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Program for October 20, 2009, reported by John Snively CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Vicky  Pitt opened the meeting with a slide show of the children at George Jay Elementary School as they received the dictionaries recently presented by the Rotary Club of Oak Bay .  The children were thrilled with the books and were extremely grateful as they browsed through them. 

Tom Lidkea on keyboards led us once again in O Canada.  President Vicky called on Neil Madsen to recite the 4-way test which he bellowed out with authority.  

President Vicky reported that the city of Regina had won the Mustard Seed competition with Victoria but that many members of our club should be congratulated on their exemplary efforts.  These included Joe Prentice, Tom Croft, Mary Canty, Don O’Coffey and Gary Nazar.  Apologies to anyone missed.  

We were reminded that Memory Chazeza would be the guest speaker next week. [Note from Tricia: Memory has an "out of the blue" visa problem because of her transit through Heathrow, so will not be speaking next week. Hopefully we can organize to have her speak towards the end of November.]

President Vicky issued a challenge to our club to exceed the proceeds collected from all other Victoria clubs in getting orders for the Christmas poinsettias.  The club receives $5 from each sale. 

Neil Rawnsley reported on the Ted Harrison dinner event mentioning that there was a small profit and that the proceeds would likely go towards a literacy or art project.

Guest Speaker: Jeremy Marie

Jeremy Marie

Donald O’Coffey introduced our guest speaker Jeremy Marie.  Jeremy is a 25-year-old Frenchman from Caen who decided to hitch hike around the world and, after 3 years, is now in Canada.  He has logged some 60,000 kilometers so far and has travelled throughout Africa from Ethiopia to the Cape.  His photographs showed him travelling atop a truck, motorcycle, motorized tricycle, burrows, trains, tractors and  boats.  “Sur la Pouce” was his motto but he quickly discovered that in some countries one had to adapt to different finger and hand expressions in hailing a ride.  He visited orphanages and schools along the way and had his best experiences in the Sudan (beautiful photographs gave an indication of why).  From the tip of Africa he hitched a ride on a catamaran over to Panama from where he continued up through Central America and into the US and now Canada.  From here he will be travelling to the east coast of North America.  Jeremy has travelled to the Pyramids in Egypt and the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.  He has encountered many cultures and people and he says everyone treated him with kindness.  He brought to our attention the pollution throughout the world and the challenges facing less fortunate people.   Jeremy will be heading down to Miami after the east coast and then on to South America and Australia.  You can follow his progress at (better practise up on your francais! - Hey, no worries John, I found the English version which I've made this link to).

Ron Beyer (photo above) thanked Jeremy, congratulating him on his courage in making this journey.
Maestro Lidkea led us once again in God Save the Queen and President Vicki adjourned by ringing the bell.


President Vicky took some time to appeal to members present for personal feedback regarding the lower attendance at meetings, and has followed up with emails to all club members, requesting insight and suggestions.

Jim Force reminded the club that at the next meeting Corey Burger would be inducted into the club. 

Several people have volunteered to assist in providing popcorn for the Olympic Torch event on Oct. 30.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Dallas

Jeremy Marie
(Speaker) Guest of the Club;
Peggy & Bruce Ferguson, Calgary;
Mary Coward,
Jane Currie,
Nanaimo; Ally Whitney, guest of Lori McLeod.


Brian Lamb, aka “Black Bard The Sergeant” was welcomed by scattered and feeble applause. There were many fines levied including those who had not worn their Rotary pins over the preceding 5 days, those who had not yet sold a poinsettia plant, and those who contributed neither energy nor $ to the Mustard Seed event. Dallas was fined for shamelessly promoting her father’s book. Upon asking the “David Sills” table for the % of worldwide reduction in polio as reported in the latest Rotarian Sergeant Brian  was slam dunked by Tricia who replied “97%” which was legally close enough to the correct answer of 99% to avoid a heavy fine.  (Congratulations to all Rotarians for their united efforts in reducing polio worldwide.  Bravo!)

Happy/Sad $$ included Ron Cooley’s confession that he left a fish in a plastic bag in his trunk for 3 weeks.  P...U...!!! It was apparently not discovered until Ron was pulled over by a police officer on a routine check and when the officer opened the trunk he passed out from the fumes (Ed. note: Reporter John Snively swears this is true???). Lori Mcleod was celebrated for her birthday proving once again that real beauty is timeless.

October 27: TBA

27-Oct Bixler Canty Chambers Carter Cooley
Cash Desk: Curtis; 50-50: Ockermueller

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