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Program for March 17, 2009, reported by Jack Petrie. CLICK HERE for Print Version

Visit of Lieutenant-Governor,
Steven L. Point.

Dallas Chapple invited us to sit down and then the Honourable Steven L. Point was piped in by Pipe Major John Mager, accompanied by Honourary Aide-de-Camp Inspector Darrel McLean. Introductory remarks by President Neil continued our focus on the Rotary Theme for March: Literacy. His quote was from the Los Angeles Times from a child literacy initiative in the Greater Los Angeles Area: ”No skill is more crucial to the future of a child, or to a democratic and prosperous society, than literacy”.

Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and then President Neil introduced the Head Table:
Victoria Pitt, President Elect; Lorna Curtis, Manager of Recreation Programs for Oak Bay; Joan Firkins, Past D.G., David Stocks, D.G. Designate, District 5020; His Honour, Steven L. Point; His Worship, Christopher Causton, Mayor of Oak Bay.


One last note from the President, an announcement that Sara Mclaughlin, president of the Interact Club, had been chosen to go to Ottawa as part of the annual Adventures in Citizenship.

All in all a day full of pomp and circumstance, thoughtful messages, humour and fellowship.


Today's photos by Jack Petrie

Guest Speaker, introduced by Joan Firkins.

Steven Pointe - Neil R.
Lieutenant Governor Steven L. Point and President Neil Rawnsley

The Honourable Steven L. Point, Lieutenant-Governor, graced our lunch meeting with a sincere and thought-provoking talk on the need for help in aboriginal schools in BC. Many kids will not get their drivers' licenses because they can’t read. Books are needed for all grades, ones they can relate to that enable them to see the bigger world away from video games, etc. He shared the fact that as a young boy he read a Clarence Darrow novel and it inspired him to become a lawyer. His Honour encouraged Rotary to support literacy initiatives. He outlined one of the initiatives he had undertaken in his campaign to promote literacy. This is called Write Me a Story. A series of pictures is mailed out to all K-7 schools in the province and students are invited to write a story about what they think is happening from one scene to the next. The completed stories are mailed to the Liuetenant Governor, who reads each one and returns it with a memento and thanks. On the first of his projects, he mailed out a picture series to 1400 schools and received more than 1,000 replies. He lamented that he just didn’t have the staff and facilities to deal with all this. In conclusion, he noted that many service clubs, including Rotary, provided books for schools in third world countries. He suggested that the need was just as great in rural schools in B.C. and that Rotary Clubs could partner with specific schools to provide desperately needed books.

President Neil presented the Lieutenant-Governor with a book ‘The World of Stories’ and a $500 cheque to aid his initiatives in this area. It was also noted that a set of these books was being presented to grades 1-3 at George Jay Elementary School. Vicky Pitt thanked our speaker in a foreign language which she tried to convince us was Irish Gaelic. Whatever it was, it was beautifully articulated as were her other words.

Mark Bedford delivered an inspiring invocation (he’s apparently had practice at this). Then we all proceeded to the buffet table in a more orderly fashion than the unruly mob scene in evidence most days. That is, we went strictly by table number. Near the end of our repast Brian Lamb proposed the Loyal Toast to the Queen of Canada.

head table

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Irene Davie:
Burton Kennedy, Winnipeg, S.A.;
David Stocks, Westshore, Mgmt. Consultant;
Marguerite Trussler, Edmonton, Retired Judiciary.

Guests, in addition to the distinguised visitors noted earlier, included Ross Rygh, guest of Irene, Ed Kcydasz, of Jim Force, Nancy Dickinson of Ross McLaughlin, David Dobie of John Snively, Agnes Szilos of Lorna Curtis, Jill Croft of Tom, & Linda Edgell of John.


Mark wore another hat, that of the notorious Sergeant at Arms and fines were dished out mercilessly to Lorna for putting some documents into his whipped cream, Irene for beaming patriotically as the piper entered, Brian Lamb for asking the club to levitate (‘rise’) instead of stand, Ross McLaughlin for something else and a whole whack of us for other fiendishly-conceived reasons. This included $1 for all members with no Irish blood-lines and $2 for those who claimed such. Happy and Sad dollars were contributed by this writer, Vicky Pitt, and Will Carter.
An Anniversary card was presented to Will Carter and wife Jackie and we sang Happy Birthday to Tom Lidkea. Our Rotary guest from Winnipeg, Burton Kennedy, won the draw but drew black, much to every one’s relief. Hope for a big pay day is still alive.


March 2009 Programs
March 24 - Literacy programs at The Oak Bay Library. Neil McAllister (Librarian)
March 31 - Social Tuesday - Social Committee
24-Mar Pitt Edgell Prentice Pritchard Schopper
31-Mar Sims Snively Timmermans Timmermans Aked
Cash Desk: Sim; 50-50: Toal

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