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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for November 24, 2009, reported by John Snively CLICK HERE for Print Version

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Jerry McLean:
Ali Edgell, Harbourside;
Troy Alexander (Centennial).

President Vicky (PV) opened the meeting with a picture showing an Indian child thanking Mother Teresa, with a caption including a "thanks to Rotary" for providing help in the eradication of polio.  This poster is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. 

Brian Lamb led the membership in repeating the 4-Way Test.  PV read an email from a Rotary Club in Lisbon, Portugal, toasting us and inviting us to visit any time we are in Portugal. 

Tom Lidkea reminded us of the Whiskey Nosing event on January 29. There are only 45 tickets which include tasting, a PowerPoint presentation of the 6 distilleries featured, along with dinner. 

Ali Edgell from the Victoria Club reminded us of the upcoming Third Annual Rotary Valentine’s Ball, Saturday, February 6 at the Union Club.  Only 150 tickets available @ $95 each, which include dinner and dance with a big band orchestra.  This is a major local Rotary fund-raising event.

Poinsettias can be picked up at Don O’Coffey’s on Friday.

polio india
Rotarians taking part in India's Nat. Immunisation Day

Today’s presentation was a Rotary Video on “Polio In India” which focussed on the state of Uttar Pradesh. India has 2500 Rotary Clubs.  The country is growing rapidly but struggling to rid itself of polio completely. It is hoped that within 3 years it will be eradicated. The video depicted 20 American Rotarians assisting in the vaccine administration in November 2006, a year when there were 522 cases reported.  Some areas require as many as 7-12 doses per child depending on the living conditions.  November 12 was India's eighth Annual Immunization day. 100,000 booths were set up in the state of Uttar Pradesh alone.  On this day 17 million children received the vaccine, but this represents only half the children needing it.  Another 136 million were immunized by door-to-door efforts around India.  A second short video showed the devastating physical effects of polio, following a young 12-year-old boy who was fortunate to receive corrective surgery, a brace and rehabilitation.  550 children have benefitted from this surgical intervention program through matching grants from Rotary.

Tav Macpherson congratulated Troy Alexander, visiting Rotarian and former president of the Centennial Club, for stepping into the position of Assistant Governor.  He also thanked all those involved in last week’s very successful Tax Auction.  Those celebrated included Neil Madsen, Tom Croft, Neil Rawnsley and Brian Lamb.  To date we have collected more than $10,000 for the Foundation, $8,000 of which came from the auction. 

Several very stylish I Am A Rotarian t-shirts were sold off from our inventory.

Tom Lidkea brought the meeting to a close with: God Save The Queen.


The most venerable Peter Lawrie, acting S@A, quietly proceeded to empty our pockets again.  It seems no one was left unfleeced.  Tom Lidkea was fined for choosing danceable music which led to fines to both Gary Nazar and Giles Bixler for dancing privately together in the corner.  Jack Petrie was fined for driving speedily at 60 MPH through the village in his flashy new Lamborghini.  John Edgell was fined for an “Edgell Doubleheader” (daughter Ali in attendance) and both were fined for chaotic and illegal driving and parking at the Recreation Centre.  Shame...shame.
The S@A noted that to date the Gates Foundation had donated $350M to Polio Plus while Rotary has donated more than $100M.

Jim Force
reminded us of the next Club In The Pub this Thursday at the Penny Farthing where he would be buying a round “For the house”!  He also reminded us to check out the link on our bulletin at “Ceccout” which is a blog provided by Leyland Cecco, our Ambassadorial Scholar in Turkey.

Lynne Murray won the draw but alas drew the black marble.

Heather reminded us to use or initiate the Smile Cards.  The funds from this go toward the purchase of dictionaries for George Jay School; to date we have accumulated $1100 of a possible $1500.  Kudos!!

December 1: Tony Joe - Coalition to end Homelessness
December 8: Brian Price

01-Dec Schopper Ockermueller Peggs Bedford Petrie
08-Dec Prentice Pritchard Sills Rawnsley Sim
Cash Desk: Edgell; 50-50: Lawrie

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