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Program for March 23, 2010, reported by Ron Cooley.

President Victoria opened the meeting with a video "Visions of Students Today."

Leslie Lee
Leslie Lee

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Ted Chambers:
Rotarian Burton Kennedy of Winnipeg
Jim Watson, guest of Jim Force, and John Jordan, guest of Tricia Timmermans


The Memory Club will meet this week on Thursday at Oak Bay Lodge. Jim Force also announced that the Club in the Pub would be held afterwards (5.30PM) at the Penny Farthing.

[Addendum: Jim, Joe, Leslie, Tricia and John S. accompanied several Oak Bay Interact Students at the Oak Bay Lodge today, where they swapped courtship stories with many of the residents. It was difficult to tell who enjoyed it the most - the old folks, the young folks or the medium (Rotarian) folks. Trudy Pauluth-Penner, activities co-ordinator at the lodge, facilitated what turned out to be a fun, educational, and rewarding afternoon.]

Lorna asked us to drop off items for the Tuscany Auction at Oak Bay Recreation Center.

Tom Lidkea accompanied us in singing God Save the Queen to close the meeting.

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Next week's speaker is proposed Oak Bay Rotarian, John Jordan. Read about John's recent work in Rwanda on his blog here:

Guest Speaker

Dallas Chapple introduced our speaker, Principal Leslie Lee (seen at left) of George Jay Elementary School. Ms. Lee has also been a teacher, team leader and vice principal in Saanich  and Victoria school districts for the past 31 years.  Leslie’s theme was Teaching in the 21st Century. She began by describing her school. It is located in an inner city multicultural area of Victoria and has 231 students. It has the largest number of impoverished students of any school in the district: 36%. It offers Aboriginal full day kindergarten and ESL (English as a Second Language). Thirty-six per cent of her students speak a language other than English at home. Over 30% of the students have disabilities and learning problems. Fifty to sixty percent receive learning support. There has been a turnover of 90 students moving in and out this year. The school has 6 learning support teachers compared to 1 at other schools. There are 23 social workers. There is a pilot program for English as a second language and a Pre school program. [Giles had spoken to Leslie re dictionaries that Oak Bay Rotary donated to the school previously and suggested another such gift. She appreciated the offer, but as they talked during the early months of the school year she began to suggest she preferred other options, using technological innovation to support the students' language skills in beginning their approach to reading and writing, with a strong emphasis on oral language as a building block.]
Leslie asked us to imagine asking your doctor, dentist or mechanic to provide service based on their original training. Education must upgrade and embrace technology. Students have laptops, cell phones, iphones, etc., and are constantly communicating and sharing information. They use web cams and blog.  Leslie's challenge is to effectively use the money provided. 170 of the students receive lunch at school everyday. Budget must provide for basic needs. A central piece of her vision for education moving forward is that it must be flexible, relevant and engaging. It must meet 3 agenda's of Sustainablitiy, Comfortable norm, and it must be competitive against other agenda's. 
Students retain info best by
·      Teaching to others 90% retention
·      Talking and explaining 80%
·      Writing and Visual sheet 50%
·      See & hear 20%
·      Hearing 10%
Other points: Kid's love to Talk, so teachers need to facilitate discussion and kindle the fire. Students must be asked: "What do you want to know?" and have them retell their findings. The 20th century was text book oriented (working in isolation). The 21st century is research & team based focused on collaboration. The 21st century core subjects are Language arts, math, science, financial literacy & Global awareness. Students will need to have innovative learning skills that are information and media based including social media. Media includes sound, digital, and moving images. Students must be able to integrate web pages, digital images, art, and oral and written work. This learning will last a lifetime.
Among the many questions members asked Leslie: “If students are from such an impoverished district, how do they access digital experiences?” Response: “They do not. We give kids school supplies and food." Leslie was also asked: “How do you get parents to buy into this schooling when they have no interest?….Our job is to get kids into the building, stabilize them and show them we care. We talk about hopes and dreams. We want integration not segregation. We must give children a sense of the world.”

Jim Force thanked Leslie for her talk but mostly for just getting up every morning and going to work, adding “Victoria is not Shangrila. There is as much need here as there is in the Third World.”

Sergeant-at-Arms Leslie raked in some loot for the club coffers, including some embarrassed dollars from President Vicky who had forgotten to pay for lunch. Mark Bedford paid because he missed half his shift at the Shelter Box display. He thanked "Old Neil" for covering for him. Young Neil Rawnsley quickly pointed that out he was not "Old Neil” for which he happily paid a fine. Neil Madsen also denied being “Old Neil”, so who is this guy??


Jim Force made a request for volunteers for the Shelter Box display this Friday and Saturday. Even if you are not volunteering, please stop by the Municipal Hall between 10:00and 5:00 to see what a Shelter Box set up looks like.

Here are the volunteers (so far).

Friday 26th March  


Jim & Tricia


Leslie & Tricia


Leslie & Perry


Joan F


Joan F & Neil M


Dave & Jonathon


Joan P

Saturday 27th March 


Pete L & Peter J


Jack & Barry




Mary C & Cory B


Heather A & Cory


Vicky & Heather


Jim F & Vicky P


30-Mar Curtis Diemecke Timmermans Firkins Bannerman

Cash Desk: Carter; 50-50: Bristol-Price

March 30 English Education in Rwanda - John Jordan

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