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2008-2009 Rotary International Theme: Make Dreams Real
District 5020 Governor 08-09: Brian Beagle Assistant Governor: David Stocks
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Program for March 10, 2009, reported by Lynne Murray CLICK HERE for Print Version

President Neil had two quotes. From Norman MacEwan: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” A quote from an unknown source touches on the Rotary theme of “Make Dreams Real”: “Having a dream you don’t pursue is like buying an ice cream cone and watching it melt all over your hand”.


Tom Lidkea payed for O Canada and Lori McLeod said grace.


Soul Gospel Choir

Jack gave a photo presentation about the Soul Gospel Choir event on April 4. Our Club and the Eldercare Foundation are presenting it. It is a PR event for our Club. The venue has 800 seats. The story will be in the Oak Bay News. There will be a membership info table. Other Clubs may come to speak to interested people. It is our major Fundraiser this year so we should have 100% participation from Club members. You can: Buy tickets and sell them, buy tickets and donate them (and get a tax receipt), buy tickets and host some friends or family. Tickets are $25.00 each – there will be another pitch in a couple of weeks.



Visiting Rotarians And Guests Introduced by Jim Force

Ian Sinclair, Victoria, Past Districit Governor;
Jackie Kleniewski, Dunnville, Ontario;
Bill Burns, Royal Oak, Education Administration, retired.
Kathy Upton, guest speaker, was guest of the Club.


President Neil was pleased to announcethat Lynne Murray, Joan Peggs and Joan Firkins have once again been recognized as Paul Harris Society members, meaning that they pledge $1,000 per year to the Foundation. Congratulations!

Neil next went on to auction off two more of Ted’s autographed pictures – Wolf successfully bid $150 for the first and Rod Sim $130 for the second.

Guest Speaker.Giles Kathy Upton Giles and Kathy

Giles Bixler
introduced today’s guest speaker: Kathy Upton is the Principal of George Jay Elementary School. She has had a varied career in education. She taught for many years, then counselled students and became a Vice-principal. She obtained her Masters in Math 5 years ago. George Jay is her first Principal position. Kathy informed us that 2009 is the school’s 100th anniversary. At one time, it was the largest elementary school in BC with 1,100 students. Now, the population is only 240. 86% of the students are considered vulnerable, i.e. from families with mental health issues or poverty, single parents, ESL, or Aboriginal, for example. The school is a larger experience for the kids than just learning. Many of the students come to school hungry, so the day starts with a ‘toast’ program. They are fed again at recess, many are served a hot lunch and get an apple for the end of the day. Feeding is the school’s #1 priority. GJ also has reading programs based on the fact that many students come in from behind, meaning they have never been to pre-school or any sort of gym program. There are varied K programs based on what type of student they are (ESL, Aboriginal etc) There is a large Aboriginal population so there are a few Aboriginal staff. Students come from all over the District to attend GJ. There is a 1:1 reading recovery program for Grade 1 kids and by Grade 3, the ratio is 1:3. This is made possible by some 50-60 people who volunteer every week. Nearly 100% of Grade 5 kids are reading at their Grade level. Kathy spoke of several other programs at her school. One of these is termed Strong Start, a program to teach parenting skills to those who had never had a proper example in their own lives. It is a very challenging position but “The little triumphs of success are excellent and rewarding”.
Q&A: What can we do as a Rotary Club to help the school? The dictionaries and books are very relevant at GJ. Most of the kids have no access to electronic media. They could also use computers.
Is there an after-school program? Only six kids stay after school. It is very expensive. Kids' sports are starting after spring break. The Steve Nash Foundation is sponsoring 20 students in Grade 2 & 3 through Basketball BC in September.
David Philip thanked our speaker and Neil gave her the beautiful Oak Bay coffee mug.


It was Mark’s honour and privilege to resume the position of Fine Master. He quickly extracted $2 from all financial advisors and bankers for our recent downturn. The past sergeants were all fined a couple of bucks for never replacing the tacky envelope containing all the birthday and anniversary cards, as were all the people sitting at the same tables. John S. was surprised to be robbed of $2 for being a late greeter as were Irene and Rod for being the last arrivals today. Rod also failed to arrive in time to perform his dutiy as cashier. Perry had to pay for his perfect putdown, and Lori for having her lovely picture in the paper. Mark then told the most outragious joke. It seems that a well loved pastor had good attendance but one parishioner decided to record his sermon so that he could play golf. Soon nearly the entire congregation was absent except for their recording devices. Finally, the pastor had had enough and recorded his sermon to be played back to the waiting recorders. This is the first known example of Artificial Inserminization.


Belated anniversary greetings were extended to George and Thea. There were no happy or sad dollars today. Wolf Schopper won the 50/50 but did not draw the black marble.


March 2009 Programs
March 17 - Lieutenant Governor (Stephen Pointe)
March 24 - Literacy programs at The Oak Bay Library. Neil McAllister (Librarian)
March 31 - Social Tuesday - Social Committee
17-Mar Ockermueller Davie Petrie Peggs Philip
24-Mar Pitt Edgell Prentice Pritchard Schopper
31-Mar Sims Snively Timmermans Timmermans Aked
Cash Desk: Sim; 50-50: Toal

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