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Program for October 16, 2007, reported by Cindy Hayworth [Click here for PRINT VERSION]

President Jack presided over the meeting and called on Tom Lidkea to play for O Canada and Tav MacPherson to say Grace.

Sara McLaughlin Meghan Roberts
Sara McLaughlin and Meghan Roberts, two of the Interact Executive, present cheque of $4500 for donation to Malawi Girls Secondary School project - which the Interact Club is making their major fund raising project this year. Below left: Christie Johnson speaks to the club at Oak Bay High School this week. Right: money was raised from the sale of T-shirts
christie oak bay high school interact club
Interact HIV/AIDS T-shirt
Visiting Rotarians & Guests: introduced by Nels Granewall

Sara McLaughlin and Meghan Roberts of the Interact Club were guests of the Club as was Julian Cecco, Rebound Exchange Student.
Pamela Cecco was the guest of Nels Granewall and Larry Cecco the guest of Lynn Murray.

Giles Bixler told the Club about a proposed literary initiative at George Jay School. He is looking into a dictionary program to be introduced to the Grade Three classes and is putting together the pricing now. Giles needs Rotary presence in the school and asked for Club input. He will get us more information as he finalizes the details of this project.
President Jack updated our Club on the Interact Club progress. They are just getting going now with new students. Sara and Meghan attended our meeting to tell us about a presentation made at the school on Monday. Tricia joined in the announcement that $4,500 made from the sale of T-shirts was raised and is going towards combatting HIV/AIDS in Africa, specifically Malawi. Doug reminded Tricia that Leyland Cecco started this initiative, and he and his fellow Interactors from 2005-07 were thanked. Mark Bedford asked that Tricia’s Public Relations Committee make sure that the media hears of the significant donation made by the Interact Club. The money will go to the girls’ secondary school in Malawi, as educated young women are at less risk for contacting AIDS.
Tav spoke about the Foundation seminar this Saturday in Duncan. He and Jack have offered a ride to anyone wishing to attend. Jack will depart the Rec Centre parking lot at 7:15 and Tav at 8am. Tav, of course, having the much faster car!
Tom Lidkea announced the Broom Bash at Uplands Park the 20th and 21st from 1-4 pm. They will be removing invasive species to prevent them choking out our natural plants. He asked for volunteers from the Club to help out.


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happy birthday

Sheriff, Brian Lamb, fined several members for not signing in. Joe P. and John Picken (for signing in twice!). Anyone with last name beginning with G or H could select a member to fine. Nels fined Tom Croft $3 for looking too young to be a Grandfather, Cindy fined Ted Chambers a buck for sneaking past her at the 50/50 table and not signing her “new member” sheet. Mark Bedford was fined for speaking after President Jack rang the gong, Wendie fined Jack for something about Lesley and the “look of rapture” on her face in the photo onscreen. President Jack was kissing her at the time, but don’t tell her husband. Anyone sitting at the same table for the last two weeks paid a dollar. Lorna tried to shame us all into participating in the “Walk your way to Health” program by telling us that even an 83 year old is participating! You log onto to enroll and you can pick up a $5 pedometer at several downtown locations to track your progress. There will be a draw at Thrifty’s for groceries for the winners. Check out for more information.
Irene is celebrating her birthday on the 18th. John and Barbara will celebrate their anniversary, also on the 18th. Anne Sims won the draw but no white marble!
Happy/Sad $$$
Les had happy dollars for his grandson, Brian, who completed his courses for his commercial pilot's licence. Peter had happy $ for our beautiful banner design well received by the Clubs he visited on his travels. He brought back other Clubs' banners. Peter gave ten happy dollars for the Interact presentation at Oak Bay High. Tricia gave happy $ for the Interact Club doing so well.
Guest Speaker:
Ted Harrison introduced our guest speaker, Julian Cecco, an Exchange Student who spent a year in the Czech Republic. Julian gave us some highlights of his year. The students, many of whom were from Canada and the U.S., were first sent to a language camp. Thirty students were hosteled at the camp where they learned to speak the language. Julian felt that they learned some language skills at the camp but much more once they moved to their host families and became immersed in the culture. Since his return to Canada Julian has visited several of the other students in America and also attended Rotary Club meetings while there. The Exchange students were hosted by three different families during the year. Julian hunted with his host father, skiied in Austria, toured Hungary where he visited the Van Gogh exhibit, and reports that there was some beer drinking involved! One of his host mothers has already visited with Julian’s family here. She had treated him as her own son while he lived with her family. Some host parents were less involved, letting him have his own independance.
Julian Cecco

Julian returned with a greater understanding of the world around him and inspired to pursue a medical career. (Your Editor, an old hunter, was astonished at the huge number (100+) of pheasants shot on the hunt). President Jack presented Julian with a Rotary mug and gave Sara, Meghan, Julian and his parents Rotary key tags.

Closing Remarks
President Jack adjourned the meeting with a reminder that Joan Firkins is now in South Africa assisting with the school project and immunizations. He asked that we all wish her well!



Jack Petrie

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October 23 NEEDS Crisis Line - Mary Rumsby; Attendance & Makeups (Joan P)
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