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Program for September 7, 2010. Reported by Joan Peggs

Member Announcements
Eugen - Fairbanks

Eugen had a superb meeting in Fairbanks Alaska: 7AM at Fairbanks Sunrise Club.

The Harbourside Rotary Club is celebrating its 30th anniversary on Wednesday September 15th: 6:30 to 8:30AM.

Joan P gave a brief background on the banner at the 2011 Convention in New Orleans. Passing the hat resulted in $93 being collected. If you would like to donate please bring funds on September 14. More information below:

Click on the Paddle Wheeler above to find out about the convention in May, 2011, and learn about the personalized banner.

John E had some sustaining member information.

Joan F., Giles, Leslie and Neil R read excerpts from What is Rotary – a good refresher for all.

In Memoriam: Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompson

David Sills sends information on a former member, Trevor Thompson, who died this week, and who many of you will remember. The following notes are taken from the Rotary Oak of 1999. Trevor was  born in Hamilton. He practiced medicine in Hamilton, Vancouver, Vanderhoof and Burns Lake. At a Rotary district conference, he met Dr. Victor Pavamani, a Rotarian from Kerala, India.

This was the first meeting of New Generations Month for 2010. There was a compilation of photographs as a  backdrop for the first part of the meeting which included: the Tuscan Dinner of 2010; the Executive Installation of June 2010, Tea Party volunteers (not the political kind); PolioPlus walkers of 2010; Club in a Pub; the Painted Toes of August 2010; Lawn Bowling 2010, and many individual shots of OB Rotary Club members.

Rotaplast donation
Brilliant photo by "what do I do" photographer, Neil R.

Anne introduced our guest speaker, Club member, Tricia Timmermans, seen above receiving a cheque (after her presentation) for $2000 for the October 2010 Rotaplast Cebu (Philippines) Mission. Anne described Tricia as: a traveller, a photographer, and a web site manager. She forgot "Grandma". She joined the Oak Bay Rotary Club in 2002.

Tricia described how the Rotaplast (named from "Rotary" and "Plastic Surgery") team works together towards the reparation of cleft lips and cleft palates in children in developing countries - these are kids who would not normally have the opportunity to be treated. The project began in 1992 through the efforts of Rotarian, Dr. Angelo Capozzi and Peter Langarias, then president of the San Francisco Rotary Club. The first mission was to Chile. To date there have been 152 missions in 19 countries; with 13,400 surgeries performed by 500 medical volunteers, assisted in the project by non-medical Rotarian volunteers. The causes of these defects include: genetic; diet (lack of folic acid); and lifestyle (drugs, alcohol, smoking).

The Rotaplast team is comprised of  medical and non-medical personell (non-medical are all Rotarians). The medical team consists of plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, pediatricians, nurses, an orthodontist, and a dentist and with the possible addition of a speech pathologist. The non-medical team consists of the mission director and assistant, a quartermaster, a photojournalist, a ward co-ordinator and transporter, a sterilizer, and a medical records keeper. Non-medical members cover their own travel costs. The cost of the upcoming mission to Cebu is $84,000 with most donations coming from Rotary Clubs.

Tricia's first mission was in 2008 to Cebu in the Philippines; she leaves in October 2010 on her second trip to Cebu. David P (who is a dentist) thanked Tricia for her involvement in this mission.

A cheque of $2,000 from The Club was given to Tricia as a donation towards the cost of the mission.

The meeting closed with a VERY slow-moving God Save The Queen with Pablo on the piano.


Trevor Thompson (cont.)
As a consequence of this meeting, he and his wife, Patricia, resolved to serve as overseas missionaries. With four young sons in tow, they began a new career in Angola. A revolution in Angola caused a change in plans and they were posted by the Presbyterian Church  to a rural mission station at Tumutumu, 80 miles from Nairobi, Kenya. A most satisfying experience was organizing the immunization of 3,000 children with measles vaccine, a first in Kenya, and the privilege of meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu. His Canadian Rotary contacts led to the donation and distribution of cases of books to schools throughout the area. Returning to Canada in 1972 with a fifth son in tow, they settled in Oak Bay where he had his own medical practice. He was a past president of the Burns Lake Club and a member of the Oak Bay Club from 1978.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests Lauren Cooley, daughter of Ron.
Bill Burns (LOA Royal Oak);
Renate Gibbs, guest of Don O'Coffey.
David Warnock, guest of Leslie Rogers-Warnock;
and ... there was one more Rotarian guest, possibly from Brentwood.

Celebrations Master
There was a feeble welcome for Brian L, but a more robust one followed after he complained. Jim and Barry jumped in to offer their assistance in collecting fines, which went to: Perry, Mary, Barry, George and Tricia, who were all so busy they forgot to sign in - $1 each.
Read up on the September edition of The Rotarian (click for the link to the digital copy) as there will be questions next week. David M forgot his passport when he took a trip 'south' - we never did find out how he got back into the country!
David S was fined for his inefficiency in not having had the bank statement re-addressed to his house. Brian does not want anymore delivered to him!!
President John was fined for holding the shortest meeting on record last week for Oak Bay Rotary Club.
Barry was the PHANTOM handshaker; a $1 for those who missed him. And the "No Broccoli" folks had to put in $1. Those who were not part of the painted toes group had to put in $1; lots of the men quietly 'missed' this fine, but Dallas called their attention to this later on with a SAD dollar, especially with The 4 Way Test having just been recited – was it the truth?
Ron Cooley was fined $1 for socializing when he should have been counting money.

Happy and Sad $$$$$
Rod had money (and kind words) for Neil Madsen's 40th anniversary – which Neil had described as "a personal best for both of them"!
Ron Cooley found $10 for his 14 years as a Rotarian and to celebrate his daughter being with him at Rotary.
Carol had some dollars for her successful recovery from knee surgery and 2 great weeks sailing along the east coast of Vancouver Island.
Leslie had happy dollars after returning from a very enjoyable Alaskan cruise.
Neil R spent an enjoyable afternoon at Saanich Fair assisting The Brentwood Bay Club. Who was lucky today? Ted drew the winning ticket; Perry not only had the correct number, he also selected the white marble. A double win. Congratulations!


14-Sep Pitt Prentice Rawnsley Pritchard Rogers-Warnock Lamb Jordan
21-Sep Schopper Sills Sim Petrie Snively Lamb Jordan
28-Sep Jordan Taylor Timmermans Toal Wakely Lamb Jordan
Cash Desk: Cooley; 50-50: Nazar
Sept 14 Chuck Erickson - Child Malnutrition: The Causes, the Consequences and the Solution
Sept 21 Paul Jonson - NZ has Pizzazz
Sept 28 Committee Brainstorming

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