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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for November 17, 2009, reported by Tom Lidkea CLICK HERE for Print Version

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Peter Lawrie:

Visiting Rotarians Shigeru Yamano of Kobe, Japan, and David Stocks of West Shore club.

President Vicky introduced David Stock, District Governor nominee, who upon request recited the Four-Way Test without reading it. President Vicky then announced that the Directors' meeting minutes are now available, noting that well drilling has been funded (and has commenced) at the Malawi girls’ school. Joan Peggs asked everyone to bring in their poinsettia forms, and asked for another volunteer to deliver plants on November 27.

Other Happy & Sad Dollars: Visitor David Stocks was happy to be here, and sold some Rotary bumper stickers to members. The stickers read: “Goodbye Polio, Thanks Rotary". President Vicky was happy to meet her husband`s ship in Seattle (well, Hello Sailor!) and sail back to Victoria with him, even though he had broken his leg. Draw:
The winning ticket was No.1537, held by Dallas Chapple (happy birthday!)

President Vicky opened the meeting with an intriguing hip-hop video. Tom Lidkea then played a glorious and masterful rendition of O Canada, whereupon members rose to their feet to provide enthusiastic and sustained applause, while some members, choked with emotion and with tear-stained cheeks, cried “bravo” and “encore”. (The things you have to go along with to get people to do the bulletin report! - Editor). Then John Edgell said grace.

Tax Auction:
There was no speaker today. Instead, the club held its annual tax auction, introduced by Tav McPherson. Tav introduced Tom Croft, who carried out the auction with the help of scrutineers Neil Rawnsley and Neil Davidson (is this a new member Tom?), and maybe Rod Sim. Credits totaling $3,000 were sold for a total of $8,850. At the same time, Tom auctioned off wine that had been brought by members to John Edgell's fireside gathering. The wine brought in a total of $170.


Gary Nazar introduced a Rotary Welcome Song instead of our usual round of applause. The song, sung to the tune of “Colonel Bogie”, goes like this:

Welcome, we are glad you’re here;
Welcome, we sing it loud and clear;
Relax; enjoy the program;
And won’t you come back and see us again.

We will be trying this song out for a while, following which, club feedback will be sought as to whether to make the song a permanent fixture in our weekly meetings.


The meeting closed with a bravura performance of God Save The Queen by Tom Lidkea.

Peter Lawrie started by auctioning off a couple of items left at John Edgell's fireside last Friday. First, despite competition from Tom Croft, Wolf Schopper bought back his own hat for $5.00. Lorna Curtis bought back an incriminating trip itinerary to San Francisco, and was also fined for having her picture in the paper. Dr. John Snively was fined for attending the wrong location for the last Community Service Committee meeting. General fines were then imposed on all members who were late for the meeting, who had not shaken the hand of Shelly Best, and who had not attended a Remembrance Day ceremony. After Peter announced that there were no birthdays, he was corrected by Lorna Curtiswho noted that it was Dallas Chapple's birthday yesterday or tomorrow or sometime. Rod Sim and Brenda have an anniversary. Rod gave a happy (or sad) dollar (you decide), because fifteen years ago his best friend died, and sometime since then (we hope) Rod married his widow. Wyn Taylor just retired, Perry Bamji was happy to have his friend, Shigeru Yamano from Kobe, Japan, here, and told a long story, about that friend`s hospitality on a previous trip to Korea and or Japan.

November 24: Rotary Videos
December 1: Tony Joe - Coalition to end Homelessness
December 8: Brian Price

24-Nov Madsen McLean McLeod Murray Mutter
Cash Desk: Pritchard; 50-50: McLaughlin
01-Dec Schopper Ockermueller Peggs Bedford Petrie
08-Dec Prentice Pritchard Sills Rawnsley Sim
Cash Desk: Edgell; 50-50: Lawrie

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