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Program for November 6, reported by Hazel Meredith - Click here for PRINT VERSION

Members of the Oak Bay Rotary Club hear Post Polio Awareness and
Support Society of BC President, Joan Toone, speak. Photos this week by Jack Petrie

President Jack reminded us that November is Foundation Month and that the Club’s theme song for this month is, “Brother, can you spare a dime?”. This was a tune from the depression year of 1932 and Jack recited the lyrics concerning a man who was down on his luck and needed help. That is what the R.I. Foundation tries to do for people all over the world who need some help. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Leslie Warnock recited Grace.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests: introduced by Ross McLaughlin

Terry Toone, President the Victoria Club, Police Service;
Garth Warmsley, Harbourside, Human Resources;
Jim Porter, Calgary S., S/A;
Bruce Willats, Laguna Beach, CA.
Joan Toone, Guest Speaker, was the guest of the Club.

Oak Bay High School Basketball Team is seeking sponsors as requested by Ola. Placards can be purchased for $300. Please see Nels or Ola for information.
Leslie Warnock, Secretary reminds our membership about an upcoming Fireside Chat for new and older membership alike to learn about our Club. Jack and Brannan will be hosting at their home on November 22. This Potluck Fireside Chat sign-up list will be circulated at today’s meeting. These evenings are informative, fun and a great way to meet fellow members!
Jack Petrie: We received a thoughtful card of thanks from the NEED Crisis Line from last week’s presenters. They enjoyed meeting with our club.
Tav McPherson: It is “Foundation Month!” A month to educate and inform members about the Rotary Foundation. Did you know 2 Billion dollars have been collected and distributed by Rotary? Tav appealed to members to contribute by speaking to himself, Dave Maxwell, Joan Firkins or Nels Granewall. Consider that a Paul Harris Award is presented to a cumulative $1000 (US Funds!) and that you can become a “sustaining member” for $100…for the price of a coffee every week…totally do-able!

Welcome Back Pablo
john pablo
John Snively welcomes Pablo back from his
several months of performing on Cruise Ships.


Sergeant-at-Arms - Brian Lamb
Now to the fines: 2 people not signed in…Barbara, David Philips you cheeky monkeys!
All those not wearing poppies…no excuses, we know they fall off…buy more!
David Sills…fined for not being enthused about being fined.
Fines for all those who have not changed all their clocks…ka-ching!
Pablo returned…fine for missing time to be fined…priceless
No birthdays but there is a proud anniversary! Ross McLaughlin…Congratulations!
Happy Dollars: Joe Prentice for offer received on his house and being a proud owner of new James Bay condo thanks to Angele!
David…Son’s stolen bike returned; Pablo…Good to be back! Ted; Cruise in December (another low US dollar win!), Carl $20 for a “see you next year” by oncologist (wow!!);
Joe Prentice won $15 draw (subsidized your happy dollars in Canadian funds!)
Jack Petrie: Singer in a 60 person Soul Gospel Choir. December 14th performance. Check it out!


joan toone


Our guest speaker, Joan Toone, is President of Post Polio Awareness and Support Society of BC (PPASS) and volunteers with various services. She shared an illuminating and moving personal story of her life. She was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Victoria BC attending SJ Willis Jr High, Victoria High School and University of Victoria. She eventually married Terry Toone in 1964, the President of the Rotary Club of Victoria. She spoke lovingly of her son, daughter and 4 grandchildren. Among many volunteer activities, her involvement with PPASS as a driving force to make life for post polio people better, comes from her own first hand experience contracting polio. She recalled playing with other children in the days of 1951, when children were being encouraged to stay home due to polio outbreaks. Polio enters the mouth, travels to the small intestine, gut, brain and affects neurons in the spinal cord…leading to paralysis. It is very easily spread and she caught is on that fateful summer day in 1951, shortly after her brother.
It was a time when polio was starting to take hold of youngsters and hospitals overflowed with sick and dying children. Children lying in hospital wards were terrified as they saw children die and be taken away on gurneys. After 3 months, she struggled to walk despite being told she would never be able to regain her mobility. What a courageous young child. Throughout this epidemic chaos, post polio survivors needed to also fight against the stigma of physical disability. Adaptive devices were seen to be a mass hindrance to socio-economic personal development as public focus at the time equated physical disability with “inability” in most every sense. It is thanks to courageous and outspoken advocates, particularly with first hand experience, that the “people with disabilities” community have come so far to integrate in meaningful socio-political and economical ways. She also spoke about how weakness in the legs returns decades after the first paralysis and requires further treatment. Joan spoke eloquently about the great impact that Rotary has brought to Polio prevention. The Rotary Polio Plus Program is working. At 60 cents for each child polio vaccination, an estimated 2 billion children have been prevented from contracting polio. Global certification is being sought for Polio prevention through the World Health Organization. The overarching goals are to develop new vaccines, attain proper tools, develop Public Private Partnerships, and promote cease-fires. Much more education is need about polio, internationally, to ensure understanding and prevention. Joan further inspired us by indicating that we will eradicate polio within our lifetime.

Joe thanked Joan for such a meaningful presentation on the behalf of Rotary. The work that she does affects the lives of so many, making the world a better place for post polio survivors, the wider community of people with disabilities, and the community at large.
Thank you!


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

David Sills

Steve Harthill

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray


November 13 Foundation Joan Firkins
November 20

Art Gallery of Victoria - Shirley Madill

November 27 Foundation Auction


13-Nov Mutter Nazar Patrick Ockermueller O'Coffey
20-Nov Philip Hogarth Pitt Picken Prentice
27-Nov Pritchard Rawnsley Schopper Rogers-Warnock Sills

Cashier: Carter; 50-50 Gaudet

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