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Program for September 14, 2010. Reported by Neil Rawnsley

Following a recognizeable rendering  of O’Canada under the guidance of musical director Pablo Diemecke and an inspiring invocation from Past President Vicky Pitt, thirty seven Rotarians and guests proceeded to enjoy the fellowship of Rotary.  After an extended absence it was great to see Shelly Best in our midst.
President John reminded us that this is the 2nd meeting of New Generations month and that New Generations  is a 5th Avenue of  Service for Rotary. Following lunch John again reached into his grandfather's Rotary scrapbook for a Rotary message entitled “Rotarians Responsibility.”


Heather had an update on the Smile Card program with Thrifty Foods which will allow us to further support an educational program at George Jay School in the amount of $1000. Lori McLeod had instructions from a holidaying Jack Petrie to give a “shameless sales pitch” for the upcoming Victoria Soul Gospel Choir (directed by Checo Tohomaso) and Silent Auction for the Eldercare Foundation on October 13th at the UVIC Farquhar Auditorium. President John reminded us that District Governor Bob Martin will be here November 2nd. He would like our support in reporting our estimates of hours spent in Rotary volunteering.  Director in charge of Public Relations, Gary Nazar is looking for business card advertisers for the Oak Bay News for the months of October, November and December. Rod  Sim, who is apparently suffering  from a vocal impairment, quickly scooped up a month.

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George Pritchard introduced our guest speaker, Rotarian Chuck Erickson who was assisted in his presentation by his wife Mary Anne and Colin Eves (seen above with President John). His topic was “Child Malnutrition, The Causes, Consequences and the Solutions”. Chuck is a retired pediatrician from Lincoln, Nebraska, and is Co-Chairman of the Rotary District 5650 Zambia Project. In 2008 he was awarded a Rotary Citation for Meritorious Service for his efforts in promoting clean water and commercial gardens in Zambia.

little richard earllyLittle Richard

Introducing us to Little Richard (above), a postcard child in 2003 for the Livingstone General Hospital, Chuck highlighted the problems with child nutrition and poverty and the sociological and cultural causes, lack of dietary knowledge, and the illness which results in the staggering figure of 8 million children under 5 dying in Sub-Saharan Africa. Malnutrition underlies these deaths and the consequences of malnutrition are fewer years in school, less economic productivity, women having higher risk infants and a predominance of nutritionally aided immune disorder. Their primary diet is NSIMA (pronounced she-ma) a maize product which they eat every day and which has very little nutritional value. In order to provide adequate nutrition and maximize health and brain development  the District  5650 solution  is to involve Zambians, to work for sustainability, to provide only what they cannot and to provide the science behind nutrition. The Zambia project focuses on Education, Gardens and Clean Water. Colin and Mary Anne pointed out that the secondary component of this collaborative project involved expanding the benefits of the wells to irrigation for gardens. Size of gardens increased and they moved towards sustainability as leaders, growers and farmers  were identified and became a catalyst for the community.

The SAM Project (Sustainability through Agricultural Microenterprise) provides year-round gardens giving nutritional choices and providing income within the community. They have initiated workshops on Health and Nutrition gaining support from local leaders and providing group solutions. Mothers who have healthy children are enlisted and entrepeneurship is encouraged to develop programs that pay off with local effort.

Mary Canty thanked the speakers.

Hans JohnWith a busy schedule it was an early business session starting with Hans Ockermueller (above with President John Edgell) being recognized by our President for 35 years of perfect attendance. (That’s 100%-WOW). Hans gave us a few examples of make-ups and advised “it’s not hard, it’s fun”.  Past club member Trevor Thompson was remembered with a moment of silent thought after which Vicky Pitt introduced our Rotary visitors and guests.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Visiting Rotarians: Bill Burns of Royal Oak Club and Jacqueline Mealing of Nelson, B.C.
Guests:  Alison Hawksworth, guest of Joan Peggs and our speakers, Mary Ann and Charles Erickson of Lincoln, Nebraska and Colin Eves of Squamish, guests of the club.


Master of Recognition Brian Lamb introduced the Phantom Hand Shaker, Heather Aked, and in typical reverse logic extracted funds from those who arrived before late arrival Rod; George Pritchard was fined for strata complaints; Heather for ferry infractions and Joan Peggs for gender discriminatory toenail  advisement. Ed. Note: In case you missed it, the previous week’s toenail coloring display excluded any men who might have wanted to participate. John Edgell was fined for not knowing what a Smile Card looked like, Henry Minto for parking transgressions and Peter Lawrie for being away too long. Happy dollars were highlighted by Vicky Pitt’s report of their private dinner concert by Pablo Diemecke purchased at the Tuscan dinner.


21-Sep Schopper Sills Sim Petrie Snively Aked Jordan
28-Sep Jordan Taylor Timmermans Toal Wakely Lamb Jordan
Cash Desk: Cooley; 50-50: Nazar
Sept 21 Paul Jonson - NZ has Pizzazz
Sept 28 Committee Brainstorming

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