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2010-2011 Rotary International Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents
District 5020 Governor 2010-2011: Robert Martin. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for November 23, 2010. Reported by Lori McLeod

If you missed Christie and Memory's presentation, here's an inspiring video clip they showed: The Girl Effect.

Pete Lawrie encouraged everyone to help sell tickets for the Christmas Concert.  He congratulated Ron Beyer for attracting another Platinum Sponsor.

Joan Peggs, who had a momentary memory lapse when addressing President John as President Jack, advised that the final call to purchase poinsettias   is Wednesday.  Pick up will be Thursday from 4p-6p at Don O’Coffey’s.   She asked for one more delivery helper for the downtown deliveries. 

President John led the Club in a great big WELCOME BACK to Barbara Bristol.

Jim Force reminded members about Club in a Pub at Penny Farthing on Thursday from 5p-6p.  He invited everyone to stop by and help celebrate US Thanksgiving.

Tav Macpherson announced that sheets are on each table for recording hours of service and encouraged everyone to fill in their volunteer hours.

Heather Aked provided details on the Christmas Party and asked that the sign-up sheet be circulated.  The Christmas party is being held at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club on Tuesday, December 14th. The Vic High R&B Band will be entertaining, so bring your dancing shoes!

Rod Sim advised that sign-up sheets for the Christmas Kettles are on every table and asked people to fill in the empty slots.

President John reported that Mary Canty is coming along slowly but is not yet ready for visitors.



Guest Speakers: Christie Johnson and Memory Chazeza

Wynn Taylor was tasked with the honour of introducing our guest speakers Christie Johnson (right, below) and Memory Chazeza (on left) from the Malawi Girls School.  He led the club in saying: Atsikana Pa Ulendo which means Girls on the Move.
Christie Memory Trevor

Memory gave a touching and inspirational history of why and how the school came to be and how Christie Johnson helped her turn her dream into a reality. Memory’s dream  of building a school to provide girls with an opportunity for education and a better future is creating a ripple effect by creating better futures for  the families and communities of these students too. She explained how Malawi is one of the smallest countries in Africa but it has lots of problems. Memory believes that education is a way out of those problems. Educating girls gives them hope, increased self worth and provides choices like being able to choose when and how many children to have.  It gives them a voice and helps them avoid poverty, reducing the threat of HIV.

Christie shared her account of how she met Memory and was so impressed with her that, although she thought Memory’s dream was crazy, if Memory was convinced she could do it, she could do it too.  In just 6 short years, Memory’s dream has become reality and is growing.  She explained how their goal is to make it a self-sustaining project as soon as possible. The school has only been in operation for 3½ years and it is now known nation-wide. 100% of the girls passed their JD Exam. This drew attention from the Ministry of Education who sent a representative out to see what Memory is doing to get such great response. They have succeeded in building a reputation of quality education and success which is attracting girls who are able to pay full tuition.  It is hoped that eventually this will help fund more scholarships for girls who cannot afford to pay.  The school supports the local community by purchasing from and employing locals.  Their focus is on hiring women whenever possible.  They believe in building independence – not providing handouts.  The girls are encouraged to volunteer and give back to the school and their communities.

Christie showed photos of proud students showing off the running water brought to them through the Rotary Club of Oak Bay.  The well is 80-meters deep and chlorine treated so it is safe.  They have running water in showers for the first time in their lives and don’t have to bathe out of a basin.  They are very proud of their toilets too!   The school now has 2 staff duplexes, 3 class blocks and a hostel for 80 girls.  They are working to build a new cafeteria. They only need to raise another $50k for this $200k project. They have 320 girls (Form 1 – Form 4) with sponsors for almost all of the girls.  They still need 30 sponsors.

In closing we were left with the quote:  “Invest in a girl and she will do the rest.”  A short, but very powerful web clip was shown called “The Girl Effect”.  If you missed it – check it out at

Leslie Rogers-Warnock thanked  Memory and Christie for their powerful presentation.  She noted that it is so valuable to see the continuity of projects we support.  The power of Rotarians investing, together with Memory’s and Christie’s power and knowledge, has created success.

Christie Memory John
President John presented a $2,000 cheque to APU on behalf of the Club.

The meeting ended with God Save the Queen (I think....I don’t remember singing though....maybe it’s just so automatic that I did it in a daze?)

Our Club in a Pub made the District 5020 website today! Click to read all about it. Thanks to Marnie Hamagami of the Sidney Club who enjoyed her time at CINAP enough to write about it!
Club in a Pub

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Heather Aked

Ken and Sheila Haywood, Edmonton Northeast; Senior.

Peter Sou, Sidney.

Laura Byatt, guest of Pete Lawrie.

Marion Evamy, guest of Jack Petrie.

Gary Smith, Paddy Mann, guests of Jerry McLean.

Memory Chazeza, Christie Johnson, Donna Johnson and Memory's infant son, Trevor – guests of club.

Logan Graham, Interact OBH – guest of Pete Lawrie.

Celebrations’ Master, Perry Bamji, fined Corey $1 for being late and having his name in the press.  Jacklyn was the phantom handshaker and $1 was levied on all those who didn’t shake.  Perry fined himself for spilling water all over his table and if that wasn’t enough, he fined his wet tablemates for the pleasure of sitting with Barbara Bristol.  Anyone who didn’t shovel their sidewalk was fined $1 and he collected from early leavers, Wilf and Pablo. 

Pablo is leaving early to be interviewed on TV for the Christmas Concert so hopefully that’ll make it a sell out!  Joan Peggs was fined for loss of memory (calling Pres John Pres Jack)

A call for Happy & Sad Dollars earned happy money from Barbara Bristol for being here; from Leslie who was happy to see the snow which made Perry put in a contradictory sad dollar for being unhappy about the snow.

Pete Lawrie won the 50/50 draw.  (I think he’s spending it on pizza for the Interact club’s next meeting...good thing you were there Logan!)



November Roster








07-Dec Cooley Chapple Carter Canty Burger Bedford
14-Dec Christmas Party - No Meeting
21-Dec Madsen MacPherson Lidkea Lawrie Lamb Bedford

Cash Desk: Sim; 50-50: Sims; Celebrations Master: (November: Bamji) (December: Lawrie)

November & December Programs
Nov 30 Joan Firkins Rotarians for Fighting AIDS Action Group
Dec 07 Renate Gibbs – A Nursing Field in India and creating Competent Canadian Nurses
Dec 14 Christmas Dinner Meeting at Yacht Club
Dec 21 AGM
Dec 28 No Meeting

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