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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for May 5, 2009, reported by Jim Force. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil's rrotary Quote was from the 1999/2000 R.I. President from the Rotary Club of Milano Sud-Ovest, Italy. His Rotary message was, “Act with consistency, Credibility and Continuity”. In the July 1999 Rotarian he wrote: Clearly, we are moving toward a future that will be characterized at once by desperate needs and vast potential. We Rotarians are especially well-positioned to serve as a bridge between the problems and the possibilities. We have a strong presence in nations that are technologically rich as well as in nations that can barely meet even the most basic human needs. Let us use that presence - and the unique perspective it affords us - to create the vibrant spirit of Rotary...and to extend it to every part of the globe.

Tom Lidkea played O Canada & John Snively said grace.


Heather Aked thanked John Snively and Jim Force for assisting her in manning the Club’s booth at the Oak Bay Community Fair hosted by Oak Bay Emergency Social Services, Oak Bay Sea Rescue, and the Oak Bay Community Association.

She reminded members that this year we will continue with Thrifty Smile Cards. Thrifty Foods will donate 5% of the amount we load on our Smile Cards to a maximum of $1,500 that will then be used to purchase dictionaries for George Jay Elementary School. Old cards are still good so fill them up. New cards can be obtained from Heather.

Rotary Wheel

President’s Report:

Neil Rawnsley shared an email from Sara McLaughlin, the Interact student who is our representative at Adventures in Citizenship in Ottawa. Sara is excited about attending the conference. This is her first trip to eastern Canada. Neil also reminded club members of the paint-in at the Water Park organized by Lorna Curtis on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm

Guest Speaker:

Peter Johannknecht introduced the speaker, Adriane Schroeder who is the Community Action Coordinator with the Canadian Cancer Society for Vancouver Island.

Adriane showed a ten-minute film which focused on the connection between pesticides and cancer. The film indicated that many lawn and garden pesticides are toxic not only to birds and bees, but to humans as well, particularly those in early developmental stages of life. Many of the chemical pesticides being used today were approved for use in the past when approval standards were not as strict as they are today. The Cancer Society and other organizations operate on the precautionary principle that is to err on the side of caution when determining whether or not to use a particular pesticide. There is a growing demand for alternatives to chemical pesticides and several municipalities throughout BC are writing by-laws that restrict the use of those that are deemed toxic.

Joan Peggs thanked Adriane and presented her with one of our famous 4-Way Test coffee mugs.


I. Missing Club Memorabilia
We seem to have lost track of the following items since moving from the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. If you know where these items are, please inform President Neil.

1. Plaque containing names of all past Presidents.
2. Chain of office for the President.
3. Other items include plaques noting citations of excellence for achievements of the Club.

II. Venues of June Meetings:
June 2: Pool Shutdown, Monterey Centre, Vocational.
June 9: Pool Shutdown, Windsor Park Pavillion, BBQ.
June 16: Pool Shutdown, Teen Centre - behind Oak Bay Rec Centre.
June 23: back at Rec. Centre.
June 30: Installation Dinner at Uplands Golf Course.

Atsikana Pa Ulendo - Malawi Girls on the Move (APU) School girls

News from Malawi is that the second group of APU girls have settled in and the buildings are slowly becoming reality. I have been putting together bios and photos on each girl for Christie Johnson to send to their sponsors. Shock and disbelief, but mostly hope, are the emotions I've felt reading of the impossible circumstances most of these girls have come from. Many have fought to "free" themselves and their families from extreme poverty by studying hard to be chosen for acceptance at APU. By doing so they have become role models in their villages. Please visit the website to learn more about APU and perhaps donate if you are able.

APU School  - Malawi

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Our sole visitor was Carol Michelin, who was the guest of Vicky Pitt.


Mark Bedford fined all Club members who didn’t listen to the leadership debate $1 and then threatened to fine all those who did 10¢, but thought better of it. Henry Minto was fined for having his picture in the paper in relation to the Air Museum. Several members, whose names won’t be mentioned, were fined for talking during O Canada and the grace.
[However, your Editor will gleefully record the three he got down; David P. talking to Lori and David M. to someone else.]

A big thanks to Mark for serving as S@A for the last two months.

Happy & Sad Dollars
Joan Firkins shared her experience of interviewing the Ambassadorial Scholarship candidates
while Wolf Schopper told us about his son. Mark Bedford put $2 in the pot so he could tell another of his minister jokes.

50/50 Draw was won by Carol Toal, who pulled the white marble and earned herself $290. Congratulations Carol!

Jim Force reported that 7 Club members and 2 guests attended Thursday’s first Club-in-a-Pub monthly make-up meeting at the Penny Farthing Pub. A good time was had by all. John Edgell purchased 3 “Go Canucks” crying towels during the meeting, which were auctioned off at today’s meeting for a total of $90. The generosity of the three members who won the towels is greatly appreciated.

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2009 Programs
May 12
Club Assembly
May 19
Tourism in Victoria – Helen Welch
12-May Lidkea MacPherson Maxwell McDougall McLean
19-May McLeod Beauvais Mutter Murray Nazar
26-May Ockermueller O'Coffey Maxwell Philip Pitt
Cash Desk: Chapple; 50-50: Marsh

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