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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for September 15, 2009, reported by Heather Aked CLICK HERE for Print Version

John Snively was selected this week to read the 4 way test.


Heather reminded everyone of the upcoming Nine-and-Dine social event which takes place this Friday, September 18th at Uplands Golf Course.

Peter Lawrie reported on the Mustard Seed drive at Fairways Market this past weekend – it was a successful day.   Peter also announced the upcoming Community Service  Committee meeting - September 16th.

Pablo brought to the Club a banner from his visit to Mexico.

Neil Rawnsley provided us with an update on the upcoming Evening for Ted Harrison; tickets are still available.

President Vicky let us know that of the upcoming World Community Service seminars on September 19th and September 24th, and of the next Foundation meeting on Saturday October 3rd in Silverdale, Washington. And lastly, the nominations for District Governor for 2013 can be submitted to Norm Watts. (Vicky has details if you’re looking for more information.)

Vicky also issued an apology to Hans whose bicycle was stolen during last weeks’ meeting.


It's time (please don't say: What, already?) to take out your printed Rotary Rosters and make a change.

The office telephone number for Peter Johannknecht appears as 598-0488 (which is the home number for Carl Jackson). Peter's business number should appear as 382-6650.

So, in a nutshell:
Peter J (office): 250-382-6650;
Carl J (home): 250-598-0488.

Home and Garden Tour Thank-you Event.
home garden
Above: Lorna thanks those involved with the Home and Garden Tour, and gives the home owners a small gift of a boxed container of notelets (below), featuring watercolour paintings of their homes created from photos taken by Tricia. The thank-you party was held at Joan Peggs' home on September 8.
home garden notes

Guest Speakers
- Meeting September 15, 2009

Neil Rawnsley introduced guest speaker  Dr. Nigel Livingston who was born and raised in London England and moved to Canada in 1977.  He completed his Ph.D. (Biometeorology) at UBC in 1986.  He moved to Victoria in 1990 following 3 years at the University of Saskatchewan to take up a position in the Department of Biology at the University of Victoria.  Nigel  is the father of 2 children, one of whom has special needs. In 1999, Nigel created the first steps in what was to become CanAssist

Nigel gave us a great overview of the CanAssist program which is dedicated to improving quality of life for those with disabilities – for all ages and all disabilities.  CanAssist is about bringing together research, education, community engagement and community service.  The key is that it is community driven.  Nigel told us that he used to design instrumentation used to measure climate change.  After the birth of his second daughter  - who was born with a disability – he saw an opportunity to design equipment for those with disabilities.  He explained how CanAssist responds to requests and comes up with customized solutions to meet individual needs; it’s a long-term commitment in which all activities are in response to community request.  There is no charge for their services.  CanAssist uses the resources of the University of Victoria and the wider community. CanAssist provides experimental learning opportunities for students and involves staff, faculty, retirees and community volunteers.  Nigel gave us quite a few examples and highlighted many of the benefits of the program.  The starting point is the individual and the question is ‘what can we do to make their life better’. The process involves the request, the team, the design, the delivery and the follow up. In 2005 Nigel was award the UVic Communtiy Leadership Award and was also named Academic of the Year by the Conferderation of University Faculty of BC.  In addition he accepted on behalf of UVATT, the Lieutenant Governor’s Technolgoy and Innovation Award from the BC Innovation Council. For more information on CanAssist check the website   at
Neil Madsen thanked our speaker.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Tom Lidkea

Penny and Rob Morton of Mawddach, Wales.

Barbara Toller and Nigel Livingston of CanAssist at the University of Victoria - Guests of the club.

Peter Lawrie was our Sargent at Arms this week as Leslie has a contract that won’t allow her to consistently be at our meeting over the next few months.  He began by fining latecomers Lorna and Rod and acknowledging that Tom C and Lorna would be leaving early.  Peter had two themes/quizzes today on safe water and hunger noting that 3.5 billion haven’t access to safe water and that 24% of children in Kenya go hungry as well as 1500 to 2000 children in Victoria.  John Snively had a happy $ telling us about his summer travels - noting that the Nelson Rotary Club hosts 6 international students every year & sends out  6 students. He was sad to tell us that all croc pots have a lead glaze. And happy to tell us that he visited and stayed with a John B. Snively, who’s also a dentist, in Missoula Montana.  And  Tom L had a funny joke for us about a moth visiting a dentist instead of a psychiatrist ....because the light was on.  Our guests from Wales announced that they needed to leave early and that they are heading back home this weekend.  Lori won the draw but not the white marble.

Health of the Club
Lorna circulated 3 cards for signatures: for Barbara Bristol who’s health has been up and down over the course of the last year or so; for Foster Isherwood who’s heart has been troubling him; and for Dallas Chapple who broke her foot after last week’s meeting and is housebound for the next little while. George Pritchard let us know that he and David Sills visited Foster last Friday and that Foster is feeling much better.

September 22: District Governor Alex Alexander
September 29: John Juricic - Etraffic Solutions

22-Sep McLaughlin Maxwell Murray Mutter Nazar
29-Sep Ockermueller Prentice Peggs Philip O'Coffey
Cash Desk: Force; 50-50: Madsen

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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