Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District 5020 Governor 06-07: Erik Frederickson

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, 1975 Bee Street, Victoria, BC, V8R-5E6

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Tav Macpherson

President Elect:
Jack Petrie

Past President:
David Maxwell

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

Brian Lamb


Barry Mutter

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

David Maxwell

Jack Petrie

Service Projects:
Dallas Chapple

Jim Force

Sergeants @ Arms:
Mark Bedford
& Ben Andersen

Lynne Murray


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Some of the GSE-Brazil group members at Tav and Diane's BBQ

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Program for May 15 reported by Nels Granewall

President Tav opened the meeting by welcoming the Group Study Exchange team from Brazil.
Tom Lidkea played O Canada and Wynn Taylor said grace.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Joan Firkins:

Cindy Hayworth, Abaco, Bahamas, Property Management;
Annamaria Bammje, Frontenac-Kingston, Translator;
Perry Bamje, Kingston, University Professor;
Doug Downs, Harbourside, Construction.
Dr. Wolf Schopper was the guest of Hans O.,
Wendy Hogarth of John Snively;
Draylene Gibb of Tom Lidkea.

The GSE Team from Brazil were all guests of the Club:

Marlene B. Kato (Team Leader), Venâncio Forti, Eduardo Grácia, Tatiana Kajimoto, Cláudio Bertolucci, Eduardo Antonietto, and Ana C. L. Senche Castilho

CLOCKWISE from top left: Eduardo Antonietto, Ana C. L. Senche Castilho, Eduardo Grácia, Marlene B. Kato, Tatiana Kajimoto, Venâncio Forti, Cláudio Bertolucci (speaking with Nels Granewall), at the BBQ Tuesday evening.


Mark Bedford reminded the members that only 3 black marbles remained, so be sure to buy a lot of tickets, either now or next week if a winner is not forthcoming this week. He fined President Tav for not knowing when the meeting was to start. Joan Firkins was fined for working too hard in retirement, and Jack Petrie for having two SUVs to fill up. Giles Bixler was fined for dangerous driving in the parking lot where he nearly ran over Joan. Visiting Rotarian Doug Downs was fined for leaving his cell phone on during the meeting, while Tom Croft and Hazel Meredith were both fined for arriving late for their front desk duties. No anniversaries were celebrated this week, but Foster Isherwood celebrated his 85th birthday, while Henry Minto and David Maxwell also celebrated less auspicious birthdays. Tricia Timmermans marked her return after two months away by holding lucky ticket 568, but only managed to draw a black marble.

Happy/Sad $:
Tom Croft gave a happy buck in thanks for the $1500 he raised at the club for his swimathon fundraiser.


President Tav announced with much regret that our long-time member, Bert Whan Tong, has resigned from the club due to ill health. Bert was injured in an accident and his hearing has not recovered to the extent that he could participate in the meetings.

Tav also reminded the members about the vote next week on the changes to certain Club articles and the need for 75% approval. He also asked those members attending the BBQ to bring jackets since it gets cold in the evenings.

GSE Team from Brazil

The team members were introduced individually and a little bit of information was provided on each of them. Eduardo Antonietta provided a Power-Point presentation on Brazil and on District 4470 which was most informative and gave the membership a much better understanding of where our guests come from. President Tav thanked them on behalf of the club and banners were exchanged. (Theirs is from Rotary Club Aracatubas, Cruzeiro Do Sul, District 4470). Many members look forward to seeing the team again at the district conference.



Guest Speaker Jody Patterson

Heather Aked introduced Jody Patterson who came to talk about her position as the Executive Director of PEERS, which she is leaving at the end of July. She began by saying that 3/4 of her staff have a background as sex-trade workers, and that there are three different programs available to about 150 clients currently in sex-trade work. Her work is primarily to give talks to the public about her organization and she makes about 60 presentations annually. Most of her audiences are uncomfortable about listening to this topic and she believes that about 60% of the listeners want her to shut up and talk about something else. Prostitution is a big industry in Victoria and it keeps growing. There are currently about 100 sex-trade workers who are on the “outdoor stroll” on Rock Bay Ave., but there are over 800 who are working the “indoor stroll”, many of whom are doing very well both emotionally and financially and do not need the intervention of her organization. She is primarily concerned with the outdoor workers, the majority of whom come from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome birth mothers who have been bounced around from foster home to foster home until they were kicked out and ended up on the street. Most of these workers are sick, desperate people who are available for any perverse request. They are unable to give proof of “real work” so they are unable to obtain any government assistance to help them out of their present position and, regrettably, they are mostly low level learners who would not profit from educational upgrading grants. Jody pointed out that the so-called “red light” district in Victoria has been the same for over 100 years. During the 70s there was a crackdown on brothels and many women were forced to go out on the streets in remote areas of the city where they were targets for violence by perverse clients. Often the workers were mere children with few survival skills, resulting in many deaths and disappearances. In any of her rescue programs, Jody calculates that it takes about 10 years to go from sex-trade worker to mainstream member of society. The difficult part is to find ways for them to survive during this period without having to resort to returning to the streets. Barry Mutter thanked Jody for a most provocative presentation to the Club.

There being no further Rotary business, the meeting closed with Tom Lidkea at the piano for God Save the Queen.

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May 15 Jody Patterson - PEERS
May 22 Club Assembly - Korean Exchange Group + Entertainment
May 29 Vocational Speakers
June 5 Shelterbox - Don Ohlgren
Thank Speaker
15-May Eley Firkins Granewall Force Harrison
22-May Harthill Jackson Lamb Lidkea Marsh
29-May Maxwell McDougall McLean McLeod Munro
Front Desk for April: Cashier, Pritchard; 50-50, Patrick

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