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2007-2008 Rotary International Theme: Rotary Shares
District 5020 Governor 07-08: Norm Watts
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THE BARBEQUE, July 31, reported by Wynn Taylor (For Print Version of Bulletin click here)
President Jack, sporting “an artistic masterpiece from British Importers”, presided; Jan Stirling played for O Canada and Ron Cooley said Grace.

Visiting Rotarians & Guests, introduced by Nels Granewall:
Perry Bamji, Kingston, Professor;
Bruce Willats, Laguna Beach, honeymooner;
Judy Long, Carmel Valley, Ca;
Tom Long, Monterey Sunrise, Non-profit Mgmt.;
Jean & Patricia Speck, Toulouse Ouest, Consultant.
Pete Lawrie was the guest of Don O ’Coffey;
Elise Schopper of Wolf S.;
Monique Dull of Hazel Meredith;
Jess Hickman of Donna Carrigan;
Betty Pitt of Vicky Pitt.
PRESIDENT JACK with Rotarian Visitor, Jean Speck, of Toulouse Ouest, France
PRESIDENT JACK with Rotarian Visitor, Jean Speck

The deadline (Aug. 31) for organizing a Group Study Exchange to either Mexico or Norway in May, 2008, is fast approaching. Please Speak to Lorna Curtis if interested.
Sergeant-at-Arms sergeant at armsBrian J. Lamb levied egregious fines as follows:
Barbara B., Cedric M. and George P.. should have known better and signed in.
Carl Jackson should not have suggested that the S/A doesn’t know about numbers.
Tom Croft, Vicki Pitt and Hazel Meredith did not know the connection between Dan Martin’s column in the Times-Colonist with Rotary...the Canadian Government gave $5 million to
Rotary’s Polio Eradication efforts in Afghanistan. All those who had not yet paid their dues or given a prize for the Golf Tournament. Those who had not dressed appropriately for the Barbeque were fined. Heather Aked and Neil Rawnsley were given copies of Fashion Magazine as they were judged to be the least appropriately dressed.

happy birthday We all sang Happy Birthday to Margaret....a week too early.
Sad and Happy Dollars
Nels Granewall noted the passing of the Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman; Heather Aked has finally got rid of her guests and is off to Vegas; Tom Croft finally has a new sewer drain and storm drain;
Barbara Bristol is now homeless!...she has sold her house.
Ron Cooley won the draw but drew a black marble.

Vocational Talks

Steve Harthill did a PowerPoint take-off of the Full Monty to document his move from Sheffield, England to Oak Bay. It seems he misses the Kings Arms and other great pubs but not the flooding currently drowning the Midlands. What a coincidence that so many people Steve first met in Victoria and who helped him settle in were members of the Rotary Club of Oak Bay!



Jerry McLean upon graduating from the University of Alberta Law School in Edmonton moved to Victoria. He now practises in the area of Wills, Estates and Trusts for Straith & Co. We were spared a discussion of this exciting area of law as well as drum playing from this drummer of the Blue Elmo Band who he credits with shutting down a nightclub. Jerry is active with raising his two daughters, playing sports and working in a busy law practice.


Hazel Meredith came equipped with a large bag of props to describe her trip from Manitoba to Victoria. It is good that she is an eternal optimist for you have to be to work in the area of mental health and addictions. Having exchanged her sunglasses and mosquito repellent for an umbrella and woolly socks, Hazel is proud to be a member of that wonderful group of people which is the Rotary Club.


Donna Carrigan just back from Gobi March 2007 in China began, “I used to be a runner; I gave it up after that race”. Donna appreciated everyone's personal support in her challenging run and the contributions made towards the cure of breast cancer. She braved both heat and cold, but a nasty virus plagued her near the end. She was proud to run across the finish line with her two male team mates carrying the Canadian flag. Now she wants to get more involved in Rotary.

Steve Jerry Hazel Donna

Thanks to budding Paparazzi, Angele and Tom, for the photos this week.

Cindy Hayworth thanked our speakers.

President Jack reminded us that each month this year has a Theme Song. The Theme Song for July was The Beat Goes On. For August the Theme Song will be On the Sunny Side of the Street - for Rotary helps put others onto the sunny side of the street.

A trio of Jack, Tom Croft and Irene Davie accompanied by Jan Stirling enthusiastically sang On the Sunny Side of the Street.

You can see a video of their performance at the next meeting of the Club of Toulouse Ouest (Area 1700 in the Pyrenees).

Jack, Tom Croft and Irene Davie accompanied by Jan Stirling
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This pamphlet will help you make a membership proposal using
Rotary International's standard procedures.

Learn more about Group Study Exchange (GSE) HERE


August 7

Kyle Danielson - Malawi Update

August 14 Christopher Bowers - Power of Personal Story
August 21 Peter Sherk - Humanitarian Aspect of Afghanistan
August 28 Mandy Parker & Veronica Osborn - Mount St Mary Foundation
September 4 Assembly - DG Norm Watts attending
September 11 Cops For Cancer / Tour de Rock - Ron Gaudet (new member)
September 18 Club Assembly
September 25 TBA


August Cashier: MACPHERSON; 50-50 CARRIGAN

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