Rotary Club of Oak Bay
Service Above Self 2005-2006 Rotary International Theme: SERVICE above Self District Governor: Joan Firkins

August 26, 2005

Third Annual Classic
Golf Tournament
Cordova Bay


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Last Week at
Oak Bay Rotary

Program for July 26, 2005
Reported by Tom Lidkea

President David reminded us that Sept. 8 is World Literacy Day and we will have a project underway by then. Tom Lidkea played for O Canada and Jeff Grisold said grace.

Barbara Bristol was named Rotarian of the Week for her support of our international endeavours.

Visiting Rotarian and Guests, introduced by Ted Harrison

Jim Porter, Calgary South, S/A.

Lisa Lamarre & Angele Munr were the guests of John Picken, Terry Dyer & Cecil Chapman of Ben Andersen, Ron Gaudet & Julie Fast, speakers, were guests of the Club and Bedrija Hromic was the guest of Lea Chambers.


Barbara Bristol reported that Foster Isherwood is not well but she and all of us are glad to see Mary Canty at lunch.

President David talked about God Save the Queen. Apparently there was a large response to the cessation of singing it, with strong opinions on both sides. We will continue to sing it, but President David will entertain suggestions and feedback re change.

Habitat for Humanity was a success, thanks in part to participating club members. The project is finished and there will be a dedication ceremony at 2:00 PM August 11

Tom Croft announced an International Yachting Federation of Rotarians rendezvous at Friday Harbor, including wine tasting and dinners, from August 19 21. Tom also said there will be a meeting of the Golf Tournament Comm. on Tuesday August 2, at 5:30, at the Uplands Golf Course. The tournament needs 36 sponsors, two per hole (see Ron Cooley ). Prizes are being coordinated by Irene Davie.

Leslie Warnock announced the availability of posters advertising Rotary Day in Oak Bay village, for posting in business windows.

John Edgell announced the Foundation dinner, at which Stephen Lewis, Canadian ambassador, left-winger, and UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, will be speaking. Tables for 10 will be available for $750 each. How big are those tables? Can we get a better deal at IKEA?

Jeff Grisold told us that the meeting on Aug. 16 would consist of a 35' tour of the Legislature followed by lunch there at the usual price of $15.

DG Joan Firkins will be starting her visits to 86 clubs next Monday, and we won't be seeing her until December 6 when she will wrap up the visits at our club. Joan announced the start of a Paul Harris Society, membership in which requires the contribution of $1,000 US per year to Rotary Foundation. Joan has signed on. Also, she discussed the Rotary Bequest Society, which involves the donation of $10,000. Vicki Pitt has made such a bequest she received a pin and an engraved crystal thingummy. Joan gave some examples of how the bequests are used. They pay for eye surgery, prosthetic limbs, and clean drinking water.

Sergeant Dallas Chapple , assisted by Jeff Grisold , fined Ted Harrison for the recent advertising piece in the TC, anyone sitting at the same table as last week, Wyn Taylor for wearing an outdated badge, Neil Madsen for calling fines egregious in last week's bulletin (they are!), Leah and Tom Croft for no sign-ins, all women wearing sandals, David Sills and Ron Cooley for their bad haircuts, Ben Anderson for not wearing a badge, John Picken for bringing both guests from Dallas's office, and all who have not yet paid their dues. Phew! Was that a run-on sentence or what?

Bill Sharlow is celebrating his 64th wedding anniversary. Neil Madsen did the math, came up with 1941, and congratulated Bill for his fast work on arriving in England. Les Canty whined about rain on his holiday, Tom Croft was sad and happy that Jena has left for Sweden, Barbara Bristol was sad (or happy?) about a bunch of babies at her house on the weekend and Leah Chambers was happy to have heard from Fie, who arrived home safely. Leah was also sad that it is her last meeting at Oak Bay before she leaves for Calgary. Ben Anderson 's guest Cecil, ex Manitoba judge, paid $5.00 because he was so pleased that Ben had bought him lunch. A rare event, apparently.

DG Joan Firkins drew the winning ticket, which was held by Leah Chambers , who also picked the white marble, and won $101. By coincidence, Leah told us she had won the draw at our club at the first meeting she attended here, just before becoming a member.

New Member Induction:
Bedriya Hromic , proposed by Leah Chambers , was inducted by President David . Rotary now has 1.2 million members (including Bedriya). Leah got a star. Then President David thanked Leah for her work on Rotex, and gave her a bunch of flowers. Pretty good meeting for Leah .

Speakers, introduced by Ben Andersen

We were treated to two speakers: Ron Gaudet , Deputy Chief of the Oak Bay Police Department, and Julie Fast , an investigator with the Saanich Police Department.

Tour de Rock is a bicycle ride the length of the island, the purpose of which is to raise money for children with cancer. Ron started by thanking Rotary for its support of the Tour de Rock, then gave a brief background. Tour de Rock was inspired by Cops for Cancer, which came to Victoria in 1997. Tour de Rock was started a year later, in 1998, by a Saanich police officer. To date, it has raised $5,500,000, including $1,300,000 last year. The goal this year is to better last year.

Julie then took over, and described the selection of the 21-member team. She is team captain. Participation requires a commitment to seven months of training and thirteen solid days of riding. The selection process started in February, when there was interest from 42 police officers. Following an initial 20 km ride by 35 participants, the final list was pared down to 21. The team includes officers from the Victoria area, RCMP and MP's from up island, and two media representatives. Training involves riding on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and an extended ride on Sundays. There are also special events including head shavings, barbecues, and camps for kids with cancer.

Carl Jackson thanked the speakers. Julie got a mug (Ron had received one earlier).

We all sang God Save the Queen, magnificently accompanied by an excellent pianist.

Join us at Noon on Tuesdays at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
1175 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC, CANADA

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