Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District 5020 Governor 06-07: Erik Frederickson

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, 1975 Bee Street, Victoria, BC, V8R-5E6

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Tav Macpherson

President Elect:
Jack Petrie

Past President:
David Maxwell

Leslie Rogers-Warnock

Brian Lamb


Barry Mutter

Public Relations:
Tricia Timmermans

David Maxwell

Jack Petrie

Service Projects:
Dallas Chapple

Jim Force

Sergeants @ Arms:
Mark Bedford
& Ben Andersen

Lynne Murray


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Program for March 20, 2007, reported by Angele Munro

Pres. Tav opened the 34th meeting of this year by asking Tom Lidkea to play O Canada and Lynne Murray to say grace.

Visiting Rotarians & GuestsIntroduced by Doug McDougall:

Burton Kennedy, Winnipeg, Senior Active;
Alli. Edgell, Victoria, Active.
Liz Rodiles, our Exchange Student from Mexico.

Ruth Derrick (pictured) our guest speaker, was guest of the Club

Sergeant-at-Arms Irene Davie raised a total of $28.50 as follows:
Dallas & Tom Croft–early leaving; Tom Croft- last in (corrected later when Rod Sim arrived); Giles and Joan- did not sign in; Don Coffee- spilling the beans on identity of Sergeant-at-Arms; Dallas and Tom Croft, referred to as the Club’s wealthiest members, for their appearance in the Times- Colonist to highlight their outstanding year in real estate; Neil Rawnley’s table – could not answer best club in Canada to visit according to The Rotarian (New Brunswick); Others fined for -Which club did Wilfred join? (Ontario); What’s on the new mug? (Front Rotary Cres, Back-four way test); Happy dollars included Doug for shaving his beard; Tom Force for Kids Kits; Allie, visiting Rotarian, for making up her meeting and now being able to peel off her label and finally seeing her designation; Joan for Polio Plus.
Draw of $14.25 was won by Lynne who generously gave back her prize.

Tav reminded us that this is Literacy month and introduced Giles who is the club’s Literacy Chairperson. Giles invited us to view the Rotary site at to see the many, important things that Rotarians do to promote literacy; reading to kids is perhaps the most significant thing we can do to ensure future literacy. September 8th is Literacy Day. Rotarians are encouraged to volunteer to read to children in schools. See Giles to be part of this worthwhile project.
Jack recently attended PET- presidents in training - and came away very impressed with the caliber of our members and their leadership skills in particular. Our club is great!

Tom Lidkea and Mary Canty - proud Rotarians both.

Neil R spoke on the Foundation fundraising. He had feedback that the recently held auction was very successful but that the bidding was perhaps too high for many of our members to get into the action. For this reason, Foundation will hold an envelope event next week. This is an opportunity to become a sustaining member, a Paul Harris Fellow, or increase your level of commitment. You will get matching US grants, so on $125 Cdn, you will get matching US $125. Matching Recognition Points may be used for family and friends. Neil will send us an e-mail to review all of this.

Tav presented Jim Force with the President’s Bookmark for his good work with Kids Kits. We created 40 kits through cash gifts and donations of items. Kits will be shipped sometime in May and we will be called upon to help out with the preparation for shipping at the Compassionate Warehouse.

Guest Speaker, Ruth Derrick, was introduced by Lori M, who said that Ruth was a good example of lifelong learning because of her different careers. Ruth has worked for 10 years with the Children’s Hospital in Ontario, 10 years in the Prime Minister’s Office and is working currently as Executive Director of Project Literacy. Ruth explained that 42% of working adults do not have sufficient literary skills. It is estimated that 6 million Canadians and 1 million adults in B.C. form part of this group. With the increased demands of learning new technology, this increases the burden for the literacy challenged. These people often suffer shame, feel lost and may attempt to hide their disability. She gave the example of a couple with a sick child in hospital in Ontario who were suspected of not taking proper care of their child when, in fact, the parents were illiterate and not able to read the medication directions properly. Ruth said that schools teach Reading, Writing and Math and now, Computer skills. Their handicap may go undetected until a crisis in their life makes the situation impossible to ignore. Literacy Victoria is a small, non-profit group with 140 volunteers and 100 illiterate adults. These people are taught on a 1-1 basis in a task-based program. Most are men (55%) and most have minor learning disabilities - more serious dyslexia is referred. Half the group are working and 48% are on social assistance. Most do not have addictions. The Literacy Victoria group are reaching out to other social and Community groups such as Street Link in an effort to reach all those in need of help. Ruth wrapped up her conversation by asking us to recognize the problem and bring this issue to our political leaders. A 1% rise in the literacy rate would increase our GP by 1 billion. This problem affects us all. There still is a 28% drop-out rate in high school!

Ted Harrison thanked the speaker for her speech on a valuable subject and told of the Lancashire lady who received a prescription which stated on the bottle,”take in a recumbent position”. Her efforts to buy a recumbent position being of no avail, her doctor finally told her it means “lying down”. Good illustration of functional illiteracy.

HOW TO PROPOSE A NEW MEMBER (click here to read pamphlet)
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April 14th - Don't miss the Annual Palm Tree sale at the Municipal Hall - 9:00AM.


APRIL 10 Don Hamilton - Director of the CRD Libraries
April 17 Matt Gerber -
April 24 Janne Ritskes - Cambodian NGO -
Thank Speaker
3-Apr Pitt Phelan Philip Picken Patrick
10-Apr Prentice Rawnsley Sills Sim Sims
17-Apr Snively Stirling Taylor Takahashi Aked
24-Apr Andersen Bixler Bristol-Price Beauvais M Canty
Front Desk for April: Cashier, Pritchard; 50-50, Patrick

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