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District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for October 26, 2010. Reported by Tom Lidkea

Visiting Rotarians And Guests

Jane Currie, from Nanaimo, Classification Energy and Environment, and Phil Nerootso, from the Saanich Club, Classification Dentistry.  Phil is former member Tom Kelly’s son-in-law.
Our two guests, both brought by Perry Bamji, were Annamaria Bamji and Bronwen Stewart.


Heather Aked said our Christmas party this year will be on December 14 at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, 6:00PM for dinner at 7:00. Cost will be $55 per person.

Joan Peggs discussed two fundraisers: First, poinsettia sales (see Joan’s email) and second, the St. Andrew’s Christmas concert for which we are seeking donations. Apparently donations higher than $750 are not acceptable, as we already have a donor of that amount who wants to be the highest donor. (If we did get a higher donation, could we not accept that one and give back the first one?). Joan also mentioned that Ballet Victoria is looking for a larger space. What?

Another lively Club-in-a-Pub fellowship gathering. There were 13 folks present: 10 Club members, 1 to be Club member, 1 guest and 1 Rotaract student, Laura Tebb. Laura, a former Rotary exchange student, is now the co-president of the UVic Rotaract Club. The Club has 25 or so members (John S. is encouraging his son Sachi to join them), one of whom is Steven Wong, last year’s Oak Bay High Interact president. It is great to see the on-going involvement in young people in Rotary.  Thanks to all who attended. Jim.

Greeters today were  Jerry McLean and Eugen Bannerman.

The club sang both O Canada and, for practice, the Star Spangled Banner, doing a creditable job on both.  Brian Lamb said grace.

Speaker Perry
Our speaker, Perry Bamji (ab0ve), was introduced by Tav Macpherson.  The introduction took almost as long as the speech.  Some background on Perry:  He graduated from the University of Bombay and got his Electrical Engineering degree at Bradford University.  He was a Research Engineer and later the Chief Scientist for Alcan.  Perry holds 12 patents himself (perhaps some of them are goofy), acts as an advisor to Royal Roads students, and carries on a consulting practice.  Sounds like he has flunked retirement.  He is a past president of the Kingston Rotary Club, was Rotarian of the Year in 2006, and is a multiple Paul Harris fellow.

The title of Perry’s talk was “Goofy Inventions: An Extravaganza of Eccentric Ingenuity”.  Most club members could not guess at the uses of the devices displayed.  Those devices and others included a beard grinder, a dimple maker, a mustache protector to prevent soup contamination, an electric dog patter, a rotating table to assist in childbirth, two butt kicking machines, and many other weird items.

Neil Madsen, another mad professor, thanked Perry for his presentation.

Celebrations Master (Mistress Heather)
Do we really have to keep this name?  Can we vote on it??  Heather followed the speaker in order to fine everybody who could not guess the inventions’ purposes.  The fine was $0.50 per person per failed guess.  She fined Perry for mentioning the “wife’s ironing board”, which was integral to one of the goofy inventions.  She also suggested happy dollars from Jerry McLean for five years club membership, and from Hans Ockermueller for eight years.

The draw was won by Jerry McLean, who won $14.50, but who failed to draw the white marble.

The meeting closed with a bravura piano performance of God Save the Queen by Tom Lidkea,  accompanied by modest vocal interpretations.


President John announced that the District Governor will be attending our November 2 meeting.

Perry Bamji talked about a successful matching grant application for a project in Mexico, involving a 5,000 Litre water tank and some other work. President John and First Lady Linda will be going down to provide some sweat equity.

Jack Petrie thanked “little hero” John Jordan for his work in Rwanda, and said that a very hardworking John does gardening work, the money from which is for his work in Rwanda.

Jim Force reminded us of the Club in a Pub two days hence on Thursday.

Tav Macperson spoke for what seemed to be much of the meeting, requesting club members to note down, on a form left on each table, hours spent on Rotary matters during the past week. He claimed this information could be used to update Rotarians' image from old, stodgy eaters to something better, and that this could increase our pride and the desire of others to become Rotarians; it could also be used in promoting strategic alliances between RI and other organizations.

Joan Firkins had excellent news from the Polio campaign, which resulted in 1,600 people registering for something, something else, and a total of $2,800,000 in contributions from people in 60 countries.


November Roster
02-Nov Maxwell McLean Snively Macpherson Macpherson O'Coffey
09-Nov Nazar Ockermueller O'Coffey Peggs Beyer O'Coffey
16-Nov Pitt Prentice Rawnsley Rogers-W Schopper O'Coffey
23-Nov Sills Sims McLeod Taylor Timmermans Bedford
30-Nov Toal Aked Bannerman Bixler Petrie Bedford
Cash Desk: Sim; 50-50: Sims; Celebrations Master: Bamji
November Programs
Nov 02 District Governor Visit
Nov 09 Tax Auction - Tav
Nov 16 Committee Brainstorming
Nov 23 Malawi Girls School – Christie and Memory via Tricia
Nov 30 Joan Firkins Rotarians for Fighting AIDS Action Group

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