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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for March 2, 2010, reported Jack Petrie. CLICK HERE for Print Version


Mark Bedford must have worked on a farm; he knows how to milk his herd. Fines were delivered gratuitously to several poor but deserving souls who, by their folly, have fattened up the collection plate. No badges, nameplates - fines for everyone; David Sills - for greeter tardines; Jack Petrie for ignoring the greeter (who actually wasn't there yet); Foster Isherwood for looking so freshly shaved; Neil Madsen for losing temporarily his attache case to den mother Vicky, who'd scooped it up; Jim Force for talking too much during the prez's opening; and Giles for listening so intently to Jim; Lorna and Lori for not using the microphone during announcements even though they have booming voices; Joan Peggs and Vicky Pitt for being pictured in local media; Brian Lamb for his handsome mug in the TC but minus a Rotary pin; Lori's table got the 'when do the para-olympics start' question, and Hans' table got the 'where is the next Olympics to be held' question... so tough luck on those two fronts farmer Mark. There were other devious and tricky fines and at the end we sang Happy Birthday to Anne Sims who turned a perpetual 29 yrs of age, which is interesting, as Brian Lamb celebrated 35 years in Rotary; so conceivably Anne wasn't even born when Brian joined our club. (Verifying of facts and dates not permissable.)
Happy/Sad Dollars
Jim Force happily, that he and Corey Burger had 15 interactors out for their last meeting; Lois happily is getting pain-free after a cortizone shot in her shoulder; Mary is getting 'Skyped' by her son on a regular basis. Mary you're amazing!; Hans was off to hear his countrymen, the Vienna Boy's Choir; Heather was blissed about our fabulous Olympic experience; Hans also commented on how wonderful his Vancouver trip was in terms of well-organized transportation etc.; and Mark related a recent story of sharing the Rotary 4-way test with the Scouts and was told by one of the Girl Scouts that the world would be a better place if everyone followed it. Nice thought.

Brian Lamb won the 50/50 draw. Let's hope it wasn't his first in 35 years!

President Vicky started off the day's proceedings with a glimpse at Facebook on the jumbo computer screen to see what Rotary International is up to, especially with the recent uptick in public profile that our polio campaign(s) have garnered in the local media. Tom Lidkea tickled out Oh Canada to the robust accompaniment of the gathered entourage, followed by David Sills who delivered an inspiring and appropriately non-denominational invocation that actually had the word 'chivalry' in it. He credited Vicky with the provision of the words he so ably articulated. Apres-lunch, Wolf delivered what is arguably the most concise and robust recitation of the 4-way test this year. Very impressive. He was accused by those nearby of 'memorizing' and he admitted that he had in fact dedicated himself to the task.


Lori Mcleod introduced our own Ron Beyer. Ron spoke at length about sub-prime mortgages in the USA and how they caused a financial crisis, but he also stated that Canada is different - it will not happen in his opinion in our country. He told how he started out as a one-man operation from his home after 7 years with TD Canada Trust as a mortgage broker. He has now grown his firm 'Beyer Mortgage Services' to 4 associate brokers, a support staff and a beautiful office in the Cook Street Village to which he invites us to drop down anytime for a coffee. Ron and his wife, Suzanne, who works with him, are from Toronto. They never imagined living in Victoria until his parents "ran away from home" to relocate in Victoria; so he convinced Suzanne to visit and they fell in love with the west coast. They ran away too! After that Suzanne's parents left Toronto for Victoria. The rest is history.

Ron Beyer

Pictured above: The Real Ron Beyer
Wynn thanked our speaker and Tom Lidkea pounded out a closing 'God Save the Queen'.

Oak Bay Lodge
Above: Interactors and Rotarians recently attended a "Memory Cafe" at Oak Bay Lodge. Here, students view a skating scrapbook shown by a former Manitoba champ.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests

Rod Sim, after a bit of confusion (as to who's job is this today?) warmly welcomed, in his inimitable style our visiting guests and Rotarians, namely:

Lesley Cobus, guest of Lorna, Dick Corkum, guest of Wolf (he comically denied such a fact!), and Craig Masson, Rotarian from Pacific City Washington, and Burton Kennedy from somewhere in the wilds of Alberta (close, Jack, but would you believe, Winnipeg!).


1. Lorna: Reminder of Tuscan fundraiser of May 15th and that all of us will be involved by donating a $75 gift basket, a bottle of wine, prizes, pitching in, whatever it takes. 
2. Heather: "Guess who's coming to dinner" for Sat. March 13th, still openings for more 'guests', Sidney Poitier excluded.
3. Peter Lawrie: Mustard Seed food drive volunteers needed for Fairway location March 13, and also, the Oak Bay Municipal Hall has allowed the club to put up on their front lawn a SHELTER BOXon weekends of March 19th and 26th. Bravo!!! especially in light of the Haiti and Chile catastrophes.
4. Lori: reminder that March is 'EMBRACE AGEING MONTH'; watch for the many activities taking place around that theme.

Thought of the Day:

Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian. -Robert Orben, magician and author (b. 1927).

And a less serious thought: How do they get deer to cross the road only at those yellow signs?


The first Rotary Club was formed in downtown Chicago by attorney Paul P. Harris on February 23, 1905. Harris held the first meeting with three friends, Silvester Schiele, coal merchant, Gustave E. Loehr, mines engineer and Hiram E. Shorey, tailor.

The members chose the name Rotary because they rotated club meetings to each member's office each week.


09-Mar Timmermans Toal Aked Bamji Bedford
16-Mar Best  Beyer Bixler Bristol-Price Canty
23-Mar Carter Chambers Cooley Chapple Croft
30-Mar Curtis Diemecke Edgell Firkins Force

Cash Desk: Carter; 50-50: Bristol-Price

March 9 Sandra Martin - On writing obituaries
March 16 David and Frances Stocks - Tunisia
March 23 Leslie Lee, George Jay Elementary - Literacy, Verbal and Interactive Tech.
March 30 English Education in Rwanda - John Jordan

Service above Self - He Profits Most who Serves Best
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