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  Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins




Hike up Mt. Finlayson
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Pub & Tug
It was a rum-runner of a day - and most of us stayed dry
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Stephen Lewis Dinner
November 18

John Edgell has tickets ($75.00)

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See John or Tav soon as there'll soon be a a push on to sell tickets to others.

Program for October 4, 2005, at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
Reported by Don O'Coffey

Crystal Meth speakers pictured with today's Sergeant @ Arms, Ben Andersen, and Ron Cooley (who had a burning desire to be photographed)!

President Dave Maxwell explains the fun part of Rotary to Angele Munro. Welcome to Rotary, Angele.
George Pritchard affixes Rotary pin to newly-inducted Lori McLeod. Welcome to Rotary, Lori.
Applause, of course!
And more fun! John Picken, Angele, and Dave

Tricia reported thirty five signed up at Oak Bay High on Club Day. It looks like a good year for Interact. A ‘pizza & pop' party is planned for next week.

Health of the club
If you know of club members who are not well please phone Don O'Coffey at 592 5361 until Barbara returns.

Crystal Meth Society
Mark McLaughlin president of the society spoke from first hand experience about the lack of any support available. The society has landed in a running mode and is getting much needed help for people hooked on this ugly drug.

The amazing thing is they are able to get help at a reasonable cost and hopefully have positive results. The program is based on three pillars: Information, Treatment, and Enforcement. They have a big job ahead as this drug is easy and inexpensive to make and is extremely addictive. The drug can also cause very serious brain damage. Mark eluded to the fact that treatment can be carried out in very 'light' facilities and keep the burden off the hospitals.

The society needs volunteers, workers and money. It was suggested that possibly Rotary could help in all areas. The habit is supported by theft in most cases. Insurance rates go up, and people feel unsafe. Homes are invaded, and the quality of life, not only for the addict, but for the general population goes into a downhill spiral. The afflicted wander the streets. When will it improve and what can we do to help?

Rotarian of The Week

Tom Lidkea was named for his lead work on the Rotary Water Park renovations, and for his general good service to the Club, Queen and Country – as well as for his excellent piano playing. Thanks Tom. __________________

Sergeant At Arms

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Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA


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