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Program for October 21, 2008, reported by Jim Force CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil asked us if we had signed the membership sheet for our new member, Ron Beyer. Reflecting the diversity of the presidents who have led R.I. since 1905, he introduced 1999-2000 President, Carlo Ravizza, of the Rotary Club of Milano, Italy. His Rotary Vision: To ensure Rotary’s success in the 21st century through the message - Rotary 2000: Act with consistency, Credibility and Continuity.
“Clearly we are moving toward a future that will be characterized at once by desperate needs and vast potential. We Rotarians are especially well positioned to serve as a bridge between the problems and the possibilities. We have a strong presence in nations that are technologically rich as well as in countries that can barely meet even the most basic human needs. Let us use that presence - and the unique perspective it affords us - to create the vibrant spirit of Rotary - and extend it to every part of the globe.”

Tom Lidkea
played for O Canada and Mark Bedford said grace.


President Neil Rawnsley reminded us that we can’t assume members know as much about Rotary as we think they might. He talked about the history of the Club’s involvement with the Malawi Girls School, which began seven or eight years ago when Christie Johnson first spoke to the Club about her dream for a girl’s school in Malawi.
Tricia Timmermans followed up Neil’s comments with the details of Memory’s visit to Victoria. Memory, who has been instrumental in making the dream of a Malawi Girls School real will be speaking on November 6th in Langford and on November 13th at the Oak Bay High School. The November 13th event, hosted by the Interact Club, will include a short film, a silent auction (bricks from the school and other Malawi items), as well as a presentation by Memory. Tricia encouraged all Club members to attend this event in support for both Memory and the Interact club. (See photo at right)

APU-Malawi Poster

Tricia is looking for volunteers to distribute these posters to publicise the Interact-Malawi event - she will bring them to the meeting on Tuesday.

Kevin Luchies
Guest Speaker Kevin Luchies with President Neil.

Order of Events
President Neil Rawnsley announced that the order of events would be changed today as the guest speaker had to leave early. Thus, the guest speaker presented directly after the introductions.

Guest Speaker
Joan Peggs introduced the guest speaker, Kevin Luchies, who is the principal of Continuing and Alternative Education for School District #61 (Greater Victoria).

Kevin described himself as the “ultimate conformist with the demeanor of a rebel.” He began his speech with a description of his life, highlighting the love and nurturing he received from his mother and aunts all of whom spoiled him. As a child he attended seven schools. During grade 6 he was asked to leave the class as he was a bit too full of himself. This proved to be a memorable experience in that he was asked to “teach” some of the grade one students to read and was allowed to burn stuff in the incinerator with the custodian. This experience impressed upon him the value of treating children with understanding. Later on, when teaching in Uclulet, he learned to be sensitive to what it means to be an aboriginal student within the mainstream school system. It was from these experiences and others that he developed his passion for extraordinary education -teaching those children who don’t have the good fortune of being loved and nurtured as he was and who tend to fall through the cracks within the educational system.

Kevin described the “Value of One” ethic through the Star Trek notion of egalitarian access to “responsibility.” This is to say, providing equal opportunity for all to develop the skills and talents required to take responsible positions and make positive contributions to society. As in Star Trek, we are often presented with the choice as to what we attend to - the needs of many or the value of one. He maintains that we live in a culture in which we
have the structures that allow for choosing the value of one if we so choose. He argues for attending to the integration of health, body, thinking and learning - body, mind and soul. It is to this goal that he dedicates his work.

David Philip thanked Kevin not only for his provocative speech but also for the fine work he does.

Kevin sent the following note to Joan Peggs:

Thank you Joan,
I want to express my appreciation to you, and through you to the club, for the invitation, the generosity extended me via lunch (and the mug!), and the reception your group gave me. It is a joy to be surrounded by such engaged people! Please accept my thanks and pass my appreciation along to to the others.
Best Regards,

Interact Club

Interact Club members discuss ways of fundraising for the Malawi Girls School Project last week.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by
Vicky Pitt:

Kevin Luchies, guest of the club.

Announcements (2)
Neil Rawnsley
thanked Joan Peggs for the fine selection of speakers she has scheduled this year for us. Neil also announced that Rod Sim will once again be in charge of the Christmas Kettles and is looking for assistance particularly from new members.

Joan Peggs announced that the Polio Plus walk generated $3,316. Participation certificates are in the process of being produced.

Before calling the S@A, President Neil read another one of his humorous stories. This one was titled Memory Lane.

Sergeant at Arms
S@A duties were performed by John Snively in the absence of Wendie Hogarth. John fined Neil Rawnsley for complaining that he hadn’t been fined recently, all those who didn’t eat their broccoli today (he informed us of all the nutritional values of broccoli), John Edgell for closing last week’s meeting with O Canada rather than God Save the Queen, and all those who have never taken part in the annual Broom Bash. John finished the fines with a trivia quiz.

50/50 Draw
Draw was won by John Edgell who picked the last black ball - leaving only the white ball for next week’s draw. He received $15 for his efforts. As the white marble was inexplicably missed by John Edgell - usual luck of a broker these days) the lucky member whose ticket is drawn next week wins $170.00! Now if that isn't an incentive to encourage attendance!

Tom Lidkea closed the meeting with a rousing, fast tempo rendition of God Save the Queen.


Oak Bay Avenue Autumn

Oak Bay Avenue this week.

Autumn is a beautiful month
- enjoy it!

Upcoming Programs
October 28: Dell Wergeland, Project Unity
November 04: Memory Chazeza, Malawi Girls Secondary School
November 11: Remembrance Day - No Meeting
November 18: Rotary Foundation - its importance
November 25: Tax Auction
October Cashier: MUTTER; 50-50 McDougall
November Cashier: SILLS; 50-50 TAKAHASHI

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