Rotary Club of Oak Bay Victoria British Columbia Canada Rotary District 5020
2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)

Program for September 29, 2009, reported by Joan Peggs CLICK HERE for Print Version

Dallas recited the 4 way test without assistance from the banner - a true Rotarian!


1. Henceforth, minutes of the Directors meeting will be distributed at the Tuesday luncheon meeting.
2. Please consider attending the International Convention in Montreal, June 2010; 100th anniversary of Rotary in Canada A bit of history - first Canadian club was in Winnipeg
3. Fund raising project - selling poinsettias for Christmas. Please approach friends, business connections. $5 profit on each plant. More details to follow

Foundation Chair Tav Macpherson stressed the importance of The Foundation and it's on-going work throughout the world - $8 million a day is spent worldwide on various projects. Tav made Paul Harris presentations to two Club members:
1. Heather Aked - PH + 2 pin
2. David Maxwell - PH + 1 pin

'Greeter' badges - have mysteriously disappeared - if you mistakenly wore one home please return it - no questions asked - perhaps a S-A-A fine.

Guest Speaker:

David Philip was called on to introduce the speaker - John Juricic - Chair of Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. 

John founded Etraffic Solutions in 1999 and was one of the developers of ViaTec in the early '90s. Etraffic provides books and tools for learning and learning-services for a target audience K - 12 and corporate clients. Etraffic has a staff of over 50, younger, what you might call members of the IT generation, which brings us to the point of John's talk, which is that the younger generation seems self-indulgent and not community-minded, perhaps because of their reliance on more impersonal methods of communication. 
Despite the seeming lack of personal interactive relationships, John noted that relationships,  communication, responsibility and cooperation are still important in the ethics and overall success of business. In response to these problems, John told us, he is developing Prodigy Group - made up of business leaders under 40 with the objective of developing more personal, face-to-face interactive relationships between business leaders. John reported that his company is also developing websites to assist with learning and community building. John noted that Prodigy Group  might be a good Interact Club connection. As the 'older' generation, John told us, we have been in business for a long time; we must show leadership, not only in society but in the busines world. He added that generational conflict is ongoing - this is not new.

John was thanked by Don O'Coffey and presented with our Rotary Club of Oak Bay  mug - very appropriate as it has the 4 way test printed on it.

Tom Lidkea played and the Club members sang God Save The Queen; President Vicki hit the bell; the meeting ajourned.


Heather  will be picking up extra Thrifty Foods Smile Cards - she will be happy to give you one.


Brian Lamb took to the microphone fining all those who did not applaud his presence - the entire membership. Tables with no guests were levied a fine; accountants were a good target this week - David Sills for his mistakes in the 2009-2010 Roster; George Pritchard for his late delivery of the financial statements of 2008/09; Rod Sim and Ross McLaughlin just because they are accountants! Anyone not using their Thrifty Foods Smile Card in the last 2 weeks were asked to anti up a $.
A reminder to study the October 2009 'The Rotarian' - testing on its contents next week.

Happy/Sad $$ - they were all HAPPY
Dallas - many thanks for the card
Perry  - happy to be wearing his Rotary pin to a Victoria Symphony function; met Jane Currie - a Rotarian from Nanaimo now working in Victoria - (scribe's note:  encourage her to come to Oak Bay)
Neil M - congratulations for the Directors finally removing the 'mystery' of their meetings
Neil R - for fortunately not missing a Foundation meeting
Foster  offered many thanks for the card - "I plan on being around for quite a while longer." (Scribe's note - good to hear that Foster).

October 6: Good Timber - the Belfry
October 13: Nancy Watters - READ - How Literacy Levels are affecting CRD Businesses

06-Oct Prentice Pritchard Maxwell Sills Schopper
13-Oct Sim Sims Bamji Taylor Toal
20-Oct Timmermans Aked Snively O'Coffey Beyer
27-Oct Bixler Canty Chambers Carter Cooley
Cash Desk: Curtis; 50-50: Ockermueller

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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