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2007-2008 Rotary International Theme: Rotary Shares
District 5020 Governor 07-08: Norm Watts
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Program for November 20 reported by Vicky Pitt. Click here for PRINT VERSION

President Jack called on Tom Croft to lead O Canada because the piano was locked up
(Tom Lidkea thought they had heard him play). Margaret Patrick recited a timely grace.

Shirley Madill Ted Harrison
Guest Speaker, Shirley Madill, with our Resident Artiste, Ted Harrison.
Photos this week by Jack Petrie

ola and Troy
Ola (Rotary Exchange Student) & Troy Alexander

Visiting Rotarians & Guestsintroduced by Wendie Hogarth:

Troy Alexander,
Royal Oak,
Mortgage Broker;

Tom Creery, Harbourside.

Peggy Freethy was the guest of Mary & Les Canty;

Shirley Madill was a guest of the Club;

Peter Johannknecht was a guest of Wolf Schopper

Tav ran to the podium to remind us it’s Foundation Month and the Tax Auction is next week. There will be 18 lots for a total of $3,000. Bring your cheque books!! If you cannot attend you can delegate someone to bid for you or you can just contact Tav and give him the money.
Heather reminded us to sign up for the Xmas Party, Dec. 11.
Jack announced that the Board has approved Peter Johannknecht for membership (sponsored by Wolfe). Please let him know in the next ten days if you have any objections.
Jack reminded the members that the AGM is set for Dec 18. Please think about putting your name forward to help out.


Ola's Gift!mickey mouse

Sergeant-at-Arms Brian Lamb fined liberally as follows: Anyone missing pin or badge: $1. We have raised $395 for the Ladies' Basketball at Oak Bay High. We will send them the $350 and the board will consider what to do with the remaining $45. One of Heather’s heroes, Simon Whitfield, was in a picture in the paper with CanAccord Capital on his tunic, so she was fined a buck for the advertising.
Fines/Quizzes from this months Rotarian:
Page 13 for not being on the RI website in the last 6 months (It has been upgraded) $1. Page 15 - Calendar -Tav’s table was asked what day iit was, but Margaret’s grace gave this, so they got it right. It’s International Children’s Day. Wendie’s table was asked what topic under “in Focus” covered 10 pages” They got that one,too. It was “RI helping around the world”. Irene’s table: Page 59 “What is the nationality of the 2009-10 President?” Irene said Korea! The right answer was Scotland ....(shame! shame!) Anyone who had not yet signed up for a shift on the Salvation Army kettles: $1. Mary confessed to the Sgt that she was guilty of a fineable offense but would not provide the details - so that was $1. Members with name starting with the letter P levied many fines including John Picken, who fined anyone who has not paid a fine for leaving early; Vicky, because the Queen had 10,000 pearls on her wedding dress 60 years ago, fined all those, or those whose brides, wore pearls at their wedding and Joe fined all the realtors who did not sell his house (Tom Croft complained that Joe never told him it was listed. There was more, but we have no more space.
Lori and Doug celebrated an anniversary and Lori paid 20 happy $ for the 20 years spent with her current husband. Ola enjoyed her trip to Disneyland and presented Jack with a replica of its best known inhabitant. George P won the draw but drew black.

Guest Speaker : John Picken introduced the guest speaker, Shirley Madill, who is the Director of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV) and who has just completed her first year as Director there. Shirley Madill Shirley spoke about the gallery now and its future plans. Although it is not an old Gallery - it was founded in 1947 - it is one of the top 10 Art Museums in Canada based upon its collection, programs, and scale. The collections include extensive holdings of Emily Carr’s work, much of which is not shown, which the museum hopes to change. The East Asian collection is second only to the collections of the ROM, and out-ranks it in Japanese art. There are also strong Canadian and European collections which would be coveted by many other museums. The gallery hopes to leverage its collections to be able to get excellent shows here (I’ll lend you some of my art if you lend me some of yours...). The Gallery is active in community outreach, has 136,000 visitors per year, and 50,000 hits per month on its site. The collection is on the museum's digital database. Membership consitst of about 3,800 households, 12,500 students in programs, and 3,000 adults in programs each year. There are more artists per capita in Victoria than anywhere else in Canada. The gallery supports artists with the Moss Street Paint-in, and a rental/purchase program, among other things. The Gallery mounts three major programs each Fall. This year is Coast Salish Art; Winter will show Treasures Unearthed and will feature the biggest donation ever to the museum, tied with “Heaven and Earth Unveiled” which is from Hamilton. Spring will be “Warhol, Larger than Life” from Winnipeg. For visiting exhibits, the gallery mounts complementary exhibits from its own collection in other gallery spaces. The Museum has an annual operating budget of $2.6 million, 64% of which is raised via the community, which is a challenge but satisfying. It also has a 2.3 million endowment, $250,000 in capital and a $1 million endowment for acquisition, which is critical. The museum hopes to open a branch downtown, while retaining Moss Street. This will provide more space for both archival storage and for exhibitions and provide higher visibility and better access to tourists in town. The museum would like to partner with a developer similar to the arrangement that the Seattle Art Gallery enjoys. Shirley ended by inviting the members to be part of the Gallery, as a member, as a tour guide, as a volunteer, by joining the “President’s Circle”, or by decorating using the Art Rental program.

Joe Prentice thanked Shirley for her excellent talk, especially about the AGGV’s future plans and involvement in the community; Jack provided the famous, much sought after, four-way test mug.


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills

Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


November 27 Foundation Auction
December 4 Ralph Newton-White: Orphans and Abandoned Children in Myanmar.
Devember 11 Christmas Party at Faculty Club - no noon meeting.


27-Nov Pritchard Rawnsley Schopper Rogers-W Sills
4-Dec Sim Sims Snively Stirling Taylor
11-Dec Takahashi Timmermans Bamji Aked Andersen

Cashier: Carter; 50-50 Gaudet

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