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Program for October 14, 2008, reported by Lori McLeod CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil began with a quote from 1925/26 RI President Donald A. Adams from the Rotary Club of New Haven, CT. in his address to the 1926 RI convention in Denver: Primarily Rotary seeks to apply the theory of service to business and community life...This is expressed in the first part of our code of ethics, ‘To consider my vocation worthy and as a distinct opportunity to serve society’. ‘He profits most who serves best’ is a less ideal expression, but the suggestion of egoism is removed by the added words, ‘Service above Self’”.

Tom Lidkea
played for O Canada and John Snively said grace.


Tom Lidkea reminded everyone that the 16th Annual Broom Bash is set for Saturday and Sunday (Oct 18 & 19) from 1:00pm till 4:00pm at Uplands Park. Meet at Cattle Point. Please come out and help if you can.

Neil Rawnsley reminded the Directors of their meeting next Monday (Oct 20) at Vicky Pitt’s office. He also reminded everyone about the Foundation Seminar in Duncan on Saturday, October 18th from 9:00am till 3:00pm. If you plan to attend the Foundation Seminar, please register online for catering purposes. Finally, Neil noted that Christie and Memory will be here for a visit in November. The Interact Club will be having them speak at the school on November 4th and they are also organizing an evening event on November 13th. Invitations to the November 13th event will be extended to all Rotary Clubs in Greater Victoria and Tricia and Jack are organizing publicity.

APU-Malawi Poster


Guest Speakers Chris Fraser and Stephanie Malahoff with President Neil.

Wolf Schopper introduced our two guest speakers in detail. They both have extensive backgrounds! Chris Fraser, is a physician and works with the UBC Faculty of Medicine and is also the Medical Director for Cool Aid Community Health. Stephanie Malahoff is a Registered Nurse with Victoria Hospice. Both Chris and Stephanie travelled to Africa with their children to provide medical volunteer services through the Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA). Their presentation, entitled “Tales from Tanzania: Volunteer Work at Kilema Hospital” was very engaging.

Chris worked primarily at the Treatment and Care Centre located in Kilema at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. At the site, there was a strong Rotary presence from Ontario Clubs. Rotarians were supporting school construction and many other projects. The main issue for the people here is disease - mainly TB, HIV, Malaria, etc. Tanzania has a population of 37 million and a life expectancy of 57 years. HIV prevalence rate is 9.6% and TB affects 550 per 100,000 people (vs. Canada at 1 or 2 cases per 100,000). Chris noted that lots of women come for treatment and testing, however, they need to find a way to increase visits by the men who don’t come for fear of losing a day of work. It was hard for him to get used to seeing children affected by HIV and it was surprising that a special treat was so simple as pop and cookies.

Stephanie worked primarily with the Orphan Program in Kilema both at the treatment centre and in the outlying communities. Orphan children live primarily in family homes and apprxomately 80% are cared for by grandparents. It is not out of the ordinary for a Grandmother to be caring for 4 or 5 children. The work of the Orphan Program is to assess orphans for health and general wellbeing, including educational opportunities and family home support. The program has moved from the traditional ‘food supply’ focus to this broader one. Stephanie pointed out that school uniforms have a great equalizing effect and spotting the orphans in a photo she shared was not possible. She noted education is a top priority in the eyes of the caregiving Grandparents. Stephanie emphasized that working with Rotarians was a big pleasure. Two groups of 25 Rotarians from Ontario had a number of projects they were working on or had contributed to including: solar lights, building kitchens in schools, water projects, income generation programs, just to name a few.

In closing Stephanie shared the main goals of the Kilema Support Fund:
1. Orphan Education
2. Orphan Caregiver Health Cost Support
3. Local Staff Training
4. Volunteer Recruiting

The importance of continued support of the Canada Africa Health Alliance was also noted. Stephanie advised that she will be returning to Africa in January with Dr. Fiona Manning to continue this great volunteer work.

Jack Petrie thanked Chris and Stephanie for their egaging and informative presentation. He noted that this was “something we need to hear” and there is a “need to continue this important work”. Jack then pledged to donate his 50/50 draw winnings and write a matching
cheque in support of this work.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by
Hans Ockermueller:

Christopher Causton of Harbourside.
Chris Fraser, Stephanie Malahoff, speakers, and Elena Antunez, were guests of the Club.

Sergeant at Arms
Wendy Hogarth
levied three general fines:
1. for everyone who did not cheer on runners in the Royal Victoria Marathon;
2. for everyone who did not give thanks for being a Rotarian on Thanksgiving; and,
3. for everyone who had not yet voted or doesn’t intend to vote today.

Happy Birthday wishes are sent to John Picken and Mary Canty, both not in attendance today.
And a Happy Anniversary to Dave and Lisa Maxwell. Dave was not here for this timely reminder, so hopefully he won’t forget!

Happy and Sad $:
Tom Lidkea was happy that Elena, a past Rotary Exchange Student, was here today visiting from her hometown of Pamplona, Spain, and of course staying with Tom’s family. Jack Petrie was happy that he got to shake hands with Stuart McLean of CBC fame, even though he had to do it over the accidently sprawled on the floor musician, Jim Byrnes. Lynne Murray is happy that she is going back to work one day a week.

50/50 Draw
I guess Jerry McLean didn’t pick his marble last week because Brian Lamb came up and drew one out of the bag for him....sorry it didn’t work out Jerry!

The winner of this week’s 50/50 draw was Jack Petrie. First time in 6 years he claims.


Rotary Wheel

Upcoming Programs
October 21: Kevin Luches, The Power of One
October 28: Dell Wergeland, Project Unity
October Cashier: MUTTER; 50-50 McDougall

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