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Program for March 1, 2011 - Reported by Tav Macpherson; Photos by Tricia Timmermans

President-Elect, Joan Peggs, called the meeting to order promptly at 12:15 p.m.  After a hesitant start to O Canada, Jack Petrie’s vocals resonated from the cash desk and led a robust rendering by the attendees.  Peter Lawrie followed with an invocation giving thanks for many daily events that we take for granted.

After lunch, Joan Peggs recognized that it was St. David’s Day, gifting daffodil buds to any who claimed to have a little Welsh blood. 


·        Lorna Curtis circulated a file requesting pledges of Silent Auction items for the Italian dinner.
·       Peter Lawrie announced that the Fairways food drive is this Saturday, 5th March, and invited volunteers to sign up.  Peter also indicated that our club is sending Logan Graham to Adventures in Citizenship and two people (Clara Bradley and Akihito Quaife) to RYLA.
·        Lori McLeod reminded us that March is “Embracing Age Month”.  A brochure was circulated outlining events, workshops and resources sponsored by Eldercare.  Also, Memory Cafe takes place on Thursday evenings at Oak Bay Lodge.  Why not join in?
·        Renate Gibbs mentioned a fund-raising event for bursaries to help nursing students at Camosun at 6:30 p.m. on 7 April, 2011.  If you can’t attend, please buy a ticket anyway and sponsor a student attendee!
·         Joan Peggs advised us that there is a shortage of Home Hospitality hosts for the Friday evening prior to the District Leadership Training Assembly.  Just have some nice Rotarians over for dinner – it is fun!

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Literacy World Rotaract Week is March 13-19
March is “Embracing Age Month”.

Leslie Rogers-Warnock introduced the guest speaker, Sergeant Ray Maxwell, Traffic Co-ordinator with the Oak Bay Police Department.  Previously with the RCMP, Sgt. Ray joined O.B.P. 10 years ago moving here from Saskatchewan.

Planning to Drive After Drinking?

Sgt. Maxwell gave us a comprehensive summary of the new laws pertaining to drinking and driving.  Briefly, the law has not changed significantly, but the penalties have. The Criminal Code of Canada prohibits driving with a blood alcohol level of over 0.08 mg.  Provincial statutes, on the other hand, create penalties for those driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 mg.  Consequences for impaired drivers in the “Warn range” (0.05 – 0.08 mg) are severe and immediate.  First offenders  receive  an immediate three-day driving ban plus a $200 fine, plus a possible three-day vehicle impoundment, plus a $250 driver’s licence reinstatement fee.  This totals over $600!  Second and third time offenders have ever-increasing penalties including longer suspensions and costs that may range up to $4,000! 

If your blood alcohol is greater than 0.08 mg, you are in the “fail” range.  Criminal charges may be pressed with the attendant costs of legal fees.  At least expect immediate costs of about $4,000 including a responsible driver’s course ($880) and a one-year Ignition Interlock affixed to your vehicle at a cost of over $1,800. (The driver has to pass a legal breath test on the device to be able to start the car.) Space does not permit an exhaustive commentary.  You are advised to research the relevant laws yourself.  Sgt. Maxwell left an informative handout on each table.  Two interesting bits of information from Sgt. Maxwell:

1. To avoid court challenges due to breathalyzer margin of error, police are currently imposing penalties only for a blood alcohol reading of .06 or higher. 
2. Most people register less than impaired after one standard-size drink (single shot of the hard stuff, one bottle of beer or a standard glass of wine - about 150ml). Exception: small people, particularly women.

The Sergeant  further indicated that the Province wants to speed up the penalty process and keep cases out of the courts where there is an ever-mounting backlog.  The impaired actually now have an advantage, as fewer of them will be encumbered by a criminal record.  
Apparently the legislation is working.  The target for decreasing accidents involving injuries or death was expected to be about 15% but it has proven to be about 40%. There are also huge cost savings to insurance companies and the legal system. 

Is another drink or two really worth it?”

David Maxwell Ray Maxwell
David Maxwell (above) thanked our guest and presented him with the O.B. coffee mug.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by
Tricia Timmermans:
Rotarian, John Heraghty Guests: Ray Parks, Betty Pitt, and our speaker Sergeant Ray Maxwell.
SGT. Ray Maxwell

Celebrations Master

Sergeant at Arms, aka Celebrations Master, Neil Rawnsley fined Perry Bamji for changing the title from Sergeant-at-Arms; Brian Lamb for having been a club member since 1975 and five other members who had service longer than Neil himself.  He also fined all those who watched the Academy Awards (squeals of protest from Lorna!) and asked some questions about the Rotarian magazine.
The Sergeant himself won the draw but in the spirit of Rotary ordered a redraw which brought Wolf Schopper to the front of the room to much applause.
The meeting closed at 1:35 p.m. with a rendition of “God Save the Queen”.

Sing along to a beautiful new song COME JOIN US that describes the essence of what we do in Rotary.

Click here to read of club members' Jacqueline Mealing and John Snively's work in San Antonio Palopo on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala. View photos of the project here.

Vancouver Sun article on the new Drink/Driving laws.

CBC story on the Civil Libertarian's point of view.


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PROGRAMS - MARCH - Literacy World Rotaract Week (March 13)

March 8

Mayor Chris Causton – What Makes Oak Bay Unique

Mar 15

St Patrick’s Day social meeting

Mar 22

Committee Brainstorming

Mar 29

Daphne Hitchcock – SenseABILITY


Letter from Geoff Hall, a member of the organizing committee for the 2011 District 5020 District Leadership Training Assembly (DLTA):  This year's DLTA will take place in Victoria, April 2nd-3rd 2011, with a social evening - Fellowship Friday - preceding on April 1st for those who are interested. This is a wonderful opportunity for 5020 Rotarians to learn about Foundation Grants, building ever better Rotary clubs, ways to include youth, and more.  You can check out this link for complete program info: Program Outlines. There will be no shortage of opportunity for fellowship with Rotarians from all around Washington and Vancouver Island, including the opportunity for a night on the town with Saturday Night Specials.  Attendees have the chance to check out some of the best spots beautiful Victoria has to offer! Please visit the web site I have set up here. Registration is now open for paying by cheque or Credit Card. Base registration is $90.00 CAD. Remember, registration is limited, so you are encouraged to register ASAP to ensure availability!

Yours in Rotary, 
Geoff Hall
Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club
District 5020

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