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Program for October 2, 2007 reported by John Snively [click here for PRINT VERSION]

Rod Sim presided over the luncheon meeting as President Jack was reportedly sunbathing on a beach near Pike’s Market in Seattle. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and the invocation/prayer was eloquently delivered by Ted Chambers reminding us all to help those less fortunate.

Today's speaker, our Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Ola Chajecka
Visiting Rotarians & Guests: ( introduced by Dallas Chapple)

Jacqueline Klenyevski, Dunnville, Ontario.
Norma McDougall was the guest of Doug McDougall
Peter Johannknecht of Wolf Schopper.

Tom Lidkea’s report about the Garage Sale mentioned that Mark Bedford’s garage was finally cleared out and that we raised more than $400. All extra articles were gratefully accepted by the United Church and hauled away by Don O’Coffey. All members who assisted were congratulated with special recognition for the tireless efforts of Don and his little red truck. Thanks Don!!! Donna Carrigan offered an additional $20 to top up the garage sale total.



happy birthday

Brian Lamb, the self-appointed Sheriff issued the following fines: Doug McDougall and Perry Bamji for not signing in. All those with a TV in their bedroom. Anyone who had ever gone to a University or had even strolled on a University Campus, or knew a person who had done either. Both Les and Cedric were fined for not wearing their Rotary pin. Mary asked that Dallas be fined for not greeting her upon arrival and Dallas retaliated by suggesting Les and Mary be fined for slipping by her so quickly. Donna and Ted Chambers fined themselves for not fulfilling their obligation of “snitching” on the members. Tom fined Leslie for wearing the colander as a hat and Lorna asked that all those who missed participating in the Garage Sale be fined.
John Picken’s birthday was celebrated as were the anniversaries of Ted Chambers, David Maxwell and their tolerant spouses.
Happy/Sad $$ initiated by Les who contributed $25 in exchange for at least 25 members’ comments re improving the Garage Sale. Dallas paid a fine for being locked out of her Whistler Condo clad only in her housecoat and slippers. Lorna donated as she proudly read a recent science article published by her son. Joan stepped up to announce her pending visit to Ethiopia and South Africa inviting contributions for the Lillydale School and items for pre-school children. This raised $140. Heather was ebullient over the speech by Al Gore that she attended at the Convention Centre thereby dropping some $ into the colander. Lorna, who won the draw but drew the black marble contributed her lottery winnings of $13 to Joan’s Africa fund.

Our speaker: ola's little world
Tom Croft introduced our guest speaker Ola Chajecka our inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student, from Bydgoszcz, Poland. Her presentation was fun and demonstrated the strong support she enjoys both from family and friends back home. Her mom and sister-in-law played key roles in assisting her to apply and complete all the paperwork. Ola lives in a beautiful community with her mother, a lawyer, and her father, an academic teacher. Ola aspires to follow in her mother’s vocational footsteps but her current passions continue to be dancing and basketball. She is very competitive in both fields and loves the rhumba and jive and the photos showed her grace and athleticism. We learned that in Poland the most celebrated birthday is “18” so her friends had a warm up party when she was 17 and we have the privilege of joining Ola on Feb. 3, 2008 to recognize this momentous day of turning 18. Can any of you remember your 18th birthday? It was in a different century wasn’t it? In answer to a question from your Editor, she confirmed that she was now on the OBHS basketball team. Their opponents had better watch out! Rod thanked Ola for her spirited presentation which he described so well as both “personal and touching”.

To learn more about where our inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student comes from, which is

New Guidlines for Rotary Youth Programs

Lorna then took the podium to inform us of the new guidelines pertaining to the Rotary Youth programs of all categories. She was justly commended on the effort she put forth to oversee this process. These are the new District 5020 guidelines which have been drawn up as required by new regulations from R.I. All members are encouraged to view the documents online at the District web site (Click for link) and to become familiar with them. In essence, all members who work with youth under Rotary auspices must undergo reference checks. This includes host parents for Exchange Students, who also must have available to them a designated person to whom they may turn if they experience a problem. Also, each Club must have a Youth Protection Officer - Lorna Curtis is performing this function for our Club. Suggestions are welcome.
Rod adjourned the meeting and we concluded with a melodious rendition of “God Save The Queen”.

Jack Petrie

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09-Oct Davie Edgell Eley Firkins Force
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October Cashier: PITT; 50-50 FROESE

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