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2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District 5020 Governor 06-07: Erik Frederickson

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel - 1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2
Directions to Hotel
(Location is changing as of November 2006 - see below)

BULLETIN FOR SEPTEMBER 12, 2006. Meeting # 1605. Reported by Giles Bixler, edited by Neil Madsen.
Roster and Upcoming Speakers

Next Tuesday's Speaker: Greg Hatton - Mercy Ships Canada.

Bulletin note-takers: Please make sure to email your text to Neil as soon as possible after the Tuesday meeting.

Donna Carrigan and Rob Mackay - two of the three members of Team Gobi Canada. The missing member is Donald Peterson. Their engaging presentation spoke of sandstorms, bloodied feet and tales of adventure - all in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


Banner Exchange: Bill McDougall of Chipping Norton, England, exchanged a banner with President Tav and told us that only lately has his club accepted women. Needless to say, they are now the hardest working and most enthusiastic members of his club.
Dennis Truss of Harbourside spoke about sharing fund-raising responsibilities for Leadership Victoria, a program for identifying and developing young middle leadership talent in business and non-profits. The main fundraising vehicle is the Victoria Leadership Awards Program, which costs Harbourside $5,000 per year. Dennis is asking other clubs to contribute.

President Tav presided over the meeting, Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Rod Sim said grace.

Special Announcements
: Tricia revealed that Therese has promised to pay a Happy Dollar for each member who attends the Public Hearing on the Oak Bay Beach Hotel Redevelopment and speaks in favor of it. She hadn't realised Mayor Causton would be present at our Club meeting!


Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Introduced by Tricia Timmermans:

John Saunders Royal Oak Centennial, Fundraising;
Joe Prentice, Whitehorse;
Albert Kezes, Toronto W., Int. Business;
George Baerg, Chilliwack, Surveyor;
Gary Nazar, Calgary S., Oil/Gas;
Bill McDougall, Chipping Norton, Electronics;
Doug Downs, Harbourside, Construction;
Chris Causton, Harbourside, Restaurants;
Dennis Truss, President Harbourside, guest of Tav/Club.
Carol Livingstone was the guest of Angele Munro;
Jim Peacock, guest of Doug Downs; and
Donna Carrigan & Rob Mackay, speakers, were guests of the Club.
The Oak Bay Beach Hotel will close on Nov. 6 The Club will meet after October at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre 1975 Bee Street (250) 595-SWIM (7946) Click here for Map of Oak Bay/Victoria showing Rec Centre location


Sergeant-at-Arms Ben Andersen, in a return engagement, levied general fines of a dollar to all those who did not shake everyone’s hand before the meeting, those who have not paid their dues yet, and anyone who didn’t exercise on the past weekend. He then levied fines of a dollar each for personal affronts to the S@A; David Sills for telling him to fudge the numbers on his MG appraisal, Dallas Chapple for pushing him in line, Henry Minto for telling a guest “Don’t trust that bugger!” when introducing him, and Dave Maxwell for telling him he should be thrown off the ferry when he saw him on the weekend. Cedric Marsh took a dollar hit for pushing ahead in line. Then John Snively, Dallas and Wynn Taylor paid up for not being on hand to receive their cards when anniversaries and birthdays occurred, meaning they had missed a meeting.
Topping the Happy Dollar announcements was news from Joan Firkins that Rotary District 5020 (Vancouver Island/NW Washington) was top contributing district in all of Canada (23 districts) to the Rotary Foundation last year, Joan’s year as district governor, with a contribution of about $650,000.
Other happy dollars came from Ron Cooley who saw six grizzly bears on a weekend visit to the Phillips River Salmon Enhancement program, Dave Maxwell who has a new teenager
(via a birthday on the weekend), and Ben Andersen for his fourth grandchild.
Giles Bixler won the draw for $12.50, but drew black.
Guest Speaker: Introduced by Barry Mutter.
Two young ultramarathoners came to Oak Bay Rotary Tuesday to tell of their impending attempt to complete the Gobi March, a seven-day 250 kilometer run across the Gobi desert. They are Donna Carrigan, a former Rotary Scholar who has never run a desert marathon, and Rob Mackay, who showed us slides of his run in last year’s Marathon des Sables in the Sahara. Both work at the University of Victoria while they train. Donna explained that she is making the run to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. She told us that her motivation comes from a close call she had with breast cancer. Rob warned her and the assembled Rotarians about some of the slides, which showed the gruesome kind of wear and tear on the runners as they crossed the sand in heat as high as 53 degrees centigrade. Feet take the worst beating and many runners were minus some skin and/or toenails by the end of last year’s race.

The Gobi March will take the runners over mountain passes 3000 to 4000 feet high and over sand dunes and salt flats (which are like mud). Temperatures will vary as much 40 degrees Celsius in a day. Rob said that sandstorms come up that are like white-outs during ski mountaineering. They have an effect “like sand blasting,” he said. Average age of the runners is 39 years. About 10 per cent are women. About a thousand runners attempt the marathon every year, accompanied by medical teams in land rovers, choppers, medivacs and tents. Two camels came on the Sahara run. Unless injured, runners camp separately from the support teams, with sleeping bags, clothes and food they carry themselves. They must complete each day’s leg of the run. Total cumulative time determines the winner. The total distance is 250 Km. “Most say they would do it again,” said Rob, as he and Donna answered many questions.
On Sept. 28, 6 pm - 7:30 pm, at the Silvercity Theatre, 3130 Tillicum Road, they will present the Marathon des Sables and preview the Gobi March of June, 2007. Tickets are $10, with part of the proceeds to go to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The speakers were thanked by Heather Aked.
Donna Carrigan and Rob Mackay at lunch at the September 12 meeting wearing their Team Canada T Shirts.


When: September 28 th, 6pm - 7:30pm
Location: Silvercity Theatre, 3130 Tillicum Road; Price: $10.00 Part proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Tickets can be purchased at:
Running Room downtown (1008 Douglas Street), Running Room Broadmead Village (Unit 305, 777 Royal Oak Drive), Acme Supplies (2311 Government Street), Frontrunners (1200 Vancouver Street)
Or by calling 858-0652

See for more information.

Also Seen at Lunch
Upcoming Speakers and Roster
Programs for September
Sep 5
Christine Wenman - CIDA in Mexico
Sep 12
Donna Carrigan - Team Gobi run for Breast Cancer
Sep 19
Greg Hatton - Mercy Ships Canada
Sep 26
Club Assembly (Marnie Ainsley - 10 min.)
Roster September, October, 2006
Thank Speaker
Sep 5
Sep 12
Whan Tong
Sep 19
L Canty
Sep 26
M Canty
Oct 3
September Cashier: D Chapple ; 50-50: H Ockermeuller

President - Tav Macpherson
President Elect -
Jack Petrie
Past President -
David Maxwell
Secretary -
Leslie Rogers-Warnock
Treasurer - Brian Lamb

Service Directors:
Administration -
Barry Mutter
Public Relations -
Tricia Timmermans
Foundation -
David Maxwell
Membership - Jack Petrie
Service Projects -
Dallas Chapple
International - Jim Force
Sergeants @ Arms -
Mark Bedford
& Ben Andersen

Attendance: Lynne Murray

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