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Program for March 16, 2010, reported by Giles Bixler.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Ron Beyer

Rotarians Burton Kennedy of Winnipeg and David Stocks, of the West Shore Club, who was also a guest speaker, along with his wife Frances, who was a guest of president Vicky. Other guests Ron introduced were Dave Rouse, guest of Jack Petrie and Shamim Pirany, guest of Shelley Best.

Sergeant-at-Arms Leslie dealt out a vigorous series of fines, and included herself for not celebrating her birthday. Happy dollars included Wynn’s report that his son, on holiday in the Caribbean, phoned Wynn to say that his girlfriend, by his side on the beach, had just asked him to marry her, and he had accepted. Neil Rawnsley celebrated his daughter’s completion of her teaching practicum with a happy dollar, Jack’s guest, Dave Rouse, used a dollar to point out Jack’s deficiencies as a hockey player; Mary Canty celebrated her nephew’s arrival in Haiti as part of the Canadian aid contingent there; and Heather A. celebrated her seven-year-old son’s running a five-kilometer race in 31 minutes. Then Heather turned around and won the draw and pulled the bonus white marble!

Peter lawrie Barbara Bristol-Price

A good time was had by all who attended the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner night recently. Leslie and David, Peter and Jean, and Joan and Donna hosted about 18 guests. Above: Peter Lawrie and Barbara Bristol-Price "at dinner."

Neil Rawnsley introduced our speakers, David and Frances Stocks. David, a member of the West Shore Club, is District 5020’s nominee to be district governor in 2011-12. Frances and David (below) were married 46 years ago after meeting at Royal Roads College, while David was here on course.

David and Frances Stocks

The couple reported to us on their recent travels in Africa, and in doing so opened a window on the complexity, variety and difficulties facing the African peoples as they attempt to solve their many overwhelming problems. Frances focused primarily on Tunisia and David on Malawi. Both countries are relatively peaceful and democratic, which, in Tunisia, Frances reported, is a balancing act, with fairly volatile neighbors, Libya and Algeria, on either side. She described the education system as aimed at equal opportunity for boys and girls, who are taught together throughout the country. French and Arabic are the main languages of Tunisia, although students are taught in French past the elementary level. The country is “very rich” agriculturally, especially in the north. Oases in the south support fruit trees and date palms. The country has a treasure trove of tourist sites dating back to Carthage, which left the ruins of its naval industry on the coast. Dozens of ancient Roman sites are accessible to tourists, as is Kairouan, the third holiest site of Islam.

David gave an equally complex picture of Malawi, which has the advantage of reasonable governments next-door in Zambia and Mozambique, which allows for a lively trade. Unfortunately, in Malawi with so many trees being used for firewood, there is a deforestation problem. This prompted a question from Perry Bamji about whether solar power is a possible solution to the energy problem, to which David replied that people have small solar cells, but nothing yet on the scale to provide their economy the energy boost it needs. (Continued next column.)

Stocks and Mary C
Mary Canty (above right) thanked the Stocks for a very interesting discussion, after Vicky had presented them with amusing ?? Rotary Club of Oak Bay mugs!

We closed with The Queen (who was not amused).

President Vicky opened the meeting with a brief online tour of the Oak Bay Rotary website; she showed us how to use the site to connect and network with each other as individuals or with the club as a whole and find out what’s going on.


Signup sheets were circulated to all present to enable us to donate items for the Silent Auction at our Springtime in Tuscany event at the Monterey Recreation Centre on May 15. We still need more items!

Tony Joe was present to promote the May 20 Fundraiser of the University Rotary Club, trying to raise $10,000 for an irrigation system for Woodland Farm.

Rotary Wheel

Guest speakers (cont.): Mary Canty asked about reforestation which prompted a story about a failed attempt at reforestation with a variety that failed in the Malawi ecological environment. Tourism has big potential in Malawi. There is lots of road construction going on and villages can be very close, 500 metres apart even. David said that a big attraction is the Zomba Plateau, which is a big bird migration route. And Lake Malawi, the third largest in Africa, has the largest variety of fish of any lake in the world. Of course the couple could not visit Malawi without going to “our” school, the Malawi Girl’s School, which continues to be inspiring. Average school completion age in the country, however, remains at nine for girls and ten for boys. Both countries spend a larger percentage of their gross national product on education the we do in Canada, but, of course, their GNP is very small per capita relative to ours.



23-Mar Carter Chambers Cooley Chapple Bannerman
30-Mar Curtis Diemecke Edgell Firkins Force

Cash Desk: Carter; 50-50: Bristol-Price

March 23 Leslie Lee, George Jay Elementary - Literacy, Verbal and Interactive Tech.
March 30 English Education in Rwanda - John Jordan

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