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Program for May 20, 2008, reported by David Philip. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Jack welcomed the visiting Group Study Exchange Team from Norway and also ADG David Stocks and Ben Andersen. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Vicky Pitt recited grace.

Visiting Rotarians, introduced by Joe Prentice:

David Stocks, Sooke, Management Consultant & ADG
Troy Alexander, Royal Oak, Mortgage Broker.

The Group Study Exchange Team were introduced and each member gave a short account of themselves. The leader of the Norwegian Group Study Exchange, Hans Lie, said he felt like the leader Charlie in the TV show “Charlie’s Angels.” He had 4 young ladies to chaperone.
Hans is a retired Air Force colonel and completed his pilot training in Canada in July 1964. He has had a distinguished career during his service to his country. He retired in 2003 and continues to enjoy his retirement, riding his Harley Davidson. He is a dedicated Rotarian and works hard to serve in his community. He introduced his Angels:
Elizabeth Hansen, age 28, is a committed child care worker. She has many activities, but her main desire is to ensure that children and young people have better and safer living conditions. She also does parent counseling. She enjoys taking long walks, and has an interest in music and needlework.
Hilde Nilsen, age 29, works as a teacher in Halden. She has major interests in sport, and is the vice president of her local gymnastics club. She is an ice hockey fan and likes to go cross-country skiing.
Birgit Rognstad, age 25 trained as a teacher and works for a private company in human rehabilitation. She helps with occupational rehabilitation and physical and mental disorders. She keeps fit by taking long walks and cross-country and alpine skiing.
Rannveig Nilsen, age 27, is a police officer in Oslo. She does investigations as well as uniform street patrols. She enjoys the outdoors and running and jogging. In autumn, she goes moose hunting with her father. They are members of a hunting team.
Our visitors are real ambassadors for their country. Their ability to speak English is excellent.
They are very well-educated with friendly smiles. Norway should be proud of them. An exchange of club banners took place.

Jim Force, made a plea for donations for Myanmar to help alleviate the devastation caused by the cyclone. Any money raised would go to provide shelters. The damage to the country is extensive and the shelters, which costs roughly $1200 are a major factor in alleviating some of the hardship. The Red Cross will put any donations to good use.
Heather Aked, informed the club about the casual party to be held at president Jack Petrie’s residence at 1750 González at 5 p.m. Space to heat food is limited. Please bring a cold salad or cold dessert or cold appetizers. She reminded everyone to BYOB and to dress casually. Jack announced that those coming should be prepared to help weed his new lawn, which has been recently reseeded. There will be no hijinks or games on the lawn which might spoil his horticultural efforts.
Perry Banmji passed out brochures about the World Partnership Walk to be held Sunday, May 25, 2008. Register at 10 a.m. at the Cameron Band Shell at Beacon Hill Park.
Will Carter reminded the members that the Oak Bay tea party, which is a major club fundraiser, will be held on the weekend of the 6, 7 and 8 June at Willow’s Park. He made a plea for volunteers, because there are quite a few time slots still to be filled in.

Sergeant-at-Arms Joan Peggs fined all who had received P.H. Fellowships last week, all who were involved with a mix-up over an executive meeting, and all sitting at the same table as last week. Among individual fines, Neil Madsen fined Ted Chambers, cashier, for forgetting the float and, in absentia, George Pritchard for failing to appear to record the meeting, and donated $2 to acknowlege David Philip forstepping up in his place. Hans O. won the draw and drew the white marble.

Guest Speaker
The main speaker for the meeting was David Stocks. He is Assistant District Governor. He joined Rotary in Kamloops in 1969 and has been very active since coming to live on Vancouver Island, joining the Sooke Rotary club. Because of time constraints, he condensed a great amount of wonderful information into a short period of time. Information which we can use to improve our already great club. The highlights were:

A club needs plans and a constant review of any plans -- constant change is to be expected. He quoted from South Pacific -- -- “you gotta have a dream.” He recommended that a club should watch its resources and avoid the tyranny of too many new ideas. He recommended building a cohesive leadership team. A strategic plan is important and should be well positioned. All members in a club should understand the club’s focus. David said that the club should look to obtain support from influential people in the community. -- Think Big!
He emphasized that once the game plan has been initiated the implementation should be as brief as possible. The implication being that procrastination is the killer of concepts. He then gave a series of examples of Mission Statements that some clubs have. e.g. “It’s for the Youth". All strategy should be examined. He went on to question "how long should a strategy last?”. He outlined Rotary International’s standard initiatives. He challenged us to examine how well we were following in this direction. He advised against doing too many projects. He said we should be selective. David pointed out that all projects should have a beginning and an end date, and that someone should be in charge of every project. He said a “Project Manager.” should be appointed and have the authority to ensure the project’s successful conclusion.
Wyn Taylor thanked David and complimented him on his presentation, and the speed with which he was able to present it and still finish on time.


Jack Petrie

President Elect:
Neil Rawnsley

Past President:
Tav Macpherson

Victoria Pitt

David Sills

Neil Rawnsley

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

Tav Macpherson

Joan Peggs

Service Projects:
Tom Lidkea
Joe Prentice

Heather Aked

Sergeants @ Arms:
Brian Lamb

Lynne Murray

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May 27

Our Exhange Student : Ola. Adventures in Citizenship : Rebecca Marshall

June 4

Protecting Your Personal Information  ...  Jim Burrows.

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