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Service Above Self
2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: Service Above Self
Program for June 6, 2006, reported by Jerry McLean
Thanks to all who helped out at the Oak Bay CENTENNIAL Tea Party.
Pictured here: Jack - the expert in Cotton Candy Creations;
Jerry and his daughter Brett, pretty in pink, and Neil, Mr. Popcorn himself.

President David opened the meeting by noting, with great indignation, that a grade 9 student registered a number of criticisms of the skate board park, which this Club had helped finance and build. This was on the front page of the Oak Bay News. On the back page was a picture of our members busy rebuilding the water park. President David wanted to know where that grade nine student was during the work on either project. Tom Lidke played for O Canada and Cedric Marsh said grace.

Visiting Rotarians & Visitors, introduced by Doug McDougall:

Percy Butler, Victoria, S/A (Mech. Eng.);
Wayne Kipp, Meaford, Ont., Pharmacist

Beth Page, speaker, was the guest of the Club
Tracy Piercy was the guest of David Maxwell.


Brian Lamb reported (1) that he had received a check for $375.00 for the sale of the palm trees and (2) As the Club had a lot of popcorn and candy floss left over after the Oak Bay Tea Party that Rotary was going to set up a booth for the July 2nd Oak Bay Centennial Celebration. Please volunteer if you can. This has been the subject of an e-mail from Brian.

President David reported on the August 25 golf tournament that the organizers would require help for the Silent Auction and for the Hole Sponsors.

Jack Petrie advised about the installation dinner in lieu of the regular Tuesday meeting, which is to be held June 27 at the Uplands Golf Course.

Heather Aked was pleased to announce that the Club had been approved for a matching grant of $13,852, matching some of the money raised in District 5020 for the ugrading of Vyvelani Elementary School in Lilydale, S.A. The Rotary Club of Sabi, S.A., will be the local partner. As you know, this has been a major project of D.G. Joan, and she was assisted in the matching grant application by Heather. Congratulations!

Mark Bedford gave another heads-up about a garage sale early in mid July.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jack Petrie handed out miscellaneous fines and shared his witticisms. Remember Tom Croft’s corny jokes when he was President? Apparently we are in for more of the same as Jack will be Pres.-Elect next year. Birthday cards were given out to Vicki Pitt and Jerry McLean, and the latter was also fined for not signing in.The draw was won by our speaker, Beth Page, who generously donated the money back.

Guest Speaker, Beth Page

Guest Speaker, introduced by Lori McLeod

Beth Page is a speaker and consultant who founded Dream Catcher Consulting. The main topic of this discussion was building bridges in difficult relationships, moving through conflict to better relationships. Beth shared a number of stories and experiences that involved Club members in an interactive discussion. One of her main points was that it is easier to maintain bridges rather than to build a new bridge from one that has been blown up. Different things trigger different people in different ways. The key, as Beth mentioned, was to ensure that we become more aware what our triggers are and what were the triggers of the people around us. One of Beth’s main points was that by connecting hearts and minds and deepening relationships, she felt we could change the world one conversation at a time. In addition, Beth suggested that the higher you go in an organization, the more you should show. Beth went on to state a basic premise of her beliefs that there are four fatal fears: one rejection, two, being wrong, three, losing and four, emotional discomfort.

The speaker was thanked by Rod Sim.

The Downtown Victoria Rotary Club was successfully selling raffle tickets in this very cute Smart Car at the Tea Party. Tickets are $5 each and will be drawn August 13 at the Oak Bay Antique Car Show.

Contact the Victoria Club if you wish to buy tickets.


Programs for June
June 13 Dr. Ivo Olivotto, Director of Island Breast Cancer Clinic
June 20 Interact Students and Kate Dearden - Adventures in Citizenship
June 27 Installation at Uplands, Tuesday evening.

Roster to June 30, 2006
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JUNE Cashier: J Edgell; 50-50: M Canty

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