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2007-2008 Rotary International Theme: Rotary Shares
District 5020 Governor 07-08: Norm Watts
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Program for November 13, reported by Margaret Patrick - Click here for PRINT VERSION

  tom tav Past-President Tav presided in the absence of President Jack (away in Las Vegas) and called upon Tom Lidkea to play for O Canada and Barry Mutter to say grace.
Visiting Rotarians & Guests: introduced by Mark Bedford

Dr. Arvind Phukan, Tacoma #8, Past-District Governor and R.I. Coordinator Water Resources, Task Force Zone 23. Dr. Phukan exchanged a banner and said a few words about water projects.
Alfredo Calderon Martinez was the guest of Hans Ockermueller and was introduced by Nels Granewall. He is pursuing academic studies in Canada and is an “Ambassador of Good Will” from the Rotary Club Chapultepec, Mexico City.
Jennifer Smerdon, returned Oak Bay Ambassadorial Scholar, was guest of the Club.

Rod Sim gave a brief history of the Salvation Army Kettles which have raised money to provide Christmas cheer for the needy since 1891. He distributed sign-up sheets for our participation in the campaign on Oak Bay Avenue.


Brian Lamb distributed an envelope and suggested we all donate $20 towards the Club’s purchase of a placard for the OBHS Basketball Team. No regular fines today due to a long agenda, but promise of many next week to catch up.
We sang Happy Birthday for Dallas and congratulated Foster & Connie Isherwood on their anniversary. The Draw was won by Lorna Curtis, but she drew black.
Nels Granewall introduced Jennifer Smerdon Freeman, a District 5020 Rotary Ambassadorial scholar in 2005-2006, chosen as a concrete example of the work that is made possible through the Rotary Foundation. jennifer smerdonIt is the world’s largest privately funded international scholarship programme. It was started in l947 and has allowed over 35,000 scholars from over 110 countries to study around the world. During 2005-2006 Jennifer took a Master’s degree in conflict resolution at the University of Ulster. The university has sites at a number of communities in Northern Ireland, and she was in residence at the Londonderry campus. It was in Londonderry that mass killings occurred during a protest in the early seventies that greatly exacerbated an already complex relationship between the Catholic and Protestant communities. Jennifer discussed the “troubles” that have plagued Northern Ireland for generations, and she took us through some of her experiences both on the campus with other ambassadorial scholars and in the broader community. To provide visual context she showed a number of slides of Londonderry and the surrounding area, of the Irish coastline and of her visit to the Irish Republic. She also summarised the work she completed for her thesis on a Rwandan refugee camp based in Uganda. She concluded by strongly endorsing the Ambassadorial programme and by thanking Rotary for making this educational experience possible, and for opening up career opportunities in conflict resolution. She presented Tav with banners from the Rotary Clubs of Belfast and Londonderry, and he thanked her for being an excellent Ambassador for our club.

District Foundation Chair, Joan Firkins
joan africa 2007
The second speaker, introduced by Hans Ockermueller, was Joan Firkins, who has just returned from another working visit to Ethiopia (where she became quite ill), and South Africa. She was one of a Rotary Foundation team administering polio inoculations to babies and young children. In the NID in Ethiopia, 14M children were given the oral vaccine. In Ethiopia she visited three rural schools which were centres for inoculations. She presented a number of slides of babies with their mothers, of children that she knew from prior visits (David being one of her favourites), and of the landscapes in which the schools were located. She pointed out that many of the children in these rudimentary schools are ill with AIDS. Joan then showed slides of her visit to a school in South Africa which Oak Bay Rotary has supported with a variety of educational materials. Many of the children in the school are orphans or suffer from AIDS, or both. One of her slides pictured stacks of packages of retro-viral drugs for the pupils which, as Joan stated, would give them a few more years of life. She mentioned two new vaccines being administered both orally and by injection, in India (one of the four endemic countries), and spoke about the AWARE pre-school project, the “Artists for Charity” programme, the AHOPE project (where all the children are under 5, and all have AIDS), and about the Rotary Microcredit loan programme to enable small businesses to get started. Joan concluded her talk by emphasizing the important humanitarian role of the Rotary Foundation. She encouraged our Club to match and preferably exceed last year’s per capita contribution of US$385 which was second among clubs in District 5020. She explained how the R.I. foundation administers the funds we donate. Each year’s donations are invested for three years and the proceeds used to cover the expenses of the Foundation. Then the money is spent in total. Half is spent on international projects, of which PolioPlus is a major part. The other half comes back to the District of origin. Thus in 2007/8 District 5020 had $267,233 to spend (money originally raised three years before). Among other items, the District supported 2 Ambassadorial Scholars (and the Foundation supported one more from our District) and one Peace Scholar. Matching grants for individual Club initiatives took up another $126,233. Joan’s take-home message is that all the money we raise is spent directly and efficiently on worthy causes that we can all be proud of supporting.

Tav thanked Joan on behalf of the Club for all the good work she does throughout the world.


Jack Petrie

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November 20

Art Gallery of Victoria - Shirley Madill

November 27 Foundation Auction
December 4 Ralph Newton-White: Orphans and Abandoned Children in Myanmar.


20-Nov Philip Hogarth Pitt Picken Prentice
27-Nov Pritchard Rawnsley Schopper Rogers-W Sills

Cashier: Carter; 50-50 Gaudet

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