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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for October 27, 2009, reported by Ted Chambers CLICK HERE for Print Version

Our newest member, Corey Burger, sponsored by Jim Force, was inducted by President Vicky Pitt.  Corey's parents were both Rotary exchange students, and his grandparents, Mary and the late Les Canty, have a long and distinguished history in Rotary.  At present Corey is completing his degree in Geography at the University of Victoria and chairs the Oak Bay Planning Committee on Bicycle Transportation.

Tav Macpherson announced that November was Rotary Foundation month.  He told us that our Club leads all other clubs in the District in contributions to the Polio Eradication campaign.


Look who's coming to Montreal!

Dolly Parton

Country music legend and philanthropist Dolly Parton will be a keynote speaker during the 2010 RI Convention in Montréal, Québec, Canada, 20-23 June. Parton will speak at the morning plenary session on 23 June to promote reading among preschool children. Read more.

Jim Corey Vicky
Jim, Corey, and Vicky

Guest Speakers:
Memory Chazeza and Christie Johnson

The speakers today were Christie Johnson and Memory Chazeza, founder of of the Malawi School for Girls that the Club has been supporting for the past two years.  Christie Johnson (pictured left) gave a brief history of the school's beginnings, telling us how she first became involved and how she initially met Memory.

Memory reported that the School, launched March 8, 2008, is now moving toward completion of its second year of operation.  All girls attending are on full scholarships.   Organizational structure has been strengthened through the appointment of an Advisory Board from the broader community.  The School facilities have been constructed little by little with both women and men putting their hands and heads to the task.  Students also contributed which she regards as a way of emphasizing both that one must give as well as receive and the importance of self-help.

Memory (pictured at right)
stated that the existence of an all-girls school is a challenge to a chauvinistic society like Malawi's. Because of chauvinism, the school's educational process must stress that 'girls can do it', giving them hope,  empowering them, and potentially changing the direction of their lives.  Once they have an education, it is one thing with lasting effect that never can be taken from them, something that will remain with them the rest of their lives. She stated that the Form 2 class has just written the national J. C. exam, a qualifying benchmark for further education.

A recent donation has been received for a third classroom block.  A third hostel is 80% complete and a donation has been received to complete the electricity project.  She then proceeded to outline the biggest challenges facing the School.  These include:

1) funding for a running water system ($37,000)

2) finding sponsors for the 2010 intake of girls (80 girls @ $80/month for four years)

3) funding for a cafeteria kitchen ($60,000)

4) funding for Phase 4 construction: hostel #4; class block #4; staff duplex #s 3 and 4

5) funding for agriculture (pigs, goats, chickens, bananas) 

Ron Cooley thanked the speakers.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Mary Canty

Rotarians Jakob de Villiers
of Victoria and Jacqueline Mealing of Nelson, B.C.
Tracy McGivern, was a guest of Shelly Best, and Sara McLaughlin, was a guest of Peter Lawrie.

Ron Beyer enjoyed his premiere today as Sgt-at-Arms.  He followed tradition in levying an array of fines.

We celebrated Rod Sim's birthday, and also the anniversary of Rotary membership of several club members.  They included Mary Canty (8 years); Jerry McLean (4 years); Henry Minto (26 years); Rod Sim (15 years).

Jerry MacLean won the weekly draw, but even though there were only two marbles in the bag, he failed to pick the white one - next week come prepared to buy multiple tickets to enhance your chance of winning a huge pot.


Our club member, Joan Firkins, is presently helping to immunize children in Ethiopia against polio.

For interest's sake, the following is a partial list of famous people who have had polio:

Alan Alda
Arthur C. Clark
Judy Collins
Francis Ford Coppola
Mia Farrow
Dorothea Lange
Paul Martin
Joni Mitchell
Jack Nicklaus
Itzhak Perlman
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Sir Walter Scott     
Donald Sutherland
Neil Young

November 3: Interact Day
November 7: Joan Firkins - Foundation
November 14: Tax Auction

03-Nov Best Chapple Croft Curtis Diemecke
10-Nov Firkins Force Lamb Johannknecht Harrison
17-Nov Edgell Lawrie Lidkea Macpherson Maxwell
24-Nov Madsen McLean McLeod Murray Mutter
Cash Desk: Pritchard; 50-50: McLaughlin

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