Rotary Club of Oak Bay
2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self
District Governor: Joan Firkins

Program for June 20, 2006, reported by John Snively
Guest Speaker, Kate Dearden (left) with Maya Fuhr (co-president Interact, 2006-07).
Below: President David Maxwell looking rather pleased at his last meeting for the year.
Congrats, Dave, on a successful year.

President David opened the meeting by suggesting that every-one in line for the buffet look at the person in front and then at the person behind and consider what they have accomplished for Rotary this year. Then consider yourself! Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and David Sills said grace.

Rotarians of the Week:
President David recognized one by one all the members of the Board and recounted their contributions for the year. All are worthy of their recognition, but David was particularly appreciative of Anne Sims & George Pritchard for their reliable administration as secretary and treasurer. Finally, in additon, the S@A, Dallas Chapple.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by David Philip:
Alistair & June Limpitlaw, Calgary Chinook, Management & Engineer (Respectively);
Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A.
Lisa Maxwell was the guest of David M.,
Shannon Helyer & Steve Harthill, guests of Jack,
Therese Eley of Tricia;
Kate Rearden (Interact) and Maya Fuhr (new co-president of Interact) were guests of the Club.

Health of the club reported “fine” by Barb. 

Announcements:  Mary Canty asked if anyone is interested in joining a golf group with the Probus Club for Monday July 17th. Cost $60 for dinner and golf. Please contact her if interested.

Heather: Sign up sheet for Windsor Park, July 2nd for popcorn and candy floss event.  We need more volunteers.

Jack: Please indicate your intention to attend June 27th installation dinner at Uplands.

Dave: Board decision to donate a minimum of $8K toward Windsor Park Pavilion to furnish a “Rotary Room”.

Heather: Home and Garden Tour, Sat. Aug 19th in cooperation with Heritage Foundation. Need 200 volunteers for 2 3-hour shifts. 1500 tickets being sold @ $30, potential of raising $15K for Rotary.  Please volunteer.

Dave: Reminder of Aug 25th “Golf Day”.  Pride in the fact that we had raised $20K this year for the Foundation.

Tav:  Annual Rotary dues going up to $200 from $190. Part of small increase goes to funding the District Conference and provides free registration for members.

John S.:  Reminder of Pablo’s Mozart Concertos, July 8, 15, 22 (part of proceeds to Rotary).
Eldercare “Salmon” event June 30th, being run by Lori McLeod. Please support both events.

New Members Proposed:  Therese Eley, Communications and Human Resources Director with OBBH, proposed by Tricia.

Steve Harthill, originally from Sheffield England, sales rep. with Pitney Bowes, proposed by Jack. 


Dallas Chapple, in her last spin as Sergeant At Arms had a self-imposed fine for missing last night’s board Meeting.                                                           
Foster: Happy Birthday
and Giles: Happy Anniversary

Happy Dollars:  Leslie for 25th high school reunion in Toronto. She commented that the women looked great and the men had gone bald.

Tom: To celebrate an amazing trip to Europe for 5 weeks including visit with daughter Jenna in Sweden, attending RI Convention in Copenhagen, and a stay in Denmark with Rotary Exchange student from 1988.

Tav: sad dollars for not attending all 5 events and fundraisers he usually attends.  Announced his group had raised  more than $35K for Cystic Fibrosis bringing total donations to more that $3M.

Heather: sad for Oilers loss and happy for her parents visit and playing with Alexander.

Pablo: Happy that OBBH is generously sponsoring the guest conductors for the Mozart Concertos and Ted Harrison has donated a sketch of Mozart for Pablo’s concert program.

Barb: Happy to have completed Ted’s gardening before complete arthritis set in.

Foster: Happy to be back after extended bout with bad cold.

Les: Happy to receive news and photos of son’s homestead building in the Cariboo. 

Doug McDougal won the draw but selected a black marble. Boo Hoo!


Tricia began by apologizing for absence of several Interact members due to exams and previous commitments.

She read a very thoughtful letter from Leyland Cecco and Emma Loy , co-presidents of OB High Interact Club. Leyland reported: their club is evolving from local to international level through recognition of their T-shirt project. Working jointly with group from Nanaimo.  Rotary magazine will be featuring their work.  New T-shirts are on their way.  Their intention is to raise $10K for Cotlands Orphanage. Interact has been very active in volunteering for many Rotary projects and activities.

Co-President for 2006-07, Maya Fuhr, was introduced by Tricia.

Kate Dearden, an Interact student who was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oak Bay to attend “Adventures In Citizenship" in Ottawa spoke to the membership.

Kate had been involved in raising $1000’s for Cops for Cancer.  She was also Female Valedictorian of the Year for Oak Bay High. She is going on in September to study Political Science at UVIC.  Her trip to Ottawa was “life changing”.  There were 315 students from across Canada.  They toured Ottawa and saw the PM’s house and the home of the Governor General.  Enjoyed great entertainment.  Visited Parliament and House of Commons and were thrilled to sit in the seats of the MP’s. They heard several parliamentary members speak and met Jack Layton.  Introduced to Canada’s “Secret Police” force as they explained the measures used to protect the PM.  They saw the Royal Canadian Police College.  Attended a gala dinner and dance.  On the 4rh day saw the “Citizenship Court” where new citizens from around the world are sworn in.  Farewell luncheon was bitter/sweet as Kate had formed some new friendships. Both Joe Clark and Adrian Clarkson had gone through same program.  She saw how significant “bilingualism” is in Ottawa and came away with renewed pride of being a Canadian.  Kate is even more passionate now about being involved in world politics in the future.

George thanked the Speaker.

Dave concluded by thanking Joan for her magnanimous role as DG, thanked the outgoing board and the membership for exemplary leadership and accomplishments. He expressed his deep pride in Rotary and the Oak Bay Club in particular and a very special appreciation to his wife Lisa for giving up her office during this past year so Dave could create “Rotary Central” at home, and for all her encouragement and support. 

The membership acknowledged Dave’s extensive contributions and leadership over this past year. His Standing Ovation was well deserved. 

Tom Lidkea finished with God Save The Queen.

Thank-you Dave and Lisa
Programs for June & July
June 27 Installation at Uplands, Tuesday evening.
July 4 Assembly
July 11 Ashleigh Gass: Fitness, Health, Nutrition
July 18


July 25 TBA

Roster to July 25, 2006
Greet/Intro Bulletin Intro Speaker Thank Speaker


4 Takahashi Sims Snively Taylor Sim
11 Timmermans Whan Tong Aked Beauvais Bedford
18 Bixler Bristol-Price L Canty M Canty Carter
25 Chambers Chapple Cooley Croft Diemecke

JULY Cashier: B Andersen; 50-50: J Peggs

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