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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
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Program for November 18, 2008, reported by Dallas Chapple. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil’s Rotary Quote was from RI President Glenn Estess at the RI Convention in Chicago in 2005. “One of the most wonderfull things about Rotary is that it allows you to be part of something much larger than yourself.” Norman Vincent Peale, of The Power of Positive Thinking fame, is the source of this quote, which describes the actions of our guests two weeks ago, Memory Chazeza and Christie Johnson, and also our Interact co-chair Sara McLachlan: “People become really quite remarkable when they start thining they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.”

Faced with a locked piano, O Canada was sung a cappella and Ted Chambers said grace. There were no visiting Rotarians or guests.

Sergeant at Arms

Tom Croft was the Sgt.@Arms. He got us all by asking about the Rotary pin. It was invented in 1905 by the Chicago Club. The key slot was added in 1924. It has 6 spokes and, for no apparent reason, 24 teeth (now isn’t that more than you wanted to know?). He also fined those not wearing a Rotary pin or a name badge (Dallas hurriedly got her pin out of her purse but it was too late.) Coincidentally it was my birthday and the Club sang Happy Birthday to Dallas! Tom Croft won the draw but put it back in the pot.

Guest Speakers

Tom Croft introduced our speakers.

Joan Firkins said she appreciated Tom’s introduction because the person introducing her at a Tacoma Club noted that she had been awarded Rotary’s prestigious Certificate for Notorious Service (meritorious, of course).
Joan spoke on The Foundation. Her talk was on: “Why the world needs Rotary and what does Rotary contribute to in the world”. She specifically spoke on the 3 major Foundation programs: 1) Educational programs. 2) Humanitarian grants. 3) PolioPlus (highest priority). When Rotary started PolioPlus, there were 350,000 cases of polio per year in 125 countries. Now, 4 countries remain with polio: Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Joan was also very pleased to announce that a second World Peace Scholarship was granted in our district. The candidate will be going to the International University in Japan. Another objective of the Foundation is clean water. 1.1 billion people in the world lack access to clean water. 2.5 billion people lack access to basic sanitation. Health care is another major tenet: specifically, to improve health care in the world and reduce the mortality rate of children, and to end world hunger—half ot the world, 6.4 billion people, live on less than $2 per day. Rotary saves lives.

Tav MacPherson, our Foundation Chair, thanked Joan for all the great work she does in District 5020 on behalf of the RI Foundation. Tav elaborated on the nature of Polio, explaining that it is an acute viral infection transmitted by the oral/fecal route. It may cause various degrees of paralysis, especially weakness in the legs. It is not a new disease, as it was depicted in Egyptian art, but only in 1840 was it named. As we know, it was a scourge in the Western world until the late 1950’s, when the Salk and then the Sabin vaccines were developed. While it is now found in the world only in the four countries mentioned by Joan, it is still a problem for all other countries because it is only a plane trip away from us. Rotary is now engaged in a campaign to match the $100M challenge grant made by the Gates Foundation. An important way that this Club contributes is through our annual Tax Receipt Auction. Throughout the year our Club raises about $3,000 from fines, the 50/50 lottery, happy/sad $, and other contributions. This is divided into a series of small lots which are put up for auction which members bid on. The total of the lot and the bid price represents the income tax receipt that will be issued. For example, if the lot is $100 and your bid is $150, then you receive a tax receipt for $250 for a cash outlay of only the $150, and the latter is, of course, reduced by the amount of foregone income tax.This is a real bargain! This year, in response to requests, there will be more lots of $50. Brian Lamb will be our auctioneer, so bid enthusiastically. Make your checks payable to “The Rotary Club of Oak Bay” and the Club will forward them to Rotary Foundation Canada.

The two speakers were thanked by Lorna Curtis.


The Oak Bay News featured Memory Chazeza; the Interact kids at Oak Bay High School raised $4000 for Atsikana Pa Ulendo, the Malawi Girls' School, on November 13th when Memory spoke and a silent auction was held at the school's auditorium. Well done! Memory’s goal is to make the school self-sustaining. $1000 per year per student will sponsor a girl.

Our club has committed to refurnishing the Back Door Teen Centre behind the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. We are also committed to the Home and Garden Tour next year with the Heritage Committee. We believe the date will be August 15th, 2009.

Adventures in Citizenship: We will be sending a student to Ottawa; Peter Lawrie, Jim Force and Janet from the Rec. Centre are on the selection committee.

The Victoria Club is having a Valentine’s Day Dance on February 7. It is a black tie event and will be $125 per person. We are all welcome.

Kids’ Kits: We have 60 boxes to fill. Please pay $60 or fill a box. The list of contents is online; it was also passed around at the meeting. Our deadline is Dec. 2. Please check with Jim Force for details.

Lorna announced the Christmas Party. It will be on December 16th at the former Faculty Club at U. Vic. Cost is $47 per person. The no-host bar will be open at 6:30 with dinner at 7:15 and entertainment at 8 p.m. Lorna said she’d be thinking of us while she’s in Mexico (but I doubt it!).

Upcoming Programs
November 25: Tax Auction
October Cashier: MUTTER; 50-50 McDougall
November Cashier: SILLS; 50-50 TAKAHASHI

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