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Program for October 9, 2007 reported by Kathleen Froese [click here for PRINT VERSION]

President Jack opened with a Thanksgiving joke. What did the mother turkey say to her misbehaving chicks? If your father could see you now, he’d turn over in his gravy.
Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Irene Davie rendered the Selkirk Grace.

Ted Harrison Julie Salisbury
Today's speaker, Julie Salisbury, signs a copy of her book A Seven Year Journey Around the World for club member Ted Harrison, himself a distinguished author.
Visiting Rotarians & Guests: introduced by John Edgell

Troy Alexander, Royal Oak, Mortgage Broker;
Pam Tinham, Royal Oak, Financial Advisor;
David Elsen, Calgary West, Mechanical Engineer.
Julie Salisbury, guest speaker, was a guest of the Club.

Heather Aked passed on a word of thanks from Terry Youlton for the club’s $700 pledge towards the CRCID Malaria project. Heather reported that the pledge was matched by both the Rotary Foundation and the CRCID equaling a total of $1890 - enough money to purchase 378 malaria nets. Heather continued to announce that the annual Rotary Christmas
will be held December 11th. More information to follow.

NewsHave you checked out the new Rotary International site? It's pretty sharp. Members have written lots of kudos, but there are quite a few brickbats too.
Christie Johnson will give a presentation on the Malawi Girls' School to the new Interact club at Oak Bay High School at Noon this Monday (October 15th). If you have not heard Christie speak on this topic - one of our International Committee's main areas of interest - come along. It's in Studio B (near the Rec Centre tennis bubble - just past the basketball court).



happy birthday

Sheriff, Brian Lamb, issued the following fines: Ted Harrison’s table was spared for being able to answer Brian’s trivia question involving the Peace Studies article in the latest issue of the Rotarian Magazine. Unfortunately, David Sills’ table proved not to be quite as well read as they were unable to answer their trivia question regarding the ShelterBox Training article. Ron Cooley was fined for trying to sell his son’s baseball glove at the recent garage sale and was scolded for not having it proudly displayed on his mantel at home! General fines went out to all the members who had forgotten to turn off their cell phones and to those who have never participated in running a marathon. Honorary Sergeant-at-Arms, Joan Firkins, fined Steve Harthill for his absence at the meeting and consequently
missed his duty of introducing our guest speaker. Irene Davie and Kathleen Froese both fined themselves for not “snitching” on other members.
Warmest birthday wishes were sent to Mary Canty and Ron Gaudet
Happy/Sad $$$
David Philip had a sad announcement: while in Scotland, he attended his class reunion but sadly lost track of his camera by the end of the night. Graciously, someone had mailed it back to him; however David explained the woes of having it held up by Canada Post and Canada Customs leaving poor David cameraless! Mary Canty put in a few happy $ to celebrate her own birthday and Anne Sims proudly announced her husband’s success in completing his first marathon. Ron Gaudet put in a happy $ for the huge success of the Tour de Rock Fundraiser and thanked the club for their support.
Perry Bamji was the lucky 50/50 winner but drew the black marble and made out with $17.

Guest Speaker Julie Salisbury
Julie Salisbury

Guest Speaker

Joan Firkins introduced our guest speaker - Julie Salisbury. Julie, a motivational coach, inspirational speaker, and author spoke about her experience in becoming a first time, self-published author.

After trading in her job in the UK for a backpack, Julie spent 7 years chasing her dreams and searching for her purpose in life.

Her adventures took her all over the world and during her travels she was vigilant at sending letters home to her grandmother every 2 weeks. Upon Julie’s return, her grandma handed back the stack of letters and strongly encouraged her to write a book. This was Julie’s motivation and after 2 years of writing, she finally published “A Seven Year Journey Around the World”. Julie’s presentation to the club was entitled, “Inspire a Book. Be the Author of your Dreams!” and her goal was to inspire each of us to share our own stories through writing. Julie offered excellent tips on everything from how to overcome the initial writing block, to how to organize your writing using a “binder system” and finally, how to publish your own book. Jim Force thanked Julie for her inspiration. For more information
Jim Force John Snively
Rotary Friendships: Jim Force & John Snively

Closing Remarks
Bon Voyage to Joan Firkins as she embarks on another journey over to South Africa to assist in the Lilydale School project and to Ethiopia to do immunizations! Safe travels Joan! Jack adjourned the meeting with the usual singing to the “little lady in the palace”.

Jack Petrie Bill Murray
President Bill, er Jack, with his alter ego, seen recently at an Oak Bay Rotary meeting.

Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills

Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


October 16 Exchange Student - update from Julian
October 23 NEEDS Crisis Line - Mary Rumsby
October 30 Member Vocationals - Cindy, Kathleen, Wendie. Halloween!!
November 6 Foundation
November 13 Foundation Tax Auction
November 20

Art Gallery of Victoria - Shirley Madill

ROSTER: September/October

16-Oct Gaudet Granewall Hayworth Harrison Froese
23-Oct Harthill Hogarth Lawrie Jackson Lidkea
30-Oct Macpherson Marsh Maxwell McDougall McLean

October Cashier: PITT; 50-50 FROESE

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