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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)
Program for October 5, 2010. Reported by Jim Force

Visiting Rotarians And GuestsIntroduced by Perry Bamji
Jacqueline Mealing
; Nelson BC, Lodge owner;
Bill Burns, formerly Royal Oak Club - waiting to be inducted to our club, Education Administration;
Velma Butcher, Biggleswade, England, Rare Breed Pig Breeder.
Sylvia Bradley, Velma’s sister and local resident; Ann Nightingale, today’s speaker.

Banner Exchange

Banner Exchange Velma Butcher Biggleswade UK
Velma Butcher of the Rotary Club of Biggleswade, England exchanged banners with president-elect Joan Peggs. Velma joined Rotary a year after her husband, who had been a Rotarian for 33 years, died. She is one of three ladies in her club and was quite pleased to see so many ladies in our club.

John Jordan is in the planning stages for his trip to Rwanda and at the next few meetings will be placing a box for donations of head-scarves, watches, handheld calculators and eye glasses for grandmothers and orphans. He has offered to do Fall yard clean-up, pruning and hauling for $15 an hour. The homeowner will match John's wage and send both wage and matching $ to the Canadian registered charity that oversees the Rwanda project.  The homeowner thus receives a tax receipt for the total amount. All funds will go to the Rwanda grandmother and orphan projects. Check John's blog HERE.

Tav MacPherson reminded us to mark our calendars for District Governor, Robert Martin’s visit on November 2nd and the Foundation Tax Receipt Auction organized by Neil Madsen on November 9th.

Ron Beyer is celebrating his second anniversary as a Club member on October 7th. And David and Lisa Maxwell have a wedding anniversary that we hope David remembers.




A Rotary Moment
President-elect Joan Peggs showed a one-minute PowerPoint Presentation related to Rotary Vocations, as October is Vocational Month. It was quite interesting to see the wide range of vocations that are represented in our club. We are truly representative of our community.
Ann Nightingale
Ann Nightingale, of Rocky Point Bird Observatory, left, with meeting Chair, Joan Peggs, and John Jordan, who thanked the speaker.

Guest Speaker
Ron Beyer introduced the guest speaker, Ann Nightingale, bird bander and volunteer with the Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) The RPBO is a member of a national network of 25 migration monitoring stations with Bird Studies Canada (BSC) from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. The site is located in rural Metchosin, a 45-minute drive southwest of Victoria on the grounds of the Department of National Defence's Rocky Point Ammunition Depot. Over 90 volunteers, who log over 2,000 hours a year, count and band local and migratory bird populations through a series of programs including bird surveys, Christmas bird counts, banding, and nest searches. They have banded over 50,000 birds from some 300 species. What was most interesting was learning about the banding of hummingbirds. The Rufus Hummingbird travels to Mexico and back to Victoria every year to the very yard it left the year before – Amazing. Some hummingbirds have been recaptured 8 years after first being banded. Another big banding project is that of the Saw-whet Owl whose call resembles that of a saw being sharpened. Ann treated us to a demonstration of the owl’s call. Ann’s biggest concern regarding the well-being of bird populations is the destruction of bird habitat. John Jordan thanked Ann on behalf of the club.


Jim Force, an avid bird watcher, has been actively involved counting birds as a part of Bird Studies Canada Project FeederWatch: He has recorded 37 different species in his back yard during the 9 years he has been involved in the project. He has seen as many as 20 different species and over 100 birds in a single day. Jim is more than happy assist anyone interested in taking part in the FeederWatch program as well as to “talk birds” with any one who might be interested in knowing more about them.

Announcement: Tricia reported on Jaclyn's idea of a Rotary hiking club, which is a strong friendship builder in the Nelson Rotary Club. The following Rotary Hikes Table (organized by Jaclyn for our club members and their families) is the HOTTEST NEW ITEM for our club. We hope you will join in these fun activities which will give us a chance to get together more often, stay fit and healthy and share fellowship.

Date and level


Meeting place /time

Contact person Contact phone

Sat. Oct 16th - easy 2-hr walk

Thetis Lake Park

Oak Bay Rec entrance at 10:30 - bag lunch

Jaclyn Mealing

250 888 4121

Mon. Oct. 25th easy 2-hr walk

Mt. Douglas Trails

Oak Bay Rec entrance at 1:00

Jaclyn Mealing

250 888 4121

The hikes listed are dog friendly and suitable for all ages and fitness. Feel free to invite other Rotarians and friends to join us. Please suggest other hikes and dates and offer your name as the contact person. If you decide to take part at the last minute, just show up at the meeting spot and we will carpool.


Past-president Heather Aked was back once again to relieve us of our spare change. She collected funds from David Philip for arriving last, Dallas Chapple for leaving early, and Leslie Rogers- Warnock for scheduling a speaker on birds whose last name is Nightingale. Everyone who isn’t the proud owner of a Grace Book was also fined and wouldn’t you know it Wynn Taylor, retired minister, doesn’t own one – then again he probably doesn’t need one. Several other fines were levied, most notably to the “all male” table, which got a roar from the crowd, Jerry McLean for losing his name tag, anyone who isn’t on a committee, attended a committee meeting or volunteered yet this Rotary year. She also challenged Leslie Rogers-Warnock to a Heads/Tails coin flip – Leslie won. Finally anyone who has a cold was also fined for not taking their vitamins and eating their veggies.

Happy and Sad Dollars
Dallas Chapple reminded us that not only did we have a speaker whose name, Nightingale, related to her passion, birds, but a visiting Rotarian whose name, Butcher, raised pigs. Tricia Timmermans announced that she is off on Friday for her Rotaplast mission and she will be picking up 5 boxes of donated medical supplies in Olympia on the way to San Francisco. As well she indicated that the $2,000 donated by our club and matched by an anonymous donor means that the Cebu Mission is fully funded.
Joan Peggs thanked Jack Petrie for assisting her with creating her first ever PowerPoint Presentation. Joe Prentice was happy not to have hit any animals this week with his car, while Neil Rawnsley was happy to accept the offer of a young suitor to marry his daughter. Bill Burns enjoyed his first Club-in-a-Pub experience and John Jordan announced his becoming a Canadian. Congratulations John.

50/50 Draw
Shelly Best’s number was drawn and, lucky her, she drew the white ball. Lucky us as she donated the winnings back to the club.



October Roster
12-Oct Burger Rogers-W Carter Chapple Cooley Aked Bannerman
19-Oct Curtis  Diemecke Bannerman Johannknecht Jordan Aked Bannerman
26-Oct Lamb Lawrie Lidkea MacPherson Madsen Aked Bannerman
October Programs (Vocational Service)
Oct 12 Quarterly Club Assembly
Oct 19 Alumni meeting – Jim Force
Oct 26 Perry  – Crazy Inventions –An Extravaganza of Eccentric Ingenuity

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