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2009-2010 Rotary International Theme: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
District 5020 Governor 2009-2010: Alex Alexander. Assistant Governor: Tav Macpherson
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Program for July 28, 2009, reported by Jack Petrie. CLICK HERE for Print Version


Tuesday August 11
Barbecue Meeting

Bring a Friend

Sunday, August 16
Home and Garden Tour
Contact Peter Lawrie if you wish to volunteer. This is our major fundraiser for the year so all are encouraged to take part.

Click here for more information.

Sunday, August 23
BallGame: Victoria Seals at Royal Athletic Park. Tickets $12. Game time is at 1:30 p.m. Let Jack know if you will be joining us.


Jack reminded everyone of our baseball day on Sunday August 23rd (1pm). Our own pro ball club, the Seals, play Calgary. So far, about 15 members (and guests) have signed up.

Jim told us to watch for the next 'club in a pub' coming up on Thursday and again in August.

Joan Peggs reminded us of the barbecue-theme meeting on July 11th...bring a guest!

Volunteers are needed for the August 16 Oak Bay Home and Garden Tour. Please contact Peter Lawrie.

Beating the Summer heat in Oak Bay
One way to beat the Summer Heat in beautiful Oak Bay.

Prez Vicky started the meeting with a video of Joe Cocker singing "Summer in the City"  to honour our heat wave. John Edgell led us in the National Anthem and George Pritchard in the invocation. After our bountiful buffet lunch, John Edgell introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians...

Prez Vicky asked who can recite the 4-way test and John Edgell, who's receiving way too much press here, jumped up and nailed it! Just for that we've decided to make him Club President next year!!!

Guest Speaker

Garry Brooks Zambia

Peter Johannknecht introduced our speaker Garry Brooks who took us through a very moving presentation regarding his continuing work in Africa. Garry is a winner of the 2008 International Achievement Award from the Canadian Institute of Forestry for his efforts In Zambia. For the past 7 years, he has been spending at least 6 months a year there in community development, concentrating primarily on reforestation, clean water, and community schools. As well as moving, it was informative; Garry listens to the chiefs and the people and tries to help them to understand forestry, to plant the right trees for their climate, and for the uses that benefit their community. His dedication is evident. For more information visit: www.africancommunityproject.comGarry Brooks Don O'Coffee
Don O'Coffey thanked our speaker, we serenaded the Queen, President Vicky clanged the bell and off we went...back to the blazing heat! 

Visiting Rotarians And Guests
Introduced by John Edgell

Felicia Best, guest of her mom, Shelley Best;
Bob Meehan, guest of Jim Force;
Garry Brooks, guest of the club; and
Rotarian Tim Paul from Campbell River Daybreak club.

Sergeant Leslie

Leslie handed out her fines in a gratuitous fashion that included Giles for screwing up something about the minutes, Neil Rawnsley for having the audacity to sit at the front table when he should remember he's one of the many 'has-beens' in the room, Dallas for something about an incorrect gift recipient, David Sills for harassing everyone about the roster information, visiting Rotarian Tim Paul was fined a buck for coming to his second meeting with us and that buck will be returned to him, with interest, as soon as he joins our club.

Happy and Sad dollars from Jim, Mary, Jack, and John Edgell (there he is again!). Tav won the draw but there were no marbles to choose as Mr. Croft forgot to get the bag back to Leslie (can't you feel a fine coming on for this?)


August 4 Corey Burger: Bicycling in Oak Bay
August 11

Rebecca Vermeer: Eco-Kalan Stoves


04-Aug Diemecke Petrie Rawnsley Sills Philip
11-Aug Schopper Sim Lawrie Snively Toal
18-Aug Taylor Aked Bamji Beauvais Timmermans
25-Aug Best Beyer Carter Canty Chambers
Cash Desk: Firkins; 50-50: Timmermans

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