To participate in International projects to do with Health, Literacy and Clean Water.
Committee Goals: 1. - to meet the Club’s Goals as stated above.
2. To support youth programs such as Youth Exchange & Ambassadorial Scholar.
3. PolioPlus support. 4. Project Unity support. 5. Other projects in Africa.
Projects: 1. Malaria Project sponsored by Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International. Development in Tanzania. Asking Executive for $10/member.
2. Malawi Project Matching Grant - have requested $4,000 toward putting a bore hole in at the APU Girls Secondary School in Malawi. 3. Exchange Student: request members to spend some time with Ola. 4. Shelter Boxes: the Committee is looking at sponsoring a box for earthquake survivors in Chile.
tricia timmermansTricia Timmermans - Public Relations
Achievements: 1. Working with other Rotary Clubs as part of Rotary Victoria PR Comm.
2. A monthly publication in the Black Press Papers: Rotary in Action.
Working on: 1. Applying for a $6,000 grant from R.I. to promote Rotary in Victoria Area. Promoting Shelterboxes.
joan peggsJoan Peggs -Membership
Currently we have 70 members and 11 are exempt (age + Rotary Years must total 85+).
Membership has 2 categories:
1) Active or Active Exempt
2) Honorary
Members must attend 50% of meetings. Options for make-up meetings include: Attending
another club's meeting, attending a committee meeting, volunteering at a club event or making up a meeting online.
tom lidkeaTom Lidkea - Service Projects, summarized existing projects:
(1) Tea Party (2) Golf Tournament (3) Garage Sales (4) Palm Tree Sales
(5) Home and Garden Tour every 2nd year (6) Thrifty’s Smile Cards
He went on to summarize Fundraising Ideas:
(1) Scotch tasting dinner in late January (2) Spring time Garden event (3) Music festival with Oak Bay or Glenlyon Schools (4) Community-Wide Silent Auction.
Looking for a new annual event. Ideas welcome! Please contact Tom or Jack.
Tom discussed our spending including new projects:
(1) Bicycle racks (2) A lacrosse box at Carnarvon Park.
Looking for ideas on how to spend our funds. Please contact Tom or Jack.
tav macphersonTav MacPherson - Rotary Foundation
Tav spoke about the Foundation’s mission & the benefits of world understand and peace.
The Foundation has 5 goals:
1. Polio eradication
2. Every Rotarian, Every Year, to contribute $100,
3. Rotary Centers in Peace and Conflict Resolution
4. Reconnect with Rotary Alumni
5. $120 million worldwide.
Starting in October he will help teach us what the Foundation is all about with a particular emphasis on terminology associated to the foundation.
Important dates to note: Oct 20th is the Duncan Rotary Foundation Seminar
November is Foundation month and Nov 13th is the Tax Receipt auction for our Club

Editor's comment: one cannot but be impressed by the sheer volume and excellence of the Club's activities. 


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills

Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


September 25 Sarala Godine - Options for Health
October 2 Exchange Student - all about Ola
October 9 Julie Salisbury - Do You Have a Book Inside You?
October 16 Exchange Student - update from Julian
October 23 NEEDS Crisis Line - Mary Rumsby
October 30 Member Vocationals - Cindy, Kathleen, Wendie. Halloween!!
November 6 Foundation
November 13 Foundation Tax Auction
November 20

Art Gallery of Victoria - Shirley Madill

ROSTER: September/October

L Canty
M Canty
September Cashier: O'COFFEY ; 50-50 HAYWORTH

2-Oct Chambers Chapple Cooley Croft Curtis
9-Oct Davie Edgell Eley Firkins Force
16-Oct Gaudet Granewall Hayworth Harrison Froese
23-Oct Harthill Hogarth Lawrie Jackson Lidkea
30-Oct Macpherson Marsh Maxwell McDougall McLean

October Cashier: PITT; 50-50 FROESE

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