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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant District Governor: David Stocks
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)

Meeting, September 2, 2008, reported by Ted Chambers. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil reminded us that September is New Generations Month, and, appropriately, the Interact Club members return to school and begin their activities anew. Today’s Rotary Quote is from the 1921/22 RI President, Crawford C. McCullough of Fort William, Ontario. It was published in a Rotarian article entitled “The Meaning Of Rotary”. “There is nothing intangible about Rotary: it is reality itself. To give is to receive; to lose onself ist o find oneself; to be happy is to serve. These are old truths...for the individual...and the mass, whether application be in the exchange of goods, toil, knowledge or love.
Perhaps more simply put...quote from John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach: “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you”.

Health of the Club
Cedric has had a fall and is recovering. Notes would be appreciated. He is expected to be back early in November.

Sergeant at Arms:

Wendy Hogarth acted as Sergeant-at-Arms for her first time. She levied various fines including Brian Lamb, Neil Madsen, Tom Croft, Pablo Diemecke and Vicki Pitt. Among happy/sad $ was one from Mary Canty whose grandson had flown her to Whistler and back. Wedding anniversaries were recognized for Carl Jackson and Neil Madsen, and a birthday for Doug McDougall. George Pritchard won the draw but drew black..


rotary wheel

Visiting Rotarians And Guests Introduced by Mary Canty

Jim Henderson, Cambridge U.K., Education Medical;
Greg Hatton, Victoria, Communication & Development;
David Elson, Calgary W., Mechanical Engineering.
Ron Beyer was the guest of Jack Petrie;
Marlene Goley, guest speaker, was guest of the Club

Schopper children
Wolf Schopper's children on a holiday up-island

Guest Speaker
Will Carter introduced the speaker, Marlene Goley.

She is the Manager of Women’s and Family Services for the Cridge Centre for the Family with responsibility for Hill House Transition house and Supportive Transitional housing. These are housing and support units for battered women and children. The Cridge Centre has been operating for 135 years and Marlene has been with the organization for 19 years. The speaker began by outlining the background of the Cridge Centre and its gradual evolution into a multi-service organization. She then provided an overview of the programs for battered women offered by the Cridge Centre. Hill House, a transition house in Saanich, shelters 150 women and 90 children each year for a period of 30 day. There is also an outreach program with 200 women seen each year. Support for these programs comes from the provincial government—which covers operating expenses—and from donations for other expenses. She then told of the 28 townhouse units at Cridge that have continuing support through a mix of families in these houses—the abused and another supportive family. There is a specialized staff for counseling. A current objective is to expand housing to provide eight 1-bedroom suites for women who feel trapped in a relationship. The children who are victims range from the newborn to teenagers. They reflect the anxieties and concerns of their mothers. Effectively they have adult worries. Play facilities are provided. However, the circumstances are especially difficult for teenagers who are removed from their normal environment. Many seem to be “lost souls”. The speaker pointed out that she has worked with Jim force on a book program addressed to the teen population. Jim Force explained that this would be through a book exchange in which books donated would be exchanged through Russell’s Book store for books suitable for teen reading. Members enthusiastically supported this suggestion.
Please bring your books to the Sept. 16 and 23 meetings. Peter Johannknecht will collect them.
The speaker fielded questions , including how the women find out about the centre. The asnswer was via several means, including police, social workers, the health profession, schools and sometimes the women contact the centre directly.
The speaker was thanked by Dallas Chapple.



September 12, 2008, Victoria Area Rotary Clubs Rotary Lunch with Special Guests,
D K Lee, 2008-2009
RI President (below), DK LEE
and founder & CEO of
, Tom Henderson (below). Tom Henderson
WHERE: Delta Ocean Point Resort.
Tickets available from Lynne Murray: $75 includes tax receipt of $40.

Did you Know?

that Ramesh Ferris of Whitehorse is featured in this week's Rotarian Magazine online. The article says in part: "I am reminded of the effects of polio every day of my life," says Ramesh Ferris, who is cycling 7,200 kilometers (4,474 miles) across Canada to ensure that children worldwide are able to walk. The 28-year-old polio survivor is riding a 27-speed handcycle on a journey that began in Victoria, British Columbia, on 12 April. He plans to arrive in Cape Spear, Newfoundland, in mid-October. Read more about Ramesh's journey (some of you saw him leave Mile Zero) here:

September 9: Brian Beagle, District Governor
September 16: Marilyn Harris, The Children's Museum
September 23: Social Tuesday - the Social Committee
September 30: Linda Hallett, African Grannies
9-Sep Cooley Croft Curtis Davie Diemecke
16-Sep Edgell Firkins Force TBA Granewall
23-Sep Harrison Hellyer Jackson Johannknecht Lamb
30-Sep Lawrie MacPherson Maxwell Marsh McLean

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