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2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self

Program for March 14, 2006, reported by Les Canty
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Ted Chambers introduces his friend, Richard Faryon, on the occasion of Richard's induction into Rotary. Congratulations Richard.
(Photo by Jack Petrie)

President David opened the meeting by commmenting that this is World Rotoract Week and discussing some of the achievements of the Rotoract Club which is sponsored by the Harbourside Rotary Club. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Leslie Warnock said grace.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Will Carter
Paul Luxford, Calgary, S/A;
M. Rae Fraser, Goderich, Ont., S/A;
Gary Nazar, Calgary S., Oil & Gas;
Colleen Milne, Westshore, A/G, RE;
Richard Faryon, guest of Ted Chambers;
Carol & Doug Fraser, guests of Rae Fraser;
Leanne Kopp & Keith Murdock, guests of the Club
Betty Pitt, guest of Vicky Pitt.
Vicky & her Mom, Betty


Health of the club.
Les Canty informed us that Mary had a hip replacement (not a hernia or knee as previously mentioned) and that she was now at home suffering considerable pain but able to walk a little with aids; she would welcome phone calls.

Tav Macpherson announced that Dallas Chapple had volunteered to be Director of Service Projects for the next Rotary Year. That completes our Board of Directors. Well Done! He also announced that the reason he was “higher than a kite” was his attendance at the PET conference, and promised a full report next week. He indicated how much new information he had gained about Rotary, and urged all members to attend the forthcoming
District Leadership Training Assembly and the District Conference May 12 – 14th.
President Dave returned to the microphone to welcome Colleen Milne of the Westshore Club and an assistant DG for District 4, our district. She is a licensed realtor, a grandmother of 3 – and a brief speaker: She simply said: “I’ve come just to say ‘Hi!’”
Special guest, Colleen Milne

New Member
Ted Chambers, who was his sponsor, introduced our newest member, Richard Faryon. Richard grew up in Peterborough, Ontario, earned his Doctorate at the University of Western Ontario, and taught for many years with Ted at the University of Alberta. After President Dave had made the formal installation, Richard said how happy he was to become a Rotarian and that his objective was always to be able to say that he had served to the best of his ability.

Sergeant At Arms

Despite being urged by President Dave to go easy so that members would have lots of money in their pockets for next week’s campaign by DG Joan to raise money for Polio, Dallas Chapple still hit those who had offended her tender nerves with fines – including meeting hoppers Ted, Nels Granewall, President Dave and Lori McLeod; all realtors; Pablo Diemecke; and anyone who didn’t pay with exact change. She then called forth a number of happy dollars from Nels Granewall, Pablo Diemecke, Lori McLeod, Tom Lidkea, and Tav Macpherson for events in their lives.
David Philip won the draw, but was unsuccessful in finding the white marble.

Program of the day:

President Dave left (to go skiing); the chair was taken over by Ted Chambers, who introduced our two guest speakers: Leanne Kopp, Executive Director of The Prostate Center, and Keith Murdoch, a survivor of prostate cancer.

Keith Murdoch
Leanne Kopp

Leanne referred to the copies of Volume 1, No. 1 of The Reef Knot, the Prostate Cancer Bulletin, the newsletter of the center, which were displayed on all tables as a more complete source of information about the center. She indicated that its primary purposes as a non-profit organization was to act as a resource center for victims of prostate cancer and to actively promote publicity urging all men to take the necessary steps for early detection of actual or potential prostate cancer. Two actions are needed – an annual PSA (prostate specific antigen [the antigen which escapes from the gland into the blolod stream]), a blood test recommended for all men over 50 (40 for those with a family history of the cancer), and an annual DRE (digital rectal examination). Ken stressed the importance of both the PSA and the DRE. He was diagnosed at the age of 62 after a preliminary rectal examination which failed to indicate a problem, but his PSA was 7, well above the generally accepted safe level of 4. As well, an annual exam is essential because, even if the PSA is at a “safe” level, an increase from that of the previous year is usually significant. There are 3 indicators of the existence and severity of PC – size of the prostate gland (normally about the size of a walnut), value and change of the PSA, and the nature of the cancer (slow or fast growing). Because 20,500 men were diagnosed with PC in 2005, and, of these, 4300 have died or will die, the frequency and danger of PC is obvious.

The speakers were thanked by Ron Cooley.

Jack Petrie – a Rotary moment:
Jack told he had a significant Rotary moment when attending a meeting in Vancouver to hear ex-president Bill Clinton, and cycling champion, Lance Armstrong, speak. He realized, when hearing of the importance to our own survival that we aid countries in trouble, how vital Rotary’s two-way approach is to that survival. The first, obviously, is financial. But it is the second which is equally or even more important – the value of “I see you”. As an example, although the level of financial aid did not change, the approval rate of Westerners (from of a survey of people in India) increased from 18% to 60% after western people were seen giving help.

Programs for March (at Oak Bay Beach Hotel)

March 14: Leanne Kopp, Victoria Prostrate Centre

March 21: Chief Vern Jacks, Tseycum First Nation, with Kevin Doyle
March 28: Julie Holder, Victoria Read Society

Roster March 21, 28, April 4, 2006

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Cashier: D Sills; 50-50: J. McLean (March)
B. Lamb & T. Takahashi (April)

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Rotarian of the Week

Pablo Diemecke for his coffee sales, from which he gives the profits to the Club.

Rotarian of the Week of a previous week:
Cedric Marsh for his faithrully setting up the room every week.

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