Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2006-2007 Rotary International Theme: Lead the Way
District Governor 05-06: Joan Firkins

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel - 1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 2N2
Directions to Hotel
Program for June 27, 2006, reported by Neil Madsen

(Photo by Brannan)
Officers: President - Tav Macpherson
President Elect - Jack Petrie
Past President - David Maxwell
Secretary - Leslie Rogers-Warnock Treasurer - Brian Lamb
Service Directors:
Administration - Barry Mutter
Public Relations - Tricia Timmermans
Foundation - David Maxwell
Membership - Jack Petrie
Service Projects - Dallas Chapple International - Jim Force
The Installation Dinner

The Rotary Club of Oak Bay, members and guests, gathered at the Uplands Golf Course for fellowship and dinner. We were a merry crew! Jack Petrie was the M.C., and called upon Leslie Warnock to say grace.
We then had a great dinner.

Accomplishments of the Club this past year were listed by President David. Among the goals was enhanced membership, and, under Brian Lamb’s leadership, nine new members were added. The two newest members, Therese Eley and Steve Harthill, were also in attendance. Tav MacPherson was cited for his sterling work for the Foundation, educating the members, and raising far more money than the original goal. Tricia T. was congratulated for the accomplishments of the Interact Club and also for guiding the transition of the Bulletin from an all-printed version to the electronic depiction. John Snively provided a fine group of speakers with not one no-show. Jack Petrie did so many things for Community Service that we can’t list them all. Anne Sims is retiring after 3 years of exemplary service as secretary. Finally, the accounting twins, George Pritchard and David Sills, are retiring after 7 years of rotating the treasurer’s job, and always balancing the books. President David concluded by presenting each member of his Board with a gift (looked like wine to me). Next, David put on a 13’ slide show which depicted the highlights of the Club’s activities, both at play and at work. Lots of fun, even if the music broke down. D.G. Joan took over and announced that District 5020 had raised $47,000 for her special project at the Lilydale B school in Africa, and the matching grant has now been approved, which will enable the project to be extended beyong the original objectives. She then presented to President David the Presidential Citation for the achievements of the Club during the 2005/06 Rotary year. It is signed by Joan and R.I. President Carl-Wihelm.

Dick Smith (below) on saxophone, along with Jan Stirling on piano, provided very pleasant musical entertainment.

President, Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Tav Macpherson

Rotarian of the Year: President David called upon D.G. Joan Firkins to accept the award, which was voted on by the membership. For once, Joan was fairly speechless (she made up for it later!).
Congratulations on this well deserved honor!

Installation of the new Board:
D.G. Joan presided over the installation and administered the oaths of office. Congratulations to all!

District 5020 Highlights for 2005/06:
D.G. Joan recapped her year as District Governor. She said it was a real coup to have incoming R.I. President, Carl-Wilhelm, attend last year’s District Assembly. She established a fine rapport with him, which stood her in good stead throughout the year. She visited all 87 clubs in the district and was very impressed with the variety of great community projects they were undertaking. The Stephen Lewis dinner in aid of AIDS orphans in Africa was a fine event, and in addition some $70,000 was raised by the district for PolioPlus. Finally the Annual Program campaign for the Foundation raised $586,000, far above the goal of $520,000. As one of our Presidents said, it has been a great source of pride to all members of the Club to have had Joan as our District Governor this year. At this point, President Tav took the podium to express his confidence that the new Board would make it possible for him to lead the Club through another great year, and to wish us all a very good evening.

Programs for July
July 4 Assembly
July 11 Ashleigh Gass: Fitness, Health, Nutrition
July 18


July 25 TBA
Roster to July 25, 2006
Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker
4 Takahashi Sims Snively Taylor Sim
11 Timmermans Whan Tong Aked Beauvais Bedford
18 Bixler Bristol-Price L Canty M Canty Carter
25 Chambers Chapple Cooley Croft Diemecke

JULY Cashier: B Andersen; 50-50: J Peggs

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