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Program for March 31, 2009, reported by Tricia Timmermans. CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil began the meeting with a quote from the 1989-90 RI President Hugh M. Archer of the Rotary Club of Dearborn, Michigan. His Rotary Vision: That Rotarians 'Enjoy Rotary in every aspect, from simple fellowship to wide-ranging service.' In his article Enjoy Rotary which appeared in the Rotarian 20 years ago, he said in part: "There is much pleasure in Rotary activities. The breakfast, luncheon or dinner every week brings you in contact with your fellow members. Their diverse interests and knowledge stimulate your interest in your community...the planning for service projects both closeby or across some distant horizon carries us out of our own self interest into the wonderful world of service to others...(and the) pleasing paradox... that we grow in stature when we give our time and talent to improve the quality of life for someone else. How strange that when we give dignity to someone else, we grow in dignity ourselves...”

Sergeant-at-Arms Mark fined Ted H. a dollar for the recovery of some missing paintings which had been heralded in the paper; all who gave the broccoli a miss were charged a dollar; the tables were quizzed, with the person answering the correct answer being spared the misery of coughing up, which is always good for hauling in considerable funds. All who refused to move forward of the dividing planters at the meeting’s start-up were fined, as was Leslie for being away for so long. John E. was fined for his “safari” look in winter, Neil R. copped it for not starting on time (three minutes late to be exact); all tables with no guests were fined; Lorna was spotted “cherry-picking” the last two tomatoes; John S. was fined for pleading not to be fined, but then he forgot the guest list, so of course he had to be fined.

john and linda Edgell
Today's Speaker, John Edgell, with his wife Linda.

President Neil explains the meeting format thus: "Today is the 5th Tuesday of the month and in addition is is April Fools’ Eve. That may be relevant, as your social committee is solely responsible for today’s meeting. For visiting Rotarians and guests, this will not be your usual Oak Bay Rotary meeting. I take no responsiblity for the rest of the program."

O Canada was sung a cappella and Anne Sims said Grace.

Jack called for jokes. Jim had a mildly risqué one about his parents listening to Oral Roberts on the radio ... the punch line was “it’s about healing the sick, not raising the dead.” Leslie’s also was a little blue – something about a private’s parts – she wondered if it was OK to tell at Rotary (you’ve been gone too long Leslie – Canadians aren’t as boring as some foreigners think). Jack had a long and convoluted one about porpoises and lions (purposes and lines!); Tom C. also had a groaner – something about alcohol without water spelling “straight.” Then Mark told of a prank he played where he helped lift a perfect stranger’s VW beetle between posts with an inch to spare at either end, and then ran, never really finding out how the car was eventually moved. Of course he says he thought it was a friend’s car – yes, that’s Reverend Mark – heaven help his enemies!

Guest Speaker
Tricia then introduced John Edgell. She had a story or two about John from his sailing days, and one more recent tale, tall but true. While they were in Africa John’s wife Linda told him to go and stand beside a watering hole because there was a sign that said “Beware of Crocodiles.” She thought that would make a good photo. As he was standing there, Linda screamed: “Watch out there’s a crocodile!” John has never run so fast - in fact it was a change of underwear moment for both of them - John for obvious reasons, but for Linda too, as she laughed till... Well you know how it goes.

John and Linda showed their slides of Tanzania. One of note was of a clinic that our club had donated $2500 to, after a physician who worked there (Chris Fraser) had spoken to our club. John told of the terrible roads (about 8% are paved) and poverty that they observed. His photos included many animal and bird shots – stampeding wildebeest, open-mouthed hippos, leopards in trees (John’s specialty), copulating giraffes, the handsome Massai people, newborn zebras, various modes of transport – from bullocks to bikes to tractors, and a host of other interesting shots. There wasn’t time to see their South African photos, but Heather, in thanking John and Linda for an enjoyable show, hoped they would return at a later date so that we could be further entertained.

Photo by Neil R.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by John Snively:

Don McKimmie, Downtown, Accountant;
Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A;
Gerry Lundgren was the guest of Don McKimmie, Linda Edgell of John Edgell and Tristan Doherty of Vicky Pitt.

The Happy and Sad Dollar lot included Dallas (her Dad was swimming his way into Olympic torch-bearing history); Jim Force was happy about his 8-month-old grandson visiting; Joan F. had us all looking a little clueless for not knowing that Newfoundland joined Canada 60 years ago (some wise-crack didn’t think that was cause for a Happy Dollar); Leslie was happy to be singing the Canadian Anthem again (and we were happy she wasn’t singing it then); Heather had a cute Alexander story (he’s not clueless – figures there should be two school days and five weekend days). Cedric received both anniversary and birthday cards, and Joe P. won the draw, coming up short of the big prize, but potting $16 anyway.

Depression Daze by Neil M.

John’s story about the bad roads in Tanzania reminded your Editor of his childhood. I grew up on a farm that was ten miles west of Grande Prairie. At that time in the Dirty Thirties there was not a single mile of gravelled road in the entire Peace River Country, and, needless to say, absolutely none paved. In 1937 the mayor of Grande Prairie managed to get an airport built three miles west of the town, and those three miles were then gravelled. One Saturday my father got a ride into town in the car of our neighbour, PJ Clubine. They did their business and then had dinner at the Chinese restaurant (35 cents for a three course meal including soup, main course, apple pie and coffee). They then started home but a light rain had been falling all day. They proceeded nicely on the gravel but at the airport corner they hit the greasy gumbo of the rest of the road. The car spun around 180 degrees. Clubine never even took his foot off the gas pedal but simply went back into town where they spent the night.

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Cash Desk: Snively; 50-50: Diemecke


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