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Program for June 29, 2010. Reported by Lori McLeod

Past President David Sills opened the meeting with a tribute to Oak Bay Rotarian Bill Sharlow who passed away on June 25th.  As a memorial slide show filled the big screen, Bill’s dedication to stewardship and commitment to Rotary was acknowledged.

In the absence of ivory tickler, Tom Lidkea, a bow tie clad Jack Petrie led the group in a slightly off-key version of our national anthem.  George Pritchard delivered a heartfelt grace in memory of Bill Sharlow.

David Sills provided commentary for the “Memories of Presidents Past” slideshow (see image of PPs below), starting with the Charter itself and original Charter Members (Joan Peggs’ dad was bottom lefthand corner in case you missed it!).  Lots of fun events were highlighted including David’s fave James Bond Night.  Past President Mark Bedford posed in his first car and was recognized by Joan Peggs & Tricia Timmermans (whose smartness resulted in fines for their table mates!)

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Jim Force recited the story behind Rotary's Four Way Test.  This ‘story’ is three pages long…so you’ll have to ask Jim if you missed it!   In short: Crafted in 1932 by Herbert Taylor when he took over the near-bankrupt Club Aluminum Company of Chicago, it was adopted by Rotary in 1943 and to date has been translated into over 100 languages.

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Gary Nazar announced that he’s looking for sponsors for the Bulletin for August and September.  He thanked Dallas Chapple for sponsoring July.

New business:  Reminder that annual dues of $210 are due.   Advertisers are wanted for the Bulletin at the low low cost of $125.

Joe Prentice advised that Point Ellice House is hosting Arts in August and encouraged people to attend.

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Kinsol Trestle Capital CampaignKinsol Trestle Speakers

Gary Nazar introduced guest speakers Roger Painter and Ross Tennant (seen above with Tav Macpherson), both members of the Mill Bay Rotary Club. The two Rotarians presented an overview of the Kinsol Trestle Rehabilitation Project.  Roger (right) is a Forest Consultant and Ross (centre) is the President of Three Point Properties.   As representatives of the Cowichan Foundation which is leading the fundraising campaign, they provided a very interesting and inspiring presentation of the history of the trestle, how it was constructed, the plans for rehabilitation and how Rotarians can get involved both with financial support and volunteering at work parties.   They noted that the total cost of the project is estimated at $7.5 million.  Both the Federal and Provincial Governments have provided matching grant funding so the Foundation is working to raise the remainder ($650,000) by the end of the year.  Part of the funds raised will go toward an endowment fund which will be used to maintain the trestle once it is rebuilt.  The name “Kinsol” was derived from a nearby mine folks referred to as “King Solomon Mine”.  It was originally commissioned in 1915 but due to WWI, it was not begun until 1918.  The Trestle was completed in 1920 by CNR as part of the Galloping Goose Rail Line for transporting very heavy trainloads of lumber.  The Kinsol Trestle reflects a unique railway engineering design that spans 614 feet in length and rises 145 feet above the Koksilah River.  It is world renowned and is one of the most visible and accessible landmarks of its kind.  It has a 7 degree curve and a 4 degree tilt which are engineering feats designed to handle the heavy loads.     Rehabilitation of the Trestle will help the economy of the Cowichan Valley by creating approximately 22-man-years of employment and 6 additional man-years of engineering work.  It is also expected to draw tourists to the Valley.   Rotarians are being encouraged to help by becoming involved in work parties or providing in-kind services for:  building landscaping; building a path to the Koksilah river; manning the information kiosk; and providing general maintenance of the area.  In addition, the public is being encouraged to donate funds in support of this project.  The plan is to have the rehabilitation of the trestle completed by Spring 2011 so funding needs to be in place by Fall 2010.   To access the trestle, if you have not been to see it, you can travel to Shawnigan Lake Village and take Renfrew Road along the N. side about 5 miles to the Glen Eagle Campsite, where you’ll find the Trans Canada Trail.  It is about a 10 minute hike from there and well worth it!

Jack Petrie was called upon to thank our speakers and, of course, he had a story to tell.  When he was dating Brannan, she took him to the Kinsol Trestle for a walk and surprised him with the breathtaking site…of course….he noted that wasn’t the only thing that took his breath away! (nudge nudge wink wink).

Jack Petrie led us in God Save the Queen and the meeting adjourned.

Below: Presidents Past

Perry Bamji, Brian Lamb, David Sills, Neil Rawnsley, Gary Nazar, Heather Aked, David Maxwell, Lorna Curtis, Tav Macpherson, George Pritchard,
Kneeling: Henry Minto, Jack Petrie.

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by Ron Cooley:
Bill McDonald, guest of Jerry McLean;
and Metka Lazar, guest of Barry Mutter.

Rotarians: Roger Painter and Ross Tennant, both members of the Mill Bay Rotary Club. 


Sergeant-at-Arms, Perry Bamji, noted he’d received $s from Ron Cooley, Ron Beyer and Lynn Murray for early dismissal privileges.  Rotarians who didn’t shake hands with phantom hand-shaker, Joe Prentice, were fined.  Carol Toal was fined for two incidents:  being late today and being antisocial while at the Penny Farthing by not joining the Club in the Pub gang last Thursday. 

Past Presidents were asked to stand and, as several were not wearing the mandatory Sills' bow tie, they were fined $1.  Brian Lamb’s make-shift bow tie was voted ‘unacceptable’ and he, too, was fined.  Past Presidents, Lorna Curtis and Heather Aked deemed the Sills' dress code discriminatory.   Gary Nazar was fined $1 for fining Perry Bamji $5 last meeting and $1 for losing his marbles (the 50/50 marbles that is).  Smarty pants Joan Peggs and Tricia Timmermans cost everyone at their tables $1 for recognizing Mark Bedford in the slide show.  Barry Mutter was fined for an inaccuracy in his report in last week’s Bulletin.  (Perry  noted that he donated 40 happy dollars for his 40th anniversary – not $1 as reported.)    As SAA Bamji had no binder, he asked anyone having a birthday or anniversary to speak up.  Heather Aked put in $11 for 11 happy years of wedded bliss (although she didn’t say how long she and Tim have been married!).  Ron Cooley donated $20 happy bucks for his 1st Anniversary.  Joan Peggs put in one happy buck for having a good time in Montreal at the RI convention.  She also has the convention book if anyone wants to have a look. Heather Aked also put in one happy buck for Alexander’s last day of school.

50/50 Draw winner was Neil Madsen who picked the little piece of paper marked ‘B’ so he only got $10…which apparently is half of $21 according to Past President and current Treasurer Sills (good thing he’s not your accountant huh!).    The disk of the past presidents memories was auctioned off to successful bidder Joan Peggs.


06-Jul Petrie Pitt Pritchard Philip Prentice
13-Jul Rawnsley Sills Rogers-Warnock Schopper Sim
20-Jul Sims Snively Taylor Toal Timmermans
27-Jul Wakely Aked Bamji Bannerman Bedford
Cash Desk: Macpherson; 50-50: Jordan
July 6 David Stocks - Change Management
July 13 Jack Shore – Leadership Victoria
July 20 Quarterly Club Assembly
July 27 Johan Nielsen
August : Membership and Extension
August 03 Hilda Bolton – Camp Uganda
August 10 Jim Force – Strengths and Weaknesses
August 17 Committee Brainstorming
August 24 John Jordan – Classification Talk
August 31 Social Meeting, no speaker

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