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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre ( MAP)

Program for May 12, 2009, reported by David Maxwell. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil's Rotary Quote was from RI 2006-07 President W.B. (Bill) Boyd of Auckland N.Z. His Rotary Theme was, “Lead the Way.” Speaking at an International Assembly in San Diego he said: “As Rotarians we are not content to let matters stay the way they have always been, in our clubs or in our communities. We are not content with the status quo and we do not look at a problem only to say someone else will solve it. We are the ones who ask, ‘Why not us?’ We are the ones with the skills and desires to build a better way. And we are the ones who must Lead the Way.”

O Canada was sung a cappella and Hans O. said grace.


Perry was the acting SAA. The guest, Ron Parent, won the draw and gave the $$ to the club. Fines went to Dallas, Peter L, Don and Giles.

Neil R. celebrated a birthday and anniversaries were celebrated by Vicky and Tim (Vicki lamented that Tim was at sea for their 30th anniversary) and by Jack and Brannan Petrie.





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Waterpark Workers
Workers at the Canarvon Waterpark last weekend.

Assembly Today:
1. Vicky Pitt - The Vision of the Club for the next few years.
Vicky will send her summary of many months work to the web site for all to review. She spoke of the overall goals going forward in the areas of Club, Foundation, Avenues of Service and Fundraising.
2. Heather Aked - Community Service
Heather thanked her team and the work they did this year so far in supporting our community. We gave $4,500 to the Teen Centre, $3,000 for books at George Jay School, 1500 for Quadra School, Adventures in Citizenship and $500 to each of the Salvation Army, Mustard Seed, Interact and the BCAA. We raised $16,000 for Eldercare and the Oak Bay Lodge. We also supported the community by painting the waterpark, manning kettles, working the tea party. Social events were the Scotch Tasting, Golf Tournament, the Soul Gospel Choir and the Xmas and Mexico parties. All in all another busy year for the club and lots of great community support.
3. Perry Bamji - International Service
Perry reported the following projects for 2008-09, with budgeted costs:
Malawi Girls’ School: $2,000; Kisalena School Garden, Tanzania $1,500' Kilema Training Centre Tanzania $500; RotaPlast, Phillipines $2,500; ShelterBoxes (Pakistkan & Italy) $2,400; Kids' Kits $ 360; PUC, Ambassador Training, Scholarships (Contingency Funds) $1,600. This totals $10,860, although the contingency funds have not yet been spent. In addition, sales of Grace Booklets have so far raised $2,000 for Shelterboxes. Well Done, Perry!
4. Jack Petrie - Public Relations
Jack thought that his group could have done more this year but with events like the Gospel Choir, and the Malawi School night, the reputation in the community for Rotary was certainly strong. Awareness continues to be a major goal and Jack spoke of local awareness events he has planned when the weather gets warmer including the Home and Garden Tour and the new bike rack. Jack will work with Jim to ensure the PR and membership committees get together. Thanks Jack!!
5. Jim Force - Membership
Jim said we had 63 members in July 08 and now we have 60, indicating a net drop of 3 for the year. Actually, we lost 5 members but 3 of them transferred to other clubs. The attendance of the Club was 73% year to date. We need to ensure E-make ups if we are not going to be there. Club in a Pub is also a new and popular idea. Jim developed a membership Resource box to help prospective and new members get resources to help better understand what Rotary does. Our goal for membership is for 70 members over the next 3 years so we each have a part to play in attracting new members to replace the few that leave and to keep the numbers up.

Finished with GSTQ.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Tav Macpherson:

Bill McDaniel
, Calgary Chinook, Admin. Finance.
Ron Parent was the guest of Don O’Coffey.

Tricia’s slide show of the year’s accomplishments played during our meal- Thanks Tricia!!

• Pres Neil thanked all those who helped at the water park on the weekend.

• Will Carter reminded us of the Oak Bay Tea Party shifts needed to be filled June 6/7. Mark your calendar.

Home and Garden Tour Aug 16. We need 150 volunteers, so we all need to do our part. The 2.5 hour shifts are from 11:30 to 1:30 or 1:30 -3:00.

Installation Dinner at the Uplands Golf course June 30th. Start thinking about the Rotarian of the Year vote coming up in June.
Meetings in June: June 2nd at the Monterey centre, June 9th at Windsor Park, June 16th at the Teen centre.




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2009 Programs
May 19
Tourism in Victoria – Helen Welch
May 26 Enable Programs - services for immigrant and refugee children and youth. Negin Naragi (Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society)
19-May McLeod Beauvais Mutter Murray Nazar
26-May Ockermueller O'Coffey Peggs Philip Pitt
Cash Desk: Chapple; 50-50: Marsh

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