Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District 5020 Governor 06-07: Erik Frederickson

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, 1975 Bee Street, Victoria, BC, V8R-5E6

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Tav Macpherson

President Elect:
Jack Petrie

Past President:
David Maxwell

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

Brian Lamb


Barry Mutter

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

David Maxwell

Jack Petrie

Service Projects:
Dallas Chapple

Jim Force

Sergeants @ Arms:
Mark Bedford
& Ben Andersen

Lynne Murray


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Program for May 1, reported byWill Carter

President Tav presided over the 40th meeting of the year, Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Les Canty said Grace.

Visitors, introduced by Donna Carrigan

Sid Tafler, our Speaker, was guest of the Club as was Liz Rodiles;
Kathleen Froese was the guest of Jack Petrie;
Graham Howard and Wendie Hogarth were guests of of Don O’Coffey;
David Philip was guest of of David Philip.

Below is a picture of some of our happy members (and guest, David Philip). (Photo by Jack Petrie)

The lunch was the usual terrific fare, and a swarm of Rotarians was noted around the desert table.


Mark Bedford, venerable Sergeant-at-Arms, fined Don O’Coffey for a church garage sale picture in the paper. Other fines included those with no visitors at their tables, Tom Lidkea for a letter in the paper criticizing the government, John Snively for “sucking up” to the Sergeant, Donna Carrigan who was late for her duty as greeter, and President Tav for referring to the members of the Club as “rabble” (I forget the context). Finally, he fined all those who had not snitched to him about members’ transgressions, so he could increase his fine revenue. However, he forgot that your Editor had pointed out to him that Les Canty jumped ahead of us in the line-up to sign in. Two or three members volunteered hilarious stories as happy $.

David and Norma Sills are celebrating an anniversary.
Brian Lamb won the draw but couldn’t find the white marble among only 5 black ones.


July 7
will be our garage sale, stay tuned for more news on that later.

June 2 & 3 will see us making pop corn and candy floss in our booth at Willows Beach. Will Carter will be in charge once more and wants us to reserve those dates.

Joe Prentice announced that the Brazilian Group Study Exchange needed more activities and that drivers were wanted, especially with vans. Contact him at

All members were asked to sign up for a committee or two for the coming year, and Jack
Petrie will be supervising the sign-up sheets.

President Tav announced that the Club will, on May 22, be adopting a new constitution and Leslie Rogers has by now e-mailed the changes that are necessary to conform to the latest requirements of R.I. and also to separate our Club business for our charitable functions.

Health of the Club: Bert Whan Tong will probably not be returning to the Club because the damage to his hearing makes it impossible to cope with groups, and he can’t sit for long periods. He has been a fine member for a very long time and will be missed.

Guest Speaker introduced by Ted Chambers:

Sid Tafler addressing Rotarians at the May 1 meeting. (Photo by Jack Petrie)

Sid Tafler is the author of the book “Us and Them, A Memoir of Tribes and Tribulations”. Mr. Tafler is a writer for the Globe and Mail, and describes himself as a consultant, producer, researcher and writer. His interests are Aboriginal issues; art, history and pre-history; Canadian politics from a Western perspective; British Columbia politics, environment, resources and current affairs. He spoke of major issues for Canadians such as how natives and non-natives are treated differently by non-natives. A recent article in the Globe and Mailis is titled: “Murals of bare-breasted natives championed indigenous culture”, says artist’s kin (see - webmaster's info: this article has to be purchsed from the Globe and Mail.

Among other interesting things he told us was the experience of growing up in Montreal in a Jewish family just after the war, and observing the separate “tribes” of Jews, Anglophones and Francophones, who rarely interacted with each other. He spoke of his experiences living with aboriginal families in the remote northern regions of B.C., and how these people were connected to Nature in a way we are not, and how their children are the responsibility of the entire community, not just the immediate family.

His book was available for purchase after the meeting.

Dallas Chapple thanked him for an entertaining and thought provoking talk.


Saturday, May 12 there will be a Wine Tour to be held, for members of the club and guests, to visit wineries up island. Five different wineries are to be visited and there will be a gourmet three-course lunch included for the cost of a $90 per person.

HOW TO PROPOSE A NEW MEMBER (click here to read pamphlet)
This pamphlet will help you make a membership proposal using Rotary International's standard procedures.


May 8 Therese Eley - Interact
May 15 Jody Patterson - PEERS
May 22 Club Assembly - Korean Exchange Group + Entertainment
May 29 Vocational Speakers
June 5 Shelterbox - Don Ohlgren
Thank Speaker
8-May Cooley Davie Curtis Diemecke Edgell
15-May Eley Firkins Granewall Force Harrison
22-May Harthill Jackson Lamb Lidkea Marsh
29-May Maxwell McDougall McLean McLeod Munro
Front Desk for April: Cashier, Pritchard; 50-50, Patrick

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